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Hello DASH families,

Our high school team will be competing this Thursday at Waukesha South High School. Field events will start at 4:15. The athletes do not sign up for their events until they arrive at the meet, so try to get to the meet on time. The running events begin at 4:45. Map  If you are going to wear anything under your uniform, try to make it black.

I will still have my usual Thursday practice at Hart Park. I will not be there, so I will have either my wife or some other parent run the athletes through their laps. Let me know if you can help.

Our second high school meet is next Saturday at Indian Trail Academy in Kenosha. Map  It is an all-relay meet. You have to have three athletes in each field event to partipate in the field-relays. Tell me what field event you want to do, and if I get to three, I will sign you up.

I have all of the 2009 middle school and high school track meet results in the Results Archive for those who are interested. I hope to have 2010 done soon and be finished. It has been fun looking at all the old results.

If you think of yourself as one of the many great DASH fans, I do have t-shirts and hats available to help you look extra DASHing while you cheer at the meets.  $10 per shirt, $12 per hat. I usually have them in my van, so I can get them for you if you ask.

The season is getting into full swing now. The athletes are running faster each week. Now it is time to translate our efforts in practice to good results in the meets. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The middle school track team had their first meet last Saturday – the University Indoor at UW-Milwaukee. It was run early this year, and with 28 teams participating, was particularly challenging. We had some outstanding results, and some that were disappointing. With a little more work this team is going to prove to be very good. We saved our best results for the end which is unfortunate as many of you had already left. Here is a recap of some of the highlights. I won’t be mentioning every event or every athlete like I did for cross country as that would make the post too long. I will try to talk about everyone a little before the season is done.

The boys ran first in this meet. Sprinter Chris Brown started the DASH season with a good 50 meter effort. His younger brothers Ian and C.J. looked good in their first DASH races. You would have never known C.J was a first grader the way he kept up with the older boys, proving that you are never too young to be a star on the DASH team. Christian LeSac and Glenn Kaboskey got off to great starts in their 800 meter race, but the race was called back and restarted. The second start did not go as well for them. Very unfortunate. Our 7th grade relay team got the DASH fans off their seats with their excellent race. Chris Brown and Christian LeSac got us off to a good start. Thomas Mazza looked great holding our position on his leg and getting the baton to Ransom Nyhart. Ransom outkicked everyone as the boys won their heat to finish third overall. The boys ran well, but I don’t think we have seen their best yet. Stay tuned.

It was now time for the girls to try to live up to their coach’s high expectations. The 800 meters has always been one of the DASH teams best events. This meet lines the athletes up three deep for a waterfall start making the race a little more unpredictable. Zoe Harrison lined up in the first row, got off to a great start, and never looked back for a 2nd place finish. You would have never known this was her first track meet. She’s fast. Lucretia Nyhart and Faith Caspers struggled a little, but ended up scoring in the top 8 to cap off a great race. Meg Mazza was impressive in her 200 meter race. Keep you eye on Amelie Kemmann as she took 5th place in her 200 meter race just missing the DASH record. Amelie was the lead runner on our 4×200 meter relay team that did set a DASH record. She was joined by Renee Walters, Amy Osinga, and Sarah Klapak. Sarah was interfered with down the stretch slowing her down. The girls settled for an impressive 6th place nonetheless. There were two events to go, and the crowd was dwindling, but the DASH girls were far from done. Andrea Beck took fourth in the 7th grade 1600 meters, and Zipporah Caspers followed with a fifth place 6th grade finish. Faith Caspers powered her way through eight laps for another 2nd place finish. (She finished 2nd two years ago as well, but this time 19 seconds faster.) Lucretia Nyhart was right behind for 3rd, and Zoe Harrison completed the threesome for 8th place. You will want to stick around when these three girls run. Sarah Klapak capped the day with a win in the 400 meters, setting a meet record and DASH record. Sarah is a threat to break a record in any event I put her in. She is that fast.

Thanks to all the athletes who were easy to find and get to the start line. Thanks to the parents for getting all the athletes to the meet on time. I am sorry if anyone tried to call me on the race day cell phone. It was not working. It will be next time. Special thanks to Kenli Coupee who shared her coffee with the coach. The DASH middle school team is going to be good this year. You won’t want to miss the action.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

DASH News Apr 11

Hello DASH homeschool families,

The CLS Kenosha group will be adding a Wednesday practice now through the end of the season. No practice in Kenosha on April 21st. I also have the final meet schedules listed on the DASH Team Calendar.  Check it out.

Our first high school meet is on Saturday, April 30th. This will be an all relay meet. I think it should be a lot of fun. I will be contacting the high schoolers soon to see who wants to run in what relays.

We had our first middle school meet last Saturday. It went well, but of course it also showed what we need to improve on. I will be talking with the athletes about this in practice. We have four weeks to get ready for the next big meet. We need to keep striving to get faster each week. The faster you run the more fun you have. I will pass on the results as soon as I have them, and write up a full meet report soon. If you have any pictures that you would like me to share on our Flickr photo site pass them on to me. My children were taking the pictures last Saturday, so I could use some more good ones.

I have the 2008 track results ready to be viewed in the Results Archive. This includes high school as well as middle school. We were a small team that year, but we were very good. Check them out to brush up on your DASH history.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH homeschool families,

I was at the UW-Parkside practice today and got to meet many of the athletes for the first time. Thanks to George Klapak for running a well organized practice. The athletes looked pretty good for this early in the season. I was inspired to get out there and run fast with them, and did OK for awhile, even pushing the pace on a 400 meter run, but I ended up tweaking my right calf. I will have to stick to coaching for the next week. It is just as well as our first middle school meet is just one week away.

The University Indoor is next Saturday at UW-Milwaukee’s Klotsche Center. The boys run first starting at 9:00 AM. The girls start at 2:15 PM. Please check in with me when you arrive. This meet may run ahead of schedule, so arrive early. If it is not running early you will have extra time to cheer on the other athletes. There is a parking garage that may charge a fee. I know some people park on the local streets. This is a big meet with all the good schools attending. It will be a good test for us to see where we are. I expect us to do very well.

The middle school schedule is not finalized yet. Brookfield Academy has moved there meet back to May 19th.
It looks like I have a meet for us on May 7th as well. I hope to have a date for another high school meet soon. I will give you more details in next week’s post.

Let’s practice hard this week. It is April now. The weather is getting warmer, and we are in better shape. The faster you run, the more fun you have. Just be careful if you try to pace the high school boys.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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