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Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team was back in action at Brookfield Academy on Tuesday. It was a chance to see this award-winning team in action one last time; an opportunity to get everyone together in a small, relaxed setting where they could just have fun, enjoy the atmosphere, stay close, and race!

Twenty girls toed the line in the first race. It was a small field, but one filled with great athletes. Seven of the top-12 girls from the WCHSA race were in the field. Andrea Kempf was pushed hard, but her stride proved too strong for the competition again. It was another victory for Andrea, capping an historic season for the DASH star. Veteran Andrea Beck, in her last middle school cross country race, gave us another one of her great races that we have seen so many of through the years. She came in 3rd place on this day, knew when to smile for the cameras, and knew when to kick it in at the end. A true star. Lucretia Nyhart, 6th grade, reminded us that the middle school girls team should be back strong next year. She is healthy, and running very fast again. Zipporah Caspers also finished the season on a high note with her run. She will assume the role of senior member of the team next year. Kayla Walters was involved in another great race to the finish. Amelie Kemmann’s great speed was too much to overcome for Kayla at the end. It was fun to watch. Lilly Rogowski, 3rd grader, made it through the season and never had a bad race. Amazing! She is setting the bar high. Renee Walters followed up her award-winning run with another good effort. It is too bad the season is ending, now that Renee is running so good. Alivia Kempf was caught running fast as well. It was a great day for the girls.

The girls set the bar high, but the boys were ready for the challenge. Ransom Nyhart decided to stay out of traffic and run by himself. He stayed well in front of the crowd to the finish to complete a season where he was top-5 in every race. Legendary! Christian LeSac was in a great battle for second place. He hit the track and took off. It was nice way to end his cross country season, and a good reason to get excited about his upcoming track season.  Matthew LeSac had a great start and was able to finish much better this time. It was a nice to see Matthew finish his middle school cross country racing running fast. Glenn Kaboskey stayed warm, stayed fast, and stayed ahead of all but five, for an impressive 6th place finish. Aaron Rogowski gave it one last try to hit the finish line before his brother Isaiah. Isaiah was too good again, but Aaron’s effort was good for first place among the 5th graders. Daniel Caspers was caught racing the one girl in the boys race early. Daniel had a great finish, beat the girl and a lot of the boys in a good race. Danny Wickman keeps getting better, (and he has nice shoes). His last lap on the track was fast and caught the coaches attention. Joshua LeSac stayed in the thick of things early, and finished strong to complete a good first season for him, and another great year of DASH racing.

The fun continued at the end-of-the-year party at Marty’s Pizza. The high schoolers joined in for a night of scintillating DASH racing conversation. Awards were handed out to all the dedicated athletes, with their accomplishments being acknowledged by the coach. A season of hard work was over, it was time to reap the rewards of an amazing season. We can not go back and do it over again, but we have memories that will last a lifetime and, of course, plenty of photos.

Thanks to all of the parents who have been such a help this season. We always have so many ‘DASH fans’ at the meets. It keeps the team close, and makes the meets so much fun. Thanks to my wife, the camera lady, for taking all the great photos. They are so much fun to look back and reflect. Thanks to the athletes for sticking with it at practices this year, and transforming themselves into great ‘DASH fans’ when not racing at the meets. And thanks to all those who thanked me for the work I do. Coaching this homeschool team, with all the families getting together so often, is something I have grown to love. It is nice to be apprectiated. Now to put the Blog to rest for awhile, and turn to some of my other pursuits: working on my family tree, giving my children lots of homework,… We will be back to racing again next year. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

A blustery, beautiful day was the setting. Our own Greenfield Park was the place. The 1st annual Wisconsin Homeschool Cross Country Championship Meet was the event. The long hours of preparation were over. It was time for the best homeschool athletes in the state to get together and race!

