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Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school track completed their season last Saturday at St. Gregory’s Milwaukee Invitational. Records were set, and memories were made. It was yet another great meet to cap off an amazing season.

Zipporah Caspers got our scoring started with her 5th place long jump. Sarah Klapak, Amelie Kemmann, and Amy Osinga all flew over 11 feet in their long jumps. In the shot put, Kelaine Egan earned a 6th place ribbon for her effort, and Jon Fossell remains unbeaten, winning again by his usual five feet.

The first running event was the 1600 meters. They were combining grade levels, so Faith Caspers and Zipporah Caspers ran head-to-head, both placing 4th in their divisions. Sarah Klapak and Andrea Beck ran next. Sarah went under 6 minutes to set a new DASH record, but it was announced that Andrea Beck had won. Somehow, they had Sarah down as winning the 8th grade race. We accepted that, and came away with two first place finishes! Kevin Egan and Daniel Caspers went 2nd and 4th in the 5th grade boys race, and Matthew LeSac broke the 6 minute mark for the first time to place 5th in the 7th grade race. In the 400 meters, Sarah Klapak lowered her DASH record in another 1st place finish. Amy Osinga was an impressive 3rd in that race. Bekka Homa and Amelia Hagen had the DASH fans on their feet in their 8th grade race. Bekka came from behind to edge Amelia. Aaron Rogowski and Levi Leonard followed with another exciting race. Aaron came from behind to catch Levi. Christian LeSac’s usual good effort was good for 3rd. In the 800 meter races, Andrea Beck outkicked everyone for a first place finish, with Amy Osinga having a great race as well, earning 3rd. Levi Leonard had his best race of the year for a 3rd place finish. Christian LeSac and Isaiah Rogowski both scored in their race, and Matthew LeSac had the best DASH time of the day, good for 5th. DASH veteran Zeb Caspers, running in his last middle school race, finished his middle school career with an impressive 3rd place finish.

This year the DASH team has sprinters, as Meg Mazza and Amelie Kemmann remind us each meet. In the 100 meter race, Meg sprinted to a 4th place finish, and Amelie placed 2nd in a photo finish. Amelie got a rematch in the 200 meter race. She ran inspired and stayed ahead until the end. 1st place and a new DASH record for Amelie!

The DASH team was running short-handed on this day, and it was reflected in the relay teams. The coach was out looking for replacements. Lilly Rogowski answered the call for the 6th grade 4×400 team, teaming with Faith Caspers, Meg Mazza, and Zipporah Caspers to earn the 2nd place ribbons. Jon Fossell, always reliable, got to run a full lap with the 7th grade 4×400 team, teaming with Christian LeSac, Thomas Mazza, and Matthew LeSac for a 5th place finish. The coach was really scrambling to find a fourth girl for the 5th grade 4×100 team. Mary LeSac, our fastest 3-year-old, was available and ready to run. Mary teamed with Lilly Rogowski, Faith Caspers, and Meg Mazza to earn the 5th place ribbons. Not all of our teams were running short-handed. Our usual 5th grade boys 4×400 team of Aaron Rogowski, Daniel Caspers, Tommy Egan, and Levi Leonard finished there season with a hard-fought 2nd place finish. Our formidable 7th grade girls 4×400 team was the only 7th grade team in the race. Fortunately, some good 8th grade teams were available to challenge us, and they gave us a great race. Amelie Kemmann, Andrea Beck, Amy Osinga, and Sarah Klapak held off a strong 8th grade St. Joe’s team at the end to take first place in the race, first place in 7th grade, and first place on the DASH records list, breaking their own record by six seconds!  It should be noted in the blog, that a special appearance was made by Kayla Walters in the mixed medley relay.

We had great results, renewed old friendships, made new friendships, and now have memories that will last a lifetime. We had a great season. Now to start thinking about next year…, but first, don’t forget about the cross country season.

Thanks to my wife, Kam, for all the great photos. Thanks to the parents who got the athletes to practice and ready to run. Thanks to the DASH fans who were in particularly fine form on this day. Thanks to the athletes for putting out an effort that is worth cheering for.  We’ll do it again next year. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers


Hello DASH families,

The middle school track team had a Friday night/Saturday meet last weekend. We set meet records, set DASH records, competed in pentathlons, ran in great weather, ran in a downpour, and had fun through it all.

