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Hello DASH homeschool families,

The DASH team had a girls and boys team for the first time in the Grade School Challenge. This is a meet hosted by Wisconsin Lutheran College where the athletes have to qualify to be able to participate. It is an 8th grade and under race. Our team was a little young, and a little shorthanded to score near the top, but our participation will give us the experience we need to come back and do better next year when we are a little older.

We had Sarah Klapak, Andrea Beck, Zipporah Caspers, Gabrielle Heiss, and Faith Caspers in the girls race. Sarah and Andrea were not feeling well, nonetheless, Sarah was our first runner in for a respectable 30th place finish. Zipporah, Andrea, and Faith came in very close together in that order to finish out our team scoring, with Gabrielle finishing 40 seconds later. We came in 13th place overall in this championship field. We will come back next year to improve on that score.

It was Zeb Caspers, Nick Contino, Matthew LeSac, Christian LeSac, and Glenn Kaboskey running hard for the DASH team in the boys race. Zeb had a great start, but it was Matthew and Christian who were the first DASH finishers. Zeb and Nick were not far behind with Glenn finishing as well. Their efforts were also good for a 13th place finish. The boys scored as high as the girls this day.

It was our first year in this championship race and we took our lumps. The format of 8th and under does not play to our strengths. Next year I think it will. I will be looking forward to it.

Thanks to Kristen Contino and Kenli Couppee for help with scoring. Thanks to Kam Caspers for getting pictures. Thanks for a great season. Oh, wait. We still have Nationals to look forward to.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

We will be having our end-of-the-year party this Wednesday, Oct. 20 at Maitland Park.  I would like to start with a team run at 5:45, so the warmup would start closer to 5:30. Parents and siblings are invited to participate in the run. If you have to leave early, I will give out your awards first. After the awards we will move the party to the nearby McDonald’s, so we can talk about what a great season we had, and how good we will be next year. Please remember to return your jersey if you have not done so already.

The new DASH apparel is in! We have some great looking shirts and hats that will make you look especially dashing. I will bring them to the party. Only $10 for the shirts, and $12 for the hats.

Some DASH families ran in the “Warrior 5k…Through the Park” run last year. I plan on running it this year as well. It is put on by Wisconsin Lutheran College at Greenfield Park. This year’s date is Saturday, November 6th. It is best to run in a 4 person team. If you are interested and are looking to fit into a team, I will try to help. You can get more information and sign up  here.  This is a great way to extend the season a little longer, and keep having fun.

Directions to Maitland Park
Exit I-94 at College Ave., go east and turn left on 13th St., left on Granada behind Speedway, and immediate right onto Avalon Street. Park on street by park. Bathrooms in McDonald’s on 13th and College. No facilities at park. Maitland Park Map

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

Yesterday the high school cross country team finished its season as it always has, running at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy. The setting was as beautiful as the weather. It was a day for the athletes to try and put an exclamation mark on their season, and then look back and reflect on how much they have improved.

The girls lined up in box 2. Abigail Westendorf was our leader throughout, finishing in under 20 minutes for the fourth time this year, to cap off a good season. Britta Heiss ran hard in her final race on her favorite course, finishing just ahead of Martha Egan. Emily Caspers would be an early casualty. Running sick, she would not make it to the finish.

The boys race was next and it did not disappoint. Matthew Hughes was the early leader before settling into 7th overall. This was the fourth time this season Matthew finished in the top 10. Running in his last race, he broke his own DASH course record! What a season he had! Tim Egan looked strong throughout finishing with a great time of 20:28 to put an exclamation point to his season! Dietrich Heiss ran with Tim most of the way, giving his all and practically collapsing at the finish line. Hudson Nyhart finished out an encouraging freshman year to come in next. Andrew Rodriguez gave us just what the team needed, finishing at 22:41 as our fifth scorer. I can’t wait to see what a summer of training will do for this guy. Jay Egan finished strong as usual, and Nathan Dahlin completed his last race with the DASH team. The improvement our young team has made this year is so exciting, I couldn’t help but start talking about next year’s team soon after the race.

But alas, before I start dreaming of next year, we need to make a special mention of our three graduating seniors – Britta Heiss, Matthew Hughes, and Nathan Dahlin. They have always represented the DASH colors well. Nathan is our first 4-year graduating senior, and has been with the team since its inception. Britta is a former MVP who has been with us so long she is in the legendary photo. It is amazing how much Matthew has accomplished in just 12 races. He will be MVP this year, and was setting DASH records whenever he took the field.  We wish these three the best.  They all have a special place in DASH lore and will be missed.

I want to thank to all the DASH fans who cheered on the athletes this year and made it so easy to be the coach on race days. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again next year. Thanks to the parents who got the athletes to the meets, especially those who had middle school athletes as well. My seven meets in nine days schedule was not easy. And a special thanks to all the athletes. They kept a great attitude throughout the season, gave great effort at the meets, and really proved to be a team we could all be proud of.  Photos

I hope to see you all one more time at the end-of-the-year party next week. Until then,

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school cross country team ran at Grant Park last Thursday in the Oak Creek Quadrangular. It was a perfect day on this scenic course. We ran against some big schools, but held up well.

