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Hello DASH Homeschool families,

The next high school meet is this Saturday at Minooka Park in Waukesha. Map The parking is tough at this meet. You have to enter the park off of E. Sunset Dr. The entrance fee is $5.00 per car. There is some parking outside the park off Sunset. You would have to walk in then, but it is free.  If you have any questions, I will try to help. We have run this meet before, and we will meet under the trees south of the start like last year. The girls race is at 9:45, boys at 10:30.  Please arrive by 9:00 to scout the course.

Maura Heiss has Boston Store coupons for anyone interested. You sell them for $5. Inside they have a $10 off coupon, plus other coupons good only on November 13th. We recommend at least $2 of the $5 go to the DASH team to help meet our expenses. It is not too hard to sell a few. My kids went around the neighborhood and sold 15 in one day. That’s $75, just enough for my DASH donation. People like to buy them; it is a good deal.

In trying to see if I could use Google to find the DASH Blog, I came across the The National Christian HomeSchool Cross County Championships in Springfield, MO on October 30th, Our high school season ends earlier than the other teams we race because we do not have a conference meet at the end of the season. This may be just what I was looking for. Of course, trying to get people there and back is a hurdle, but I may pursue it if there is enough interest. This is for high school and middle school. We would be very competitive by looking at last year’s results. My wife wants to go because it is near Branson. End of the year vacation, anyone? If not this year, then some year.

I am having practices on Tuesday and Thursday this week at Greenfield Park, 6:15 PM. At my practices, the dedicated athletes have really been running fast. We would love for you to join us. Parents are always encouraged to bring their running shoes, although the barefoot running craze has some parents and kids running without. So if you forget your running shoes, you can still run! Maybe I should just say bring your running clothes.

I have a new Email Subscription widget on the DASH Blog. You can sign up and get all of the posts on the blog. I do send the posts out in email already, so use it if you wish.

Pam Lawrence has been very sick this last week, so no Racine practices until further notice. Keep Pam in your prayers.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH Homeschool families,

The DASH team had their first cross country meet yesterday, participating in the Franklin Quad. It was hot, the course was tough, and we ran fast. The girls started well, struggled the second mile, and then finished strong. Emliy Caspers was our first girl in, followed by Abigail Westendorf, Martha Egan, and Britta Heiss. Check out their great picture to the right. When the season is over, this is going to be the best girls team we have ever had. A few more races, some cooler weather, and these girls are really going to run fast.

The boys were led by Matthew Hughes, who took a spectacular 6th place finish in this tough public school meet, with a time of 18:44. He started fast and stayed fast, just what the coach likes. Even without his shoes, this is the kind of race that will get you noticed. He was the second senior in, winning a t-shirt for his efforts. Hudson Nyhart showed his vast potential as our second runner in, followed closely by DASH veterans Dietrich Heiss and Zachary Marek. Tim Egan was great in his first DASH race, coming in on Zachary’s heels. Jay Egan, who ran for Franklin last year, showed his savvy by taking a shortcut on a course he obviously knows very well, and actually came in before Hudson. (He says he followed the boy in front of him, but I will stick with savvy). This is going to probably be our best boys team we ever had; it is surely our deepest. The boys, while not as pretty as our girls, certainly proved to be a picturesque bunch, as you can see from their picture on the right.

If you could not be there yesterday, you missed a team full of athletes with a great attitude that is going to be fun to watch. You can be proud to tell people, “We’re the home school team,” when asked. If you are not fortunate to have a high school athlete on the team, come out and cheer for them anyways, and show your DASH spirit when they are running near you.

I have the results posted. Check them out on the Results Archive. I am going to work on putting up a photo album of the meet. I am trying to figure out the best way to do that. If you have pictures that you think are great, send them to me.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH Homeschool families,

The first high school cross country meet is this Friday, Aug 27th, the Franklin Quadrangular, at Franklin HS. Map We will run against Franklin, Greendale, and Badger, the same as last year. The girls race is at 3:30 PM, the boys race is at 4:00 PM. I would appreciate it if everyone could get there by 2:30. We need to scout the course, warm up, and prepare to run our best. We have a good team this year, so let’s plan on starting the season on a positive note.

There is construction on S. 51st St. If you are taking I-94, you should go to the Ryan Rd. exit, then go west to 51st St. Go north on 51st to the school. Athletes should come to the meet with their uniform on. If you need to reach me on Friday afternoon after I have left my house to go to the meet, you can reach me on my cell phone at (262)271-9928. I don’t have it turned on very often, so don’t try to call it except for meet days.

There is a cookout afterwards, where you can buy hamburgers, brats, etc. You can eat during the awards ceremony. The Franklin coach does a good job making this a friendly meet to start the season.