On Friday night, we had three athletes qualify for the 200 meter finals. Meg Mazza and her brother Thomas both ran fast and made the cut, and Amelie Kemmann set a new DASH record in qualifying. The running stayed fast in the 800 meter races. Lucretia Nyhart and Zoe Harrison gave us great 2nd and 3rd place finishes, and Andrea Beck led from start to finish in her 800 race for the second meet in a row. For the boys, Kevin Egan and Aaron Rogowski ran inspired and put up great times, and Glenn Kaboskey edged Isaiah Rogowski at the finish line in a great race. Matthew LeSac put up the best time of the day to close out the Friday night running. In the shot put, Jon Fossell set the 7th grade boys meet record with his throw of 37 feet. He hasn’t been beaten yet!

On Saturday morning, the weather stayed fair for the 4×400 relay teams. The 5th grade girls team of Faith Caspers, Meg Mazza, Lucretia Nyhart, and Zoe Harrison stayed close before settling for 3rd. Amelie Kemmann got the 7th grade DASH team out in front early, and Bekka Homa, Zipporah Caspers, and Andrea Beck all ran great for a 2nd place finish. The little guys, Kevin Egan, Tommy Egan, Daniel Caspers, and Aaron Rogowski gave great effort in their race, and the 7th grade team proved very good with Matthew LeSac, Thomas Mazza, Glenn Kaboskey, and Ransom Nyhart taking a strong 2nd.  After team pictures, the 1600 meter cross country race started in a slight drizzle. Sarah Klapak’s kick was too much for the rest of the field as she was the first girl in. Andrea Beck was next, followed by Lucretia Nyhart, Zipporah Caspers, and Faith Caspers giving the DASH team two seconds, a third, and a fifth place finish. The dynamic duo of Ransom Nyhart and Matthew LeSac posted great times to finish 2nd and 3rd. Zeb Caspers, Christian LeSac, and Glenn Kaboskey were next, followed by our impressive 5th grade distance runners who came in as a group: Kevin Egan, Levi Leonard, and Daniel Caspers. The rain came down heavy as the 100 and 200 meter finalists toed the line. As people looked for cover, the races went on. The rain stopped before the 400 meter races, and Zoe Harrison put up another great effort, coming from behind for a 2nd place finish.

We had four athletes in the pentathlon, where you throw the shot put or softball, long jump, and run the 100, 400, and 1600 meter races. Zeb Caspers, Christian LeSac, Levi Leonard, and Sarah Klapak were the athletes doing the heavy duty. They all showed off their well-rounded skills in this tough competition, and proved worthy to the task. Christian was in the top four in all the running events, a little less in the field. Zeb and Levi were in the thick of things in every event.  Sarah was too much for her competition, scoring first in all her running events, and 2nd and 3rd in her field events for a first place finish!  These are good athletes, and it was good to see them competing so well,

Thanks to all those who cheered the DASH team even when it was raining hard. Thanks to the parents, especially those who I made stay until the end by signing up lots of 4×100 teams. Thanks to Kam Caspers for taking so many good pictures. One more meet to go. The season goes so fast.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The middle school track team had a perfect day to run last Thursday, showing off its abilities at Brookfield Academy. We have had some great meets in the past on the Brookfield track, and this year was no exception.

In the 100 meters, Meg Mazza had another great run taking 4th. Amelie Kemmann broke her own DASH record with a 13.81 effort! Our 800 meter runners really got the fans noticing the DASH team. Lucretia Nyhart passed Faith Caspers in the home stretch with some great racing. The next race Andrea Beck led the whole way, breaking her own DASH record in the process. Christian LeSac followed that up with his own first place finish showing us his kick on the second lap. Ransom Nyhart, Matthew LeSac, and Zeb Caspers put up the best times of the day in their race. Meg Mazza and Amelie Kemmann set personal records in the 200 meters to highlight that race. Christian LeSac, Zeb Caspers, and Thomas Mazza looked fast in the 400 meters, finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. The 1600 girls race was one to get excited about as usual with Andrea Beck and Zipporah Caspers coming through with victories. Lucretia Nyhart and Faith Caspers both broke into the 6:40’s in their 5th grade race taking 2nd and 3rd. Ransom Nyhart and Matthew LeSac had their usual strong finishes in the boys race, with Ransom winning and Matthew coming in right behind. The little guys, Kevin Egan and Daniel Caspers, had everyone cheering as they kept pace with the big guys in a hard-fought race. We had three 4×400 teams that all ran great. The 7th grade team of Amelie Kemmann, Thomas Mazza, Andrea Beck, and Matthew LeSac took first by over 100 meters to cap a great day of running. Of course the DASH team does field events. Our shot putters were amazing. Amelie Kemmann and Kelaine Egan finished 2nd and 4th among the 7th graders, and Jon Fossell had a 38 foot throw that was literally jaw-dropping to win by over three feet.

