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Hello DASH homeschool families,

Brian Thomas will be holding practices in Kenosha at Christian Life School on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s starting March 1st. They will be held after school from about 3:00-4:30 PM. He will be practicing at UW-Parkside’s outdoor track on Saturday mornings from about 10:00-11:30 AM starting March 5th. Everyone is welcome. If you do not know Brian, you should contact him and let him know you are coming. His cell phone is 414-719-4771.

I will be holding practices, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:15, starting March 8th at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. Let’s hope for warmer weather.

I am still working to finalize the meet schedules. I hurt my calf and cannot run right now, so I also have had time to work more on the middle school stats. Looking at the 2006 meets brings back a lot of good memories. It will not be long until we get to make more this season. I am starting to get excited.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The DASH track season will start up next month. Now is the time to start your initial preseason training so you can be ready for the first meet. The first middle school meet has been moved up to early April this year, so it is more important than ever to get in running shape early. I went running today and it felt great. Get out there and run!

I will start practicing Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:15 PM, at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. March 8th is the first practice. I practice rain (or snow) or shine. Join us as often as you can. The complete schedule is on the DASH Team Calendar

To sign up for the team, just contact me by phone or email. I need to know the age of each of the athletes to put them in the right grade level. The recommended donation to join is $20 for middle school and $30 for high school with a $75 family rate. How can you beat that? Be sure to tell your homeschooled friends to join.

I am going to change the uniforms for the middle school team. Rather than using the old uniforms that are showing their wear after years of use, I want to change to t-shirts. The t-shirts would cost $10 and be yours to keep. You can use them for all DASH middle school cross country and track events.

I am adding track meets to the schedule as they come in. Check out the schedule for the latest. I am working on getting past years middle school track stats on the website. This is a time-consuming endeavor that I will try to finish as soon as I can.  I want to get it to look great before I put it on the DASH blog. I have caught the genealogy bug this offseason which has taken up much of my free time. If anyone has past high school track results, please pass them on to me so I can work on getting them on the website as well.

Take care and stay in shape,
Jim Caspers

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