The high school boys race was first. Homeschool Eagle Kenny Hillman paced Northeast Wisconsin Christian Homeschool Athletic Association’s (NEWCHAA) Emmett Delaney through the first loop. But Emmett made his move to the front just before the mile mark, a lead he would never relinquish, to become the days first state champion. Kenny Hillman stayed ahead of the rest for an impressive second place finish. Tri-State Flying Flamingo Isaac Shuetz would take third, and Jordan Olinski edged WCHSA teammate Jeremiah Cantrall for fourth. Matthew Hoffland from the West Central Eagles finished only three seconds behind Jeremiah to earn the 6th place ribbon. DASH freshman Zeb Caspers struggled with ankle problems to finish a disappointing 21st.

The high school girls race had a foursome in the front that stayed close throughout. Holy Family Warrior Madison Skalsky assumed the leadership role early, but NEWCHAA’s Jenny Moran, and Tri-State Flying Flamingo’s Rebecca Harkness and Rose Bendorf kept her in their sights. After the 2-mile mark was passed, Rebecca and Rose would surge past Jenny and were slowly and methodically edging closer to Madison. Around the last loop, Rebecca moved up to just a few strides behind Madison. It was going to be a sprint to the finish. Rebecca gave it all she had, but Madison stayed calm and would not let her pass. Madison was to win by just one second, and claim the right to be called state champion. Rose held off Jenny for third. Adrianna Lubner of WCHSA captured the other top-5 t-shirt, and Homeschool Eagle senior Lexi Hegle finished an impressive 6th in just her second cross country race. For the DASH team, Emily Caspers ran well and finished 12th. Kristin Ulfeng ran steady and came in 22nd.

The boys and girls ran together in the middle school race, adding a little spice to the action. DASH star Ransom Nyhart may not have noticed the girls as he broke away from the field early. His pace never slowed on the course so familiar to him, stamping his claim on the state champion title. Holy Family Warrior 6th grader Elijah Skalsky made a great impression with his racing and was declared the 2nd place finisher. Elijah held off Tri-State Flying Flamingo Noah Shuetz at the finish. NEWCHAA’s Michael Jarzin’s effort was good for fourth, and DASH’s Christian LeSac put on a surge before entering the woods to earn himself a top-5 shirt. Austin Hegle of the Homeschool Eagles was sixth. Matthew LeSac was the next DASH boy in, finishing 9th. Glenn Kaboskey ran very well and gave the DASH team four boys in the top-10. Isaiah Rogowski edged Aaron Rogowski, both finishing with the same time. Daniel Caspers was a little tired after helping set up the course. He finished just ahead of Joshua LeSac to complete the boys race.

In the middle school girls race, the front of the pack got ordered early, and the girls were all able to hold their spots throughout. Andrea Kempf from DASH was again comfortable running in front. She has been making winning a habit lately. The state champion label is now hers. Paige Anderson of NEWCHAA stayed strong to the finish to earn the 2nd place award. DASH’s Andrea Beck had to run fast to stay ahead of teammate Lucretia Nyhart for 3rd. Katie Peterson from the West Central Eagles earned a top-5 shirt with a good race. The DASH team’s Zipporah Caspers beat a trio of NEWCHAA athletes to the finish line to earn 6th place. Other notables from the DASH team. Third grader Lilly Rogowski was impressive as usual to finish 14th. Amelie Kemmann was back running again and finished 19th. Julianna Caspers, just 4 years old, was amazing as always with her effort. It will be fun to watch her move up the charts in years to come. Alivia Kempf won a sprint to the finish to take 23rd.

The team scores were a combination of the best boys and girls on each team. The Tri-State Flying Flamingo’s were announced as high school state champions.  Their five scorers were all in the top-8, earning themselves the team trophy. WCHSA kept it close, and was awarded the 2nd place award. The DASH team was announced as middle school state champions. They were just five points away from a perfect score, to run away with the title. NEWCHAA was also very good, capturing the second place trophy. Every team brought some good athletes which made the meet very competitive and fun to watch.