It was a perfect day to run fast and set some good times, and that is exactly what we did. After I got a little help in reading the results, I couldn’t wait to get them in the Results Archive.  We have lots of photos to check out, too.  Thanks to the parents for getting everyone to the meet and prepared to run. Thanks to the athletes for giving their best, and being ready to run.  Thanks to Brookfield Academy for hosting the meet and letting us compete on their track. It was fun.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

DASH News May 22

Hello DASH families,

We made it through our busiest week with great results. We still have one middle school meet to go, this Saturday at Marquette High School’s Quad Park track. I will have my usual practice schedule, Tuesday and Thursday, Hart Park at 6:15, to prepare for it. Please let me know right away if you will have trouble making it to the meet.

Don’t forget the end-of-the-year party will be Thursday, June 2nd, at Hart Park. We will start at 6:00 with some fun runs. As usual, parents and children of any age are encouraged to participate. After the running, we will have a pot-luck supper, followed by awards. We always have a great time getting together to reminisce about another successful season, and to start thinking about next year. I hope you all can make it.

The first Badgerland Striders Open Track Meet is Tuesday, May 31st. It is at St. Francis High School, and starts at 6:30. It is another opportunity to keep running, have fun, and have free snacks!  They also have meets in June and July, so mark your calendars.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The high school track team completed a great season by competing in the Wisconsin School for the Deaf meet in Delavan last Tuesday. We brought our full roster to compete, and we capped off our season with some great results.

Joe Ingersoll got the day off to a winning start with high jump victory. His 5’8″ jump was a new DASH record. Samantha Schultz followed that up with her own 1st place finish in the 100 meters. Abby Keizer and Martha Egan had good showings as well, giving us 3 of the top 4 places in that race. Luke Versweyveld and Matthew Hughes both broke 5 minutes in the 1600 meter race. Sam Porcaro was first in the 400 meters, breaking one minute for the first time. Abby Keizer showed us her speed with a 2nd place 200 meter race, and Joe Ingersoll followed that up with a 1st place showing in the boys 200 meters. Trevon Kasprzak was right behind Joe for a 3rd place finish. In his last race wearing DASH yellow, Matthew Hughes ran the 3200 meters. Luke Versweyveld and Matthew paced each other through the first 7 laps. Luke led the 8th lap until the last step. Matthew put a senior surge on the freshman to cap a legendary DASH career. Emily Caspers won the 3200 girls race to loud cheers as well.  The 4×400 relay was the last event and it was exciting. Faith Penza, Abby Keizer, Allie George, and Samantha Schultz had a great race to finish a close second. In the boys race, Hudson Nyhart, Joe Ingersoll, Steven Klapak, and Sam Porcaro led the whole way to end the day with another DASH victory!

It was a very encouraging season from this young team. We will miss Matthew Hughes and Allie George, our seniors, and wish them well. For everyone else, the expectations for next year will be high as we look to build on this seasons’ success. I know I can’t wait.

Thanks go out to my wife Kam who took so many good photos and helped out in keeping things organized. Thanks to Brian Thomas. He is a fount of knowledge in track and field, and you could really see the athletes responding to his advice and getting better from meet to meet. Thanks to the Eastbrook coaches and George Klapak for getting us some batons to use as I forgot ours. It was my first year as head coach of the high school team. It has been a learning experience, and it has kept me very busy, but it has been so much fun getting to know so many new families. Let’s hope we can do it again next year.  I hope to see you all then.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

We have a big week ahead. We have our last high school meet on Tuesday, and a middle school meet on Thursday, and another on Friday night and Saturday. I will be practicing only on Monday night this week. No Thursday practice. We will be running at Brookfield Academy that night. The Thursday meet starts early – 3:00 PM. We need to make sure we get there on time. It should be over by 7:30. Some of you I have scheduled for Friday night events at the Bulldog Dash meet. If you have trouble making it let me know soon. I have to turn in the roster on Tuesday morning.