The girls went first as always. Abigail Westendorf and Emily Caspers were the DASH pacesetters, until Abigail took command late in the race to post her second consecutive 18:45. Emily finished in under 20 minutes again, and Britta Heiss had her best time of the year with a 20:36. Martha kept her time under 22 minutes, capping a good day of racing for the girls.

Racing with these big teams, the boys gave it all they had from the start. Matthew Hughes never let up, finishing in 20th place with a time of 17:30. Hudson Nyhart, Dietrich Heiss, and Tim Egan spurred each other on the whole way, staying together to the end to all finish below 20:30. Zachary Marek was right behind with his best race of the year and a 21:05 finish. Jay Egan had a personal best 22:17, capped by his usual strong finish. Andrew Rodriguez led Nathan Dahlin to the finish, both breaking 24 minutes. The 23:46 time for Nathan was his first in 23 minute territory. This was an inspiring run by the boys. Never before has the DASH team had their 5th runner come in as fast as 21:05 like we did this day. In fact, our fourth runner has never been that fast. It is so fun to see the effort these guys give and how much this team has improved.

We have one more meet to go. The season goes all too fast. Come on out and catch the action. It’s always fun. Thank you to all who came and cheered the team on.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The middle school team was in action last Wednesday way up north at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. We were there to defend out 6th and under girls title. Unfortunately, we did not have a full boys team to go for even more hardware this time. Nonetheless, the excitement was not lacking on the boys side as you will soon see.

The 6th and under girls ran first. This was the only full team we ran on this day. First Immanuel was there to give us some stiff competition as they have before this season. I was standing on the far side of the finish line with the First Immanuel coaches watching the girls come in. It was a great battle between their team and ours. Lucretia Nyhart came in second sandwiched around two First Immanuel girls. Zipporah Caspers was the 6th girl in after some good racing, but we had some catching up to do. I saw Faith Caspers in the distance, but right in front of her was another First Immanuel girl. We were still behind, but we were not out. We would need Gabrielle Heiss to come in quick. I asked the other coach where his fourth runner was, and he pointed to the middle of the hill behind the start. That was good because Gabrielle was heading for home. Her finish was good enough for a DASH team victory again! A thrilling start to a great day of racing. Renee Nurre had another inspiring race. We will need her to keep running fast if we want to win again next year. Gloria Heiss and Sklyer Heinz came in to cap off our winning team.

The 6th and under boys ran next. We only had four boys at the start. Christian LeSac made the most of it by going out and racing with the leaders. He took over the lead going up the big hill and would keep the lead through the last loop. Down the stretch another boy put on a surge and caught up to battle Christian to the end. After a little bumping, Christian came up just short. Second place for Christian it was! Levi Leonard was really fast on this day, as was Daniel Caspers, both capping memorable seasons. Seth Heinz also finished, this time not quite as fast as his sister.

We had the Trewhella girls back to run with the 7th and 8th grade girls. Andrea Beck was fast at the start, and took the lead midway in the race, but had trouble finishing. She was not feeling well. Darby Trewhella looked great again for the DASH team. We need to get her to more races. Isabelle Trewhella also ran well to finish just ahead of Siobhan Heiss.

The big guys were next. Ransom Nyhart was running second before taking over the race at the hill. He would hold his lead the rest of the way, setting a course record in the process. First place for the DASH team! Matthew LeSac had his usual great outing, good for 11th place.   Zeb Caspers and Nick Contino finished off our team scoring. Ben Contino was our fifth runner, running fast to break any ties. It was not to be this time. We finished in 5th place, one point out of 4th.

The races did not stop there for the DASH team. The Fun Run was next. The DASH team’s barefoot brigade was out in full force to race the coach. Just like last year, the DASH team proved to have the most fun of any team in the Fun Run. The coach ran a very smart race, using his award winning runners as rabbits before surging at the finish for a 5th place finish. The rest of the barefoot brigade came in soon after. Kenli Couppee capped the fun day of racing with an impressive finish of her own. She gets the fastest mom award. Check out the photos to see how much fun we had.

The DASH team had the most fans at the award ceremony. It was only fitting as we were to win the most awards. Not too bad for a team running shorthanded. Lucretia Nyhart and Christian LeSac were cheered for their second place medals, and Ransom Nyhart for his first place medal! We also won the 6th and under girls plaque. Never missing their cue, the DASH fans cheered loudly for that as well. Another memorable day in DASH history was in the books. Another award winning day in this great 2010 DASH cross country season.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

We made it. Seven meets in nine days! We really ran fast, and had so much fun, but we are not finished yet. Here is what is in store for this week and next.

Tuesday is our last high school meet. We will run at St. John’s Northwest Military Academy. Map This is our usual finish to the high school season. Many records have been set on this course. I hope to see more this year. The girls race is at 4:00. The boys follow at 4:30. I hope to see you there.

I will be practicing on Wednesday at Greenfield Park. 5:45 start, because it gets dark early now. This is mainly for the athletes in the Grade School Challenge on Friday, but all are welcome.