It was a day waiting to happen. It finally came. Getting this great group of kids together on one field was so exciting. New relationships were made, and many renewed. A lot of work was done, but time was found to relax and enjoy the day. Let’s hope we can make it happen again next year, and have the high school athletes prepared to run a little farther.

Thanks to all the coaches and parents who did their part to make this happen. Thanks to all those who made the drive to Greenfield Park. Thanks to the athletes for running hard and displaying such good sportsmanship throughout. Thanks to Jilleen Pfarr for getting this meet off the ground. Without her vision it would never have happened. Special thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to homeschool our kids, and for granting us a great day to run.  Until next time,

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

We had nine athletes represent the DASH team in the 13th annual Grade School Challenge. This is an end-of-the-season all-star meet hosted by Wisconsin Lutheran College. Teams came from as far as two hours away to compete. It is a great proving ground to see where you stand against some of the best athletes in the area.

Our elite girls squad had dwindled to four athletes due to injuries. We were starting at a disadvantage with no room for error by starting only four. We would need everyone to be at their best to contend on this day. Andrea Kempf answered the call by running another fantastic race. She stayed near the front throughout giving us a top-10 finish in this tough field. Andrea Beck also gave us an award-winning run. She had a good start, and worked hard to hold her spot, giving us a 22nd place finish. So far, so good. But unfortunately, our good fortune would end there. Zipporah Caspers had a spill early that held her back, and the effects of Lucretia Nyhart’s recent illness did not let her perform at her best. Overall the team finished in 9th place. Something we can be proud of, but not as good as we had hoped.

The boys were next. They were also to run shorthanded. But we were able to start five, so we were in a less precarious position than the girls. Ransom Nyhart had one of his best races of the season to get the team off on the right foot. He moved up at the end, and beat some guys that had beaten him earlier this year, for an impressive 5th place finish. Christian LeSac was also competing at a high level. He battled his way to a 34th place finish keeping our hopes high. But like the girls, the rest of the way would not go as well. Matthew LeSac has not been able to bounce back from his mid-season illness and faded at the end after a good start. Isaiah Rogowski and Aaron Rogowski both ran hard, but these first year runners found things difficult in this strong field. Overall, the boys effort would be good for a respectable 12th place finish.

At the awards ceremony, the DASH fans were given many opportunities to be heard. We had three athletes earn top-25 medals. For a team our size that is remarkable! We had our disappointments on this day, but overall we have so much to be proud of. We have photos to prove how much fun we had. The season is winding down fast, so let’s all be thankful and enjoy it while we can.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The middle school cross country team ran in an open field at Concordia University yesterday in a meet hosted by the Washington County Homeschool Association. The weather was beautiful for the tough two-mile course. We were looking to post some great team scores, but the size and health of our team were to pose as extra obstacles in our path. There would be nowhere to hide on this course as we attempted to win a trophy. All eyes were on the athletes as they raced around the course.

The 6th and under girls were to run without stars Lucretia Nyhart and Faith Caspers. Lucretia was to run with 8th graders. The bad news was that Faith was out with a broken foot. It was to be an opportunity for our very young girls to get into the limelight and show us how good they are. They did not disappoint. Lilly Rogowski stepped up and ran an amazing race, keeping up a very fast pace throughout, to capture a top-20 ribbon. She was the first 3rd grader to finish. Calling her a future star just is not a good fit. She already is a star! Kayla Walters, happy as always to get running, ran another strong race. We have needed her to run fast all year, and she has yet to let us down. Julianna Caspers, the youngest in the race by four years, ran a relentless race, and beat half the field. Even this long course could not slow her down. She really got the crowd cheering with each loop. She is so exciting to watch. Mia Wickman has a few races behind her, and is now getting fast. Her good result was very encouraging. Alivia Kempf struggled early, but came back to have a great finish to keep our team score down. How did this very young group fare? Third place. Stunning!