I want to have an end-of-the-year party on Thursday, June 2nd. It will be at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. We will run a little, have a picnic, give out awards, and talk over what a great season we had. The Caspers will be grilling brats, and hot dogs; and bringing plates, utensils, and water. Please bring a dish to share. We may want to have a separate high school party in Kenosha if that is easier. Let me know your thoughts on that.

The season is winding down. We are in shape and running fast. Let’s make sure we eat healthy and are ready to run our best at the meets. I hope to see all of you this week.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

It was an exciting day watching the high school track team in Oak Creek last Tuesday.  The DASH team was in peak form.  It seemed like in every race someone stepped up and had a great showing.  I think we surprised a lot of people with how we performed.  All our hard work is paying off.  This team is young, and it is good.

The jumpers started us off.  All of our boy long jumpers, Sam Porcaro, Steven Klapak, Joe Ingersoll, and Hudson Nyhart, had jumps over 16 feet. Sam Porcaro led the way again with a DASH record 16-11! Samantha Schultz led the way for the girls. She and Martha Egan both came in with jumps of over 13 feet. Joe Ingersoll placed 2nd overall in the High Jump in another memorable showing.

The running events were next and Samantha Schultz got the DASH fans excited. She won her heat to finish 5th overall with a great time of 13.96. Martha Egan had a good first race of the year placing second in her heat. In the 1600 meters, Abigail Westendorf finished ahead of Emily Caspers with a good race. Luke Versweyveld bided his time before showing us his kick in the 1600 meters. Luke came from the outside to pass a big group right before the finish to end up in 2nd place. I overheard people talk about his sub-5 minute performance later. They did not see him coming until he was past. Faith Penza looked good in her personal best 400 meter race. For the boys, Luke Versweyveld, Hudson Nyhart, Joe Ingersoll, and Quinlan Thomas kept the DASH fans cheering in their 400 meter races. Steven Klapak ran for the first time this year in the 800 meters and outkicked everyone to win his heat. Sam Porcaro was next and finished with the best DASH 800 meter time of the year. Samantha Schultz was impressive again in the 200 meters for a 6th place finish. Allie George was right behind to finish 8th. Matthew Hughes waited until the 3200 meter race to show off his paces. He made it worth the wait as he moved up from 4th place all the way to 1st, breaking 11 minutes! Emily Caspers set her personal record in the 3200 meters as well. I missed the 4×400 meter relays, but with all the cheering going on I know they were exciting. Our girls team of Faith Penza, Allie George, Abigail Westendorf, and Samantha Schultz ran their best time of the year. Hudson Nyhart, Steven Klapak, and Sam Porcaro got the boys off to a good start, with Matthew Hughes running the anchor lap a few minutes after his 3200 meter race to give us 5th place.

It was great to see so many runners having outstanding days. And it was nice to see so many DASH fans enjoying the competition. We have one more meet left to cap off our high school season. I hope to see you there.

Thanks go out to Brian Thomas. He trains most of these guys and gets them ready to run their best on race day. Thanks to the camera lady, my wife Kam, for getting us another great set of photos when she would have rather been cheering. Thanks also to Oak Creek’s Coach Stack for hosting the meet and putting in all the work that that entails. He stays busy. And thanks as usual to the DASH fans for coming out. I wish I could have talked with you all more.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school track team ran in the Mary Queen of Saints meet in West Allis last Saturday. The excitement never let up throughout the day as we posted great results throughout. This team is really showing us how good they are.

The field events started us off. Amelie Kemmann threw the shot put over 20 feet to place in 6th. One of our new stars, Jon Fossell, was throwing shot for the first time in competition. No experience necessary for Jon. He took 1st place by almost 2 feet!  In the long jump, Amy Osinga jumped 11-09.25 to take 6th place, while Renee Walters had a good jump as well. Levi Leonard’s leap was good for 7th.

