DASH Middle School Cross Country KMLHS Meet Report

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The middle school team was in action last Wednesday way up north at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. We were there to defend out 6th and under girls title. Unfortunately, we did not have a full boys team to go for even more hardware this time. Nonetheless, the excitement was not lacking on the boys side as you will soon see.

The 6th and under girls ran first. This was the only full team we ran on this day. First Immanuel was there to give us some stiff competition as they have before this season. I was standing on the far side of the finish line with the First Immanuel coaches watching the girls come in. It was a great battle between their team and ours. Lucretia Nyhart came in second sandwiched around two First Immanuel girls. Zipporah Caspers was the 6th girl in after some good racing, but we had some catching up to do. I saw Faith Caspers in the distance, but right in front of her was another First Immanuel girl. We were still behind, but we were not out. We would need Gabrielle Heiss to come in quick. I asked the other coach where his fourth runner was, and he pointed to the middle of the hill behind the start. That was good because Gabrielle was heading for home. Her finish was good enough for a DASH team victory again! A thrilling start to a great day of racing. Renee Nurre had another inspiring race. We will need her to keep running fast if we want to win again next year. Gloria Heiss and Sklyer Heinz came in to cap off our winning team.

The 6th and under boys ran next. We only had four boys at the start. Christian LeSac made the most of it by going out and racing with the leaders. He took over the lead going up the big hill and would keep the lead through the last loop. Down the stretch another boy put on a surge and caught up to battle Christian to the end. After a little bumping, Christian came up just short. Second place for Christian it was! Levi Leonard was really fast on this day, as was Daniel Caspers, both capping memorable seasons. Seth Heinz also finished, this time not quite as fast as his sister.

We had the Trewhella girls back to run with the 7th and 8th grade girls. Andrea Beck was fast at the start, and took the lead midway in the race, but had trouble finishing. She was not feeling well. Darby Trewhella looked great again for the DASH team. We need to get her to more races. Isabelle Trewhella also ran well to finish just ahead of Siobhan Heiss.

The big guys were next. Ransom Nyhart was running second before taking over the race at the hill. He would hold his lead the rest of the way, setting a course record in the process. First place for the DASH team! Matthew LeSac had his usual great outing, good for 11th place.   Zeb Caspers and Nick Contino finished off our team scoring. Ben Contino was our fifth runner, running fast to break any ties. It was not to be this time. We finished in 5th place, one point out of 4th.

The races did not stop there for the DASH team. The Fun Run was next. The DASH team’s barefoot brigade was out in full force to race the coach. Just like last year, the DASH team proved to have the most fun of any team in the Fun Run. The coach ran a very smart race, using his award winning runners as rabbits before surging at the finish for a 5th place finish. The rest of the barefoot brigade came in soon after. Kenli Couppee capped the fun day of racing with an impressive finish of her own. She gets the fastest mom award. Check out the photos to see how much fun we had.

The DASH team had the most fans at the award ceremony. It was only fitting as we were to win the most awards. Not too bad for a team running shorthanded. Lucretia Nyhart and Christian LeSac were cheered for their second place medals, and Ransom Nyhart for his first place medal! We also won the 6th and under girls plaque. Never missing their cue, the DASH fans cheered loudly for that as well. Another memorable day in DASH history was in the books. Another award winning day in this great 2010 DASH cross country season.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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