Friday is the Grade School Challenge at Greenfield Park. Girls race is at 5:00. Boys race is at 5:30.

I want to have the end-of-the-year party on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at Maitland Park. 5:45 team run, 6:15 awards, McDonald’s afterwards. If you cannot make it, let me know soon. If too many cannot come, I may try to switch it to a different day. If 5:45 is too early, I could push it back to 6:00, but then it gets very dark for the awards. I hope you all can come.

We have the National Meet on October 30th. There is still time to join us, but my van is full. We will try to figure out a way to get you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The DASH team was back at the St. Francis Retreat Center on Tuesday. This time the high school team took its turn to run this fast course. The weather was perfect, and the athletes were in end-of-the-season form. It was time to go for personal records. Let’s review the action.

We had Abigail Westendorf, Emily Caspers, and Martha Egan line up first. Abigail and Emily set a steady pace early through the first lap. Martha was running great keeping them in her sight. The second lap is when Abigail took off, with Emily trying to keep up. There would be no stopping Abigail’s as she came in at 18:45. A new DASH record! Emily was right behind with a season best 19:02. Martha would not be denied a personal record either, coming in with an impressive time of 21:24. These girls really ran well. It was a day to set records. These girls did not disappoint.

The boys lined up next. They knew it was a good day to run. Matthew Hughes stayed up with the lead pack as usual, finishing with his own DASH record of 17:37! This has become routine for Matthew. Another race, another record. Dietrich Heiss shot out the gates and never let up. The effort he gave led to a 20:12 finish. He had not broken 22 minutes yet this year, but this day his personal record would go down and stay down – not so his lunch. Hudson Nyhart forgot his running shoes, but he did not forget to break his own personal record. 21:03 for Hudson! Jay Egan bided his time until the end, catching up to Zachary Marek and Andrew Rodriguez by the home stretch. They all came in as a group running hard with Jay proving to have the best kick again. Jay and Andrew set personal records, Zachary had trouble at the end to just miss. A great day of racing it was. This team is really finishing strong.

Many DASH fans stayed for the award ceremony to cheer Matthew as he received his 8th place medal. Matthew is our star, but these athletes all deserve applause with the effort they displayed. We have two more meets to test our paces.   It is going to be fun.

Thanks to all who took pictures, cheered the athletes on, and made it such a memorable day for the DASH coach.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The DASH middle school cross country team ran at the St. Francis Retreat Center Monday in Burlington. This was a big public school meet with some very good teams. The weather was perfect, and most important, the athletes came ready to run fast.

The 7th and under girls got the day started. All the girls on the line got off to great starts. That is, all the girls that made it to the line. Sarah Klapak arrived just a little late and gave everyone a head start. Andrea Beck, Lucretia Nyhart, and Zipporah Caspers ran near the front the whole way, with Sarah Klapak catching up before the race was done. Sarah actually was our first finisher, capping a remarkable comeback. Andrea Beck was right behind her. Lucretia and Zipporah followed. All four of these girls finished in the top 20, giving the team a meager 60 points! Faith Caspers stayed ahead of Gabrielle Heiss this time, with both girls posting great times. Renee Nurre went out fast and kept it up the whole way for her best race of the year. Gloria Heiss capped off our finishers.  Little Skyler Heinz lost her way, being our only casualty.  She will be back.

The boys were next, inspired by the girls good showing. Ransom Nyhart had his usual great performance.  He finished 6th overall in an amazing 9:19! Christian LeSac outkicked his brother Matthew after some exceptional racing, both finishing under 10 minutes.  Kevin Egan and Glenn Kaboskey battled each other to a photo finish, with Kevin coming in just ahead. This gave the boys team a low 99 points.  Ben Contino, Jeremy Marek, and Levi Leonard came in next, all with good showings.  Daniel Caspers had an inspiring race as well.  Tommy Egan and Seth Heinz finished a great day of 7th and under boys racing.

Siobhan had her best race of the year in the 8th grade race. She will not be so lonely next time.

Zebulon Caspers and Nick Contino ran hard and were fun to watch in the boys 8th grade race. They both posted great times, and looked good doing so as the photos of the race will attest.

Three teams finished with scores under 100 in both 7th and under races. The DASH team joined Muskego Lake Denoon and Pilgrim Park in that category. Those are some big names in Milwaukee Area middle school racing.  It takes three buses to bring the Pilgrim Park team to the meets.  We actually beat the Muskego girls team for the first time ever.   Overall our girls team finished 3rd and our boys team was 4th. Check out the results and be amazed at how much the times improved from last year. Yes, we had another monumental day of racing to put in the books.  Another great day of DASH racing.

Thanks to all the parents who made the drive to Burlington.  St. Francis is not an easy place to find.  Thanks to Mary Beck, Kristen Contino, and Christine Nurre who helped out with scorekeeping.  Thanks to Kam Caspers for taking pictures.  Thanks to the athletes for getting to the line on time, giving great efforts, and making it so much fun to watch them run.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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