Meg Mazza and Amelie Kemmann ran to loud DASH cheering after qualifying for the 100 meter finals. Meg finished an impressive 5th, while Amelie’s run was good for 2nd and a new DASH record! Meg did even better in the 200 meters placing 3rd. Sarah Klapak and Amelie Kemmann went head-to-head in the 200 meters, both obliterating the 4-year old DASH record to finish 1st and 3rd overall. Sarah was not done breaking records. She lowered her own 400 meter record to get another first place ribbon. Zoe Harrison had another great day taking third in both the 400 and 800 meter races. Lucretia Nyhart followed Zoe for 4th in the 800 meters, and set the pace in the 1600 meters for a 1st place finish. Zipporah Caspers had the best 1600 time on the day which was good for 4th. Andrea Beck and Amy Osinga had a sprint to the finish in their 1600 meter race taking the 2nd and 3rd place ribbons, and Amelia Hagen’s effort in the 800 meters was good for 3rd.  And the girls ran some relays. Meg Mazza, Faith Caspers, Lucretia Nyhart, and Zoe Harrison took 3rd in the 4×400. DASH stars Amelie Kemmann, Andrea Beck, Amy Osinga, and Sarah Klapak led throughout for a DASH record-setting victory in their 4×400 relay!

Newcomer Jonathan Famurewa showed the DASH fans how fast he is by placing 2nd in the 200, and 4th in the 400 meter races. Thomas Mazza was impressive in his 400, as was Zeb Caspers 5th place finish.  Levi Leonard and Aaron Rogowski competed well in the 800 meters finishing 5th and 6th. Christian LeSac’s 5th place finish in the 800 meter race was his best of the day. Daniel Caspers placed 5th in the 1600 meters, while Ransom Nyhart and Matthew LeSac teamed up for 2nd and 5th place finishes in their 1600. Our 5th grade boy relay teams were fun to watch. Patrick Mazza, Aaron Rogowski, Daniel Caspers, and Levi Leonard all ran hard for a ribbon-winning 4th place finish in the 4×400. Patrick Mazza, Christopher Fossell, Joshua LeSac, and Aaron Rogowski followed with another 4th place finish in the 4×100 to add to there ribbon colletions.

Those were some of the highlights. It was a day to remember for the DASH team. Records were set and memories were made. Our biggest setbacks were Gulla Kemmann and Faith Caspers’ injuries. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for next season to see Gulla run again.  Let’s hope Faith can bounce back soon and pick up where she left off at the Indoor Meet. A few more weeks to go and the season will be over.  We need to keep practicing hard and enjoy it while we can.

Thanks to all the parents who brought the athletes to the meet and weathered the cold. These meets are long. I hope having such a good team helps the day’s events go fast. I know it does for me.  Thanks to the camera lady, my wife Kam, who got a lot of great photos.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

  • Cross Country 2016

    The 2016 DASH girls cross country team: Zipporah Caspers, Kayla Bruton, Jessy Homa, Abby Chu, Rebecca Dickman, Katrina Lipski, Kayla Walters, Ella Johnson, Faith Caspers, Alivia Kempf.

  • The 2016 DASH boys cross country team. Front: Cliff Yang, Tim Kowalinski, Joe Maurer, Brian Durbin, Caleb Schaber, Justin Chu. Back: Ben Hughes, Joshua Schaber, John Klaves, Joshua Anumolu, Zachary Werner, Zach Pape, Miles Talbert, Seth Holter, Vincent Maurer, Samuel Zinkgraf.

  • The 2016 DASH MS girls cross country team. Grace Caspers, Stephanie Chu, Savanna Bruton, Hellena Hacker, Mary LeSac, Heidi Talbert, Julia Kowalinski, Joy Rasch, Julianna Caspers, Jenna Walters, Alexa Bruton.

  • The 2016 DASH MS boys cross country team. Front: Josiah Chu, Seka Kostrzewa, Nathanael Chu, Micah Chan, Silas Johnson, Noah Caspers, Charlie Johnson. Back: Alexander Taylor, Joshua Lipski, Joshua LeSac, Kaden Hacker, Bryant Farrell, Leif Kostrzewa, Daniel Caspers.