I have a new Results Archive page where you can see the results of the Maitland Park Team Run last Monday, and all of the 2009 DASH Cross Country results. Check it out under Information to the right. It took me a while to get it right, but I think it looks great. Comments are welcome.

If you were there Monday at the Team Meeting, you know we have a good team this year. It is going to be fun. Remember to run this weekend, do some pushups, and stay strong.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Practices this week have been encouraging. Everybody is trying hard and getting in shape. Only one week now and we will have the first high school meet, so it is time for our team meeting/practice at the famed Maitland Park. This is where the DASH team was started so many years ago. Many a great race has been run at Maitland, and we will do it again Monday, Aug 23. I will be recording times so as to put it in the record books for posterity. You will not want to miss it.

We will start at 6:30 for a quick warm up. 6:40 we will line up for the race. It will be 3k or 2 mile race for the dedicated athletes. Parents and smaller children will have a shorter race option, but parents are, of course, encouraged to get out there on the longer course and try to make the kids look like kids. Good luck. At 7:00, I will talk a little bit about the upcoming season and answer questions. We will be handing out jerseys and collecting donations throughout the night. Our team is spread out geographically, so this is one of our few chances to all get together to meet and socialize with each other, and yes, race with each other. If there is interest, we may end up at the nearby McDonald’s to continue with the scintillating cross-country conversation started at the park. (Note: McDonald’s is also the place to find the nearest restrooms). I hope to see you there.
Maitland Park Map
Directions on bottom of Practice Schedule Page

Take care,
Jim Caspers

DASH News Aug 15

Hello DASH families,

We should have relief from the heat this week at practice. I hope you can come and run with us. If not, get some running in on your own. The high school season starts in just 12 days – Aug 27. Practice this week on Tuesday and Thursday.

We are going to have a team meeting on Monday, Aug 23rd, 6:30 PM at Maitland Park in Oak Creek. The park is just off I-94 at the College Ave exit. Watch out for the construction in the area. We will have a team race of about 3 km, hand out jerseys, talk about what a great season lies ahead, and enjoy each others company. Please come if you can. My practice next week at Greenfield Park will be moving to Wednesday only, Aug 25.

We are up to 13 athletes for the high school team. We can always use more, but that should be enough to build on our success from last season. Now I can stop worrying, and really get excited. The middle school team may be our best ever as well.

Maura Heiss would like to know if anyone is interested in selling Boston Store coupons. You can sell at the store at certain times, or you can sell to family, friends, or even door to door in your neighborhood. You get to keep a portion of the money, and the DASH team gets some. Everybody comes out ahead. Maura can be reached at

Check out the DASH Blog,, for the latest schedules. I also have the photos working a little better. You can click on a photo and enlarge it. I will be adding to the sight when I have time. Suggestions are welcome.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

For anyone interested, the Klapak’s have informed me that they run on Saturday mornings at the cross country course at UW Parkside.  They meet in the parking lot across from the course at 8:00am. There is a great map of the course at the UW Parkside website.  For more information you can call George Klapak at 262-705-9182.

It sounds like Maitland Park is in good shape, so mark your calendars for a team practice/meeting on Monday, Aug 23 at 6:30pm.  There is construction in the area so I chose a later time.  I will send out more info about this next week.

There is a comment section at the end of each post. You have to click the title of the post to get to it. I will have to OK the first comment for each of you before it will show up. If there is something anyone would like to ask of the group or to comment on, you can use that. You can also email me and I can pass it on.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our first week of practicing went very well, if a bit buggy. If you have not made it to practice yet, I hope you have been running on your own. Nineteen days until our first high school meet!

Note the change to the practice schedule in Racine this week. It has been moved to Tuesday and Thursday. The meet schedules have been filling up and changing a little as well.

I want to hold a team get together on Monday, Aug 23rd, maybe at Maitland Park. Does anyone know the conditions at Maitland Park? I know there is a lot of construction there, so we may have to have it somewhere else. I would like to hand out jerseys, have a competitive run, and collect donations for the team. The recommended donation is $20 for middle school, $30 for high school, with a $75 family maximum.

So far I have 22 middle school and 9 high school athletes signed up. The middle school team is going to be great.  I like the runners we have for the high school team as well.  It would be great if we could get a few more.  If you know someone who wants to run, give my contact information to them, or theirs to me.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Practices start this week!  Bring a water bottle.  I do not know the water situation at Lockwood Park.  The water at Greenfield Park is usually pretty warm.  Practices should last a little over an hour. 

Monday, Aug 2 at Lockwood Park, Racine, 6 PM

Tuesday, Aug 3 at Greenfield Park, West Allis, 6:15 PM

Wednesday, Aug 4 at Lockwood Park, Racine, 6 PM

Thursday, Aug 5 at Greenfield Park, West Allis, 6:15 PM

Practice on your own if you cannot make the above practices.  Eat healthy all the time.

I hope to see you this week,
Jim Caspers

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