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Hello DASH homeschool families,

I will be filling out the first meet roster for the April 9th middle school this week. I will send out a sample in a few days. If you do not come to my practices and you are particular about what events you want to run in, send me an email, or call me with that information. I will try to accommodate you. However we are a competitive team, and not everyone gets to run the events they like the best. (Like the 100 meters.) I may feel you are better suited to another event. I am usually right, so you should try your best at the events you are fortunate to have been put in.

I will have enough jerseys for everyone this week. If you have not gotten a jersey yet, see me after practice or make arrangements. I will be giving them out on meet day, but to make it easier on the coach, try to get them before then. The recommended donation for middle school is $15 plus a $10 jersey fee. The jersey will be your to keep. High school donation is $20, but you must return the jersey. I will be at the UW-Parkside practice next Saturday with jerseys for those athletes.

Try to get some exercise even though it is cold. It should be warming up later this week.

Also, I would love to see you tomorrow at Carroll University when I sing Handel’s Messiah. The concert is a free gift to the community, and will be very uplifting.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

I will be practicing on Monday and Thursday this week at Hart Park, 6:15 PM. This will be a one time change. It will be back to Tuesday and Thursday the following weeks.  Our Kenosha practices will be at the usual times.  I am planning on coming to the April 2nd UW-Parkside practice to check out the athletes.

It was great to meet so many new athletes this week. It looks like we will have a great team this year. Our first middle school meet is coming up fast, just three weeks away, so we need to get in a good workout on our own this weekend. If you have not been able to make a practice yet but still plan on joining the DASH team, contact me to let me know your plans. I will be starting to think about meet rosters this week.

The 2007 track results are up in the Results Archive. We had an especially good girls team that year that set many team records that still stand. It will be fun to see if those records will still be standing after this current girls team competes this year. All you DASH historians should check it out.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

I will start practicing this Tuesday and Thursday, 6:15 PM at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. Hart Park Map Here are some notes for parents and athletes, especially if you are new to the team.

1. Dress in layers. T-shirt, sweat shirt and jacket. Bring gloves and maybe a hat.  It can get very cold, especially at Hart Park in the evening. The track is wide open and nothing blocks the wind.
2. You should bring a water bottle.The water fountains may not be turned on yet.
3. I practice in any weather at Hart Park. It is up to you to decide if you want to come. Practice will be on. You do not have to call and ask. If it rains, bring appropriate clothing and expect to get wet. Sometimes in bad weather, we run relays under the bleachers. Everyone has a lot of fun.
4. If you cannot make practice because of another commitment, run on your own. You can get a good workout running around the block or in your back yard.
5. Athletes, talk to the coach! Let him know of any injuries or concerns you have.
6. This is a running team. The coach will ask you to run when you are tired. Yes, you should run when the coach tells you to run. You may give your input, but remember, when the coach makes a final decision, the decision has been made. Talk with the coach, ask questions, but do not complain.
7. Practices are social events, a time to make friends, joke around, and have fun. But when the coach is talking it is time to listen, and then give your best effort.
8. Parents and younger siblings are always encouraged to participate.

I have the 2006 middle school results in the Results Archive.
We were pretty good back then, especially for it being our first year. Pouring through the stats brings back a lot of memories. My son Zeb ran a few times as a third grader that year. He is the only athlete in the list that is still on the middle school team. The 8th graders that year would be college age now. How time flies. I put a lot of time on this to get it to look just right. I welcome any feedback on it. I will have the 2007 season online soon.

On a non-track related item, I will be singing Handel’s Messiah Sunday, March 27th at Carroll University’s Shattuck Auditorium at 2:00 PM with the Waukesha Choral Union. Admission is free! The doors open at 1:30. There are no tickets or assigned seats. It could be a great event to take your older children. The concert is over two hours long, but there is an intermission. The music is inspiring. Shattuck Auditorium’s address is 100 N. East Ave. in Waukesha.  If any of you adults are good singers, you may want to sing as well.  You do not have to be a member of the Waukesha Choral Union to sing the Messiah.

Because I have a Messiah practice on Tuesday, March 22nd, I am going move the Tuesday practice that week to Monday, March 21st.  I will remind you about this again next week.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The first Wauwatosa Hart Park practice will be March 15th at 6:15 PM instead of March 8th. Next week’s weather is going to be terrible. But the real reason I am starting a week later is because daylight savings time is a week later than I thought. I am having a rough start to the season. I am sorry for the confusion. Please check the DASH Team Calendar for the latest practice schedules.

I am not getting as many high school meets as I would have liked. Having the dual role of head coach for middle school and high school for the first time is proving to be more of a problem than it was for cross country. I will be lowering the recommended donation to $20 for the high school team. I will also be lowering the middle school fee to $15 because it looks like we will be having a big team. The middle school athletes will have to purchase a t-shirt jersey for $10 as well. The jersey will be yours to keep and can be used for all future middle school track and cross country meets.

I will be having another email next week reminding you to dress warm for practice. Until then, try to get in a workout on your own when the weather permits.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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