  • Track 2016

    DASH HS 4x1600 Relay Winners. Boys: Drake Hacker, Justin Chu, Briton Kostrzewa, Jacob Dickman. Girls: Zipporah Caspers, Faith Caspers, Kayla Walters, Andrea Beck.

  • Rebecca Dickman, Emma Taylor, Katie Gorectke, Stephanie Chu.

  • Cross Country 2015

    2015 Bradley Tech Cross Country Champions: The 1st place DASH boys: Lucas Ebel, John Klaves, John LaBonte, Joshua Schaber, John Sherman, Joshua Anumolu, Ben Hughes, Tim Kowalinski, Joe Maurer, Drake Hacker, Samuel Zinkgraf, Joe Hughes, Jacob Dickman, John Kowalinski, Will Farrell. the 2nd place DASH girls: Margaret Serchen, Kayla Walters, Zipporah Caspers, Andrea Beck, Faith Caspers, Renee Walters, Kayla Bruton, Jessy Homa.

  • The DASH girls middle school team. Front: Mary LeSac, Grace Caspers, Hellena Hacker, Julianna Caspers, Zaela Schlissel. Middle: Julia Kowalinski, Anabel Fisher, Savanna Bruton, Stephanie Chu, Angela Walters. Back: Naomi Zhou, Emma Taylor, Katie Gorectke, Makenna Fisher, Jenna Walters.

  • The DASH middle school boys team. Front: Vince Maurer, Jeffrey Breiling, Leif Kostrzewa, Caleb Schaber, Seka Kostrzewa, Alexander Taylor, Noah LaBonte. Middle: Ethan Lindberg, Micah Chan, Jose Rosario, Joshua LeSac, Adam Loustaunau, Salim Lubbad, Kaden Hacker, Nathanael Chu, Jacob LaBonte, Ben Breitbach. Back: Daniel Caspers, Joshua Lipski, Tikvah Schlissel, Bryant Farrell, Christian Loustaunau, Ed Sherman, Peter Chan, Matthew Kowalinski.

  • Track 2015

    2015 High School Track. Front: Andrea Coulter, Stefanie Klaves, Renee Walters, Jessy Homa, Bekka Homa, Nina Smrecek, Johannah Lee, Kayla Bruton, Zipporah Caspers, Andrea Beck. Back: Jacob Dickman, Jeremy Marek, Justin Chu, Nicholas Funk, Noah Evans, Samuel Lee, Danny Wickman. Missing: Tommy Ebert, Joe Hughes, Samuel Zinkgraf.

  • Cross Country 2014

    Bradley Tech Champions - 2014

  • Cross Country 2013

    Midwest Homeschool Champions - 2013

  • Track 2013

    Front : Abigail Larkin, Sophia Zyzo, Grace Caspers, Julianna Caspers, Grace Zinkgraf, Elijah Anumolu, Daniel Caspers, Leif Kostrzewa, Wesley Evans, Mary LeSac, Andre Coulter, Abby Chu, Grace Dupar, Gulla Kemmann. Back: Danny Wickman, Lucretia Nyhart, Mia Wickman, Faith Caspers, Toria Schein, Zipporah Caspers, Andrea Guidone, Olivia Zyzo, Toria Schein, Christian LeSac, Samuel Zinkgraf, Joshua LeSac, Joshua Anumolu, Kayla Walters, John Klaves, Christopher Fossell, Joe Hughes, Glenn Kaboskey. Missing: Stephanie Chu. Simran Khunger, Foster Todd, Briton Kostrzewa, Alex Navin.

  • Cross Country 2012

    Wisconsin Lutheran College Warrior Invite 7th-8th grade champions: Briton Kostrzewa, Christian LeSac, Samuel Zinkgraf, Joe Hughes.

  • Track 2012

    Amelie Kemmann, Andrea Kempf, Andrea Beck, Sarah Klapak

  • Cross Country 2011

  • Cross Country 2009

    Andrea Beck, Lucreitia Nyhart, Faith Caspers, Zipporah Caspers. Coach Jim Caspers and Ed Beck in back.

  • Cross Country 2004

    Legendary race - Maitland Park This is where it all began.