Our 6th and under boys is not lacking in talent, only in numbers. Aaron Rogowski is another athlete that can always be counted to run a great race. He led our team, and earned the 17th place ribbon for his efforts. Right behind Aaron was Daniel Caspers. Daniel has been up and down this year. This race he was definitely up. Daniel stayed a few steps back of Aaron the whole way and gave us a second top-20 finish. He was also the top 3rd grader in his race. Joshua LeSac struggled some on the long course, but finished well. The DASH Team’s future is looking bright with this group on the team.

Our 7th and 8th grade girls team was starting without Sarah Klapak and Amelie Kemmann, leaving us with just five athletes at the start. Everyone would count in the team’s quest for the trophy. Andrea Kempf got the team off right. She ran in the lead from the start, and held off all challengers for another great victory. Her storied season continues. She just keeps getting better. Andrea Beck was solid as usual, giving us a much needed fourth place finish. We were now the frontrunners, but the race was far from over. Zipporah Caspers gave us an inspired effort, coming in just where we wanted her to be. Her 11th place finish kept us at the top. Lucretia Nyhart was feeling the effects of her cold, and was not at her best, but she kept her eyes on Zipporah, and with a great finish was the next athlete in. That gave us four in the top-12. Was the lead now insurmountable? Maybe, maybe not. Not to leave anything to chance, the DASH fans eyes now turned to Renee Walters. She got plenty of attention the rest of the way, with the DASH fans encouraging her on to the finish. Renee proved worthy of the task. She ran like she has never run before this year, clinching a great victory for the DASH girls!

The big guys were next, but they would have to run for individual glory. The LeSac boys were ruled ineligible by their mom which limited us to three athletes. Ransom Nyhart ran with the lead pack as always. It was quite a battle in the front with Ransom ending up 4th. He has been top-4 in every race this year. After running all over the field cheering his teammates on, great DASH fan Glenn Kaboskey had plenty left in the tank, posting a great time in his run. Isaiah Rogowski was a little under the weather in his race. Let’s hope he can get healthy by Friday.

It was a days of highs and lows. The lows were definitely winning for awhile.  My father was having a relapse in the hospital. X-rays showed Faith had broke a bone in her foot. We had so many athletes not making it to the meet. But the highs made a comeback in the end.  We had the athletes running so well. We won a trophy at the awards ceremony. We gathered in prayer for my father. This is a special team, and it turned out to be another special day.

Thanks to Kenli Coupee for tabulating the results. Thanks to my wife for some more great photos. Thanks to the DASH fans for keeping everyone running fast.  And thanks to Peter Kaboskey for gathering everyone together at the end to pray for my father. When we called my mother at the hospital later she said my dad started acting more normal at about that very time. In just one weeks time the season will be over. Let’s keep our heads high and our legs running fast.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school team joined the Homeschool Eagles for a meet near Silver Lake.  The course was hilly and treacherous. Ambulances were called from the surrounding area to deal with the injuries that occurred.  Fortunately our team came out unscathed and posted some impressive results.

We had ten girls line up to get things started.  Jalene Vegter and Lexi Hegle set the pace early and ran close the whole way.  Lexi was to cross the finish line first, with both girls breaking 20 minutes.  DASH veteran Emily Caspers was our third runner in, posting her best time of the season. Not far behind Emily was Heidi Jacobsen. Heidi has a lot of potential, is working hard, and is now posting impressive times.  Sarah Pfeiffle is fighting calf issues, but was fast enough to be our fifth scorer.  Leah Kasprzak and Kristin Ulfeng have also improved with each week and they both ran fast enough to break into the varsity scoring.  Kaitlyn Hillman, Emily McIntyre, and Siobhan Heiss struggled on this tough course. Hopefully we will see all these athletes again at the Wisconsin Homeschool Championships next week.

Kenny Hillman always runs with the leaders to pace the team, but I have never seen him look as strong as he did in this race. He came in 4th place overall with a time of 17:25. That’s fast! Kyle Hillman’s effort gave the team two sub-20 minute finishes. Daniel Kordik was back and improved his time by over a minute to be our third runner in. Patrick Cummings stayed steady throughout and was strong enough to stay ahead of Aaron Vogel at the finish. Both of these guys ran in the 21’s, and that was with Aaron having to backtrack once because he missed a flag. Zachary Marek had to run in his sweats because the coach forgot to remind him to bring his own black shorts. He still posted his usual good time. Zeb Caspers started pretty good, but could not maintain his pace on this hilly course.

