DASH High School Cross Country Prairie School Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

Our high school cross country team took the field in beautiful Armstrong Park in Racine last Thursday. The athletes scouted the course in gorgeous weather, but suddenly dark clouds began to roll in. It couldn’t be a repeat of last Saturday when the varsity runners were rained out, could it?  Lightning was seen, and the race was delayed for half an hour. However, this time the show would go on.

Emily Caspers and Kristin Ulfeng both ran out fast on the downhill start with the wind on their backs. Soon, they found the going a little harder bucking the wind on their way back up the hillly course. But Emily and Kristin paced themselves very well, leading them both to some good times at the finish. Kristin was particularly impressive, cutting off over two minutes from her last race. She is really looking good.

Zeb Caspers and Caleb Caucutt toed the line for the DASH team in the boys race. Caleb did his best to keep up with Zeb like he did last Saturday.  Zeb was caught looking back a few times to check on Caleb’s whereabouts. In the end, Zeb stayed too strong, pushing himself to the finish for a good race. Caleb was really tested coming down the final hill, running stride for stride with another athlete. He fell behind, but reached back for a little extra to pass him back up, and beat him to the finish line. It was a nice way to end another day of DASH racing.

Thanks for all the DASH fans who came out to see the athletes. It is a great course for spectators to watch a race, and the DASH fans were everywhere following the action. Of course, we got a lot of great pictures. Only two more races left for the high school team. The season is going so fast.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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