DASH Middle School Cross Country Lake Denoon Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

Our middle school team was back at Muskego Lake Denoon to start the season. This year the meet had more teams than ever, and we got to run on a new course, but that could not stop us from posting some good results.

We had six girls toe the line in the 7th grade and under race. The three DASH veterans in the field all had good starts to pace this team. Lucretia Nyhart was especially good on this day, staying strong the whole way to capture the 7th place medal. Zipporah Caspers stayed near the leaders as well to finish 27th, and Faith Caspers effort was good for 47th. But you need four to make a team, so we needed one of our three newcomers to step up. Lilly Rogowski and Kayla Walters did just that, each running hard the whole way. This is the kind of racing that gets the coach extra excited about the coming season. Lilly and Kayla both finished in the top 90, and that is out of 291 athletes in the race! Mia Wickman learned that cross country racing is never easy, having to backtrack to pick up a shoe. She also has talent and will be heard from later in the year.

Ransom Nyhart showed his mettle with a second place finish in the 7th and under boys race. With the big schools we raced against, this is one of the great DASH races ever. Christian LeSac was very fast as usual to finish 23rd, and Glenn Kaboskey put up a great time to finish 63rd. Isaiah Rogowski paced his brother Aaron to the finish, both having outstanding first races. Daniel Caspers was back giving his all racing with the big boys, and Joshua LeSac got everyone talking about his strong finish. Danny Wickman was right behind Joshua to complete the DASH boys team.

Andrea Kempf is a new DASH star. She set the pace for the 8th grade girls, leading them with a medal-winning 5th place finish. Amelie Kemmann, in her first race, placed herself behind an ailing Andrea Beck until she used her amazing kick at the end to move up to a 38th place finish. Andrea Beck was right behind for 42nd. Renee Walters struggled in her first cross country race. Look for her to move up as she gains experience.

Matthew LeSac had box 2 all to himself in the 8th grade boys race. He made the most of it, posting a great time for 23rd place to complete a great day of DASH racing.

The legendary DASH fans were peerless once again at the award ceremony, showing their appreciation for the efforts of Ransom Nyhart and Andrea Kempf when they were awarded their top-5 medals. Another great day of DASH racing is now in the books. We had fun as these photos can attest. The middle school team has a full schedule coming up. You won’t want to miss it.

Special thanks to Mary Beck who was nabbed to be our official results recorder.  Thanks for everyone else who helped out, and to the many DASH fans who lined the course and stayed to the end to cheer on the athletes. It makes you proud to be a part of the DASH team!

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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