It was exciting having to keep track of 17 athletes in this meet. The team has made great strides since the beginning of the season. We have one more meet to cap the season. The athletes have over a week to prepare. I hope to see you all there at Greenfield Park.

Thanks to the Eagles team for combining with us. I think it has worked out, with the teams complementing each other well to form one better team. Thanks to all the parents for making it out to Kenosha County on time. I hope everyone enjoyed the gorgeous day of racing in the park, but we do need to keep in prayer the athletes who did not make it to the finish and needed medical attention. Let’s hope we never see that again.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The middle school ran its third meet in five days last Wednesday, up north at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. We have had success at this meet in the past, and this year was to be no exception.

Our 6th and under girls team was in a battle with a really good First Immanuel Lutheran team. Lucretia Nyhart and Faith Caspers gave it all they had and stayed among the leaders the whole race. They finished 2nd and 4th overall, but it was not to be enough. First Immanuel had the other three girls in the top-5, edging out our great team. Lilly Rogowski and Kayla Walters had great races themselves finishing 14th and 17th to keep our score way down. Our next runner in was 4-year-old Julianna Caspers. The coach has been waiting for a smaller meet to unleash this future star. The time had come, and Julianna did not disappoint. She raced hard, challenging the bigger girls the whole way, and earned a top-40 ribbon for her effort. We will see her again next meet. Mia Wickman and Alivia Kempf also earned top-40 ribbons to really put a stamp on a great team effort.

Aaron Rogowski was the star on our 6th and under team. He worked hard for a top-20 finish. Daniel Caspers was not feeling very well, and it was reflected in his time. Joshua LeSac was not at his best either. I think the three meets in five days took its toll on these young guys.

Our Andrea’s led the way for our 7th and 8th grade team. Andrea Kempf took charge of the race early. She stayed comfortably ahead the whole way for a great victory. As good as she has been, I think she is still improving with each race. Andrea Beck is also running very fast right now, and she came to the finish in an impressive 3rd place. Zipporah Caspers came in 12th in a steady race to be our third runner in. Renee Walters was to be the fourth. Renee’s effort was good, helping the team earn 2nd place in the team scoring. We will be looking to move up a notch on Monday.

Ransom Nyhart was ready to lead our 7th and 8th boys team again. He ran with the leaders as always and captured another 2nd place finish. He has had an amazing season to date. Christian LeSac had a good finish to his race, but Matthew LeSac is still not running at full capacity. Let’s hope next week will be Matthew’s week to shine. Isaiah Rogowski started a little slow, but picked it up at the end to help our team to a 3rd place finish. Danny Wickman also made it to the finish. He is looking a little faster each race.

We had five athletes with top-4 finishes. We captured a third of the individual medals. It was another great day of racing for the DASH team for sure. But we just missed on the team awards, with two seconds and third. It does leave you feeling a little empty. Monday will be the day we try to move up a spot or two. It should be exciting.

I should also mention the Fun Run at the end. The DASH team dominated the standings as usual. We were all over the top-10, (including the coach in 7th). Thanks for all those who participated and made it so…fun. Special thanks to the LeSac’s for opening their home afterwards. It was a perfect way to end a great day for the DASH team. We have photos of all the festivities, of course.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our middle school cross country team was back in action last Monday at the tough Burlington meet. We toed the line with fourteen other teams, mostly large public schools. It would be a good test for us, to see where we stand amongst some of the best teams in the area at this point in the season.

The 7th and under girls had Lucretia Nyhart back. She paced Zipporah Caspers through the 1.6 mile course. The two DASH stars had great races, both finishing in the top-20. Faith Caspers did not have her best at the start, but finished strong to end up 34th. Kayla Walters and Lilly Rogowski both had fantastic races. They came to the finish jockeying with each other, each giving their all to try to stay ahead. It went back and forth until Kayla finally proved the stronger.  These two are really running fast right now. It could get exciting if they can keep this up for the next two meets. Mia Wickman and Alivia Kempf paced their way through the beautiful course to complete our team.

Ransom Nyhart tried to take control of the 7th grade race from the start. He ran well ahead of everyone, except for a trio of boys all from the same team. It was another great race by Ransom. Christian LeSac joined him in the top-10 with his effort. Christian and Ransom both broke 10 minutes. These guys are really racing right now. Glenn Kaboskey had another impressive day as well. Glenn has learned how to finish a race now, and his scores are getting low. Isaiah Rogowski ran smooth as always, giving us a great effort to complete our scoring. Aaron Rogowski was caught running fast right behind him as usual. Daniel Caspers bounced back with his best race of the year. He did not let anyone pass him at the finish, which is especially impressive for a third grader in a public school race. Danny Wickman ran his best race of the year with some new shoes, and Joshua LeSac struggled a little, but gave us his usual good finish.

Our 8th grade girls were next. Andrea Kempf led our team with her usual effort. She is really running smart each race, and her results this year have been stunning. Sarah Klapak and Andrea Beck stayed together for most of the race, until Sarah proved a little faster in the end. Our first three girls were all in the top-14.  To do that in this meet is monumental. Amelie Kemmann was eagerly watched for at the finish line. She was to be our fourth scorer. She ran hard, but a first place girls team finish was not to be. Renee Walters looked really improved. She really lowered her time which is encouraging.

Matthew LeSac looked good at the start of his race. He was able to keep it going to the end much better this time, but the effects of his recent illness were still apparent. It was the last time for Matthew racing without any teammates. That will be nice.

We had our usual good results. We are where we want to be heading into the final few meets. Our next two meets will have smaller teams than we are used to racing. It will be exciting to see how the team fares. I hope you can catch the action.

Thanks to Jodi LeSac for keeping the scores. The sun was a factor in the photos again, but the picture people, my wife and Faith, did another good job. Thanks to all the parents who made the trek to Burlington. Special thanks to Dale Walters for bringing the extra set of keys to help get the whole team home. It was truly another memorable day of DASH racing.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team was back in action at Greenfield Park last Saturday morning for the Warrior Invite. The day was cool, but without a threat of rain in the forecast, the weather was very nice. Our team arrived early to scout the course we know so well. Twenty-three teams filled the starting boxes. It was time to race.

The girls all ran together for the first time this season, with the 7th and 8th graders to be scored separately. Andrea Kempf, Sarah Klapak, and Andrea Beck all stayed close together and were among the leaders from the start. Andrea Kempf pulled away from the group at the end in an impressive display of racing. Sarah Klapak came in soon afterwards, with Andrea Beck right on her heels, giving us three girls in the top-15. Now the wait for our fourth runner was on. Fortunately, Zipporah Caspers did not have us waiting long. Our score was going to be good. We would have to wait for the awards ceremony to find out how good. Amelie Kemmann came in next, looking like the effects of her sickness are finally in the past. Renee Walters arrived at the finish, this time with the shoes on her feet, to complete a good 7th and 8th grade team.

Our 6th and under team was missing DASH star Lucretia Nyhart, so we needed some special performances from the rest of the girls. They did not disappoint. Faith Caspers started slowly, but she made up for it with a fantastic finish. Her efforts vaulted her up into the top-10. Lilly Rogowski, our third grader, just keeps getting better with each race. She also kept moving up in the standings as the race went on. finishing with a great time.  Kayla Walters was not far behind Lilly, having another good race of her own. Alivia Kempf is looking much more comfortable now that she has a few races behind her. She is getting fast, and the team really needed her effort to keep our team score down. Mia Wickman stayed with Alivia most of the way, and was not far behind her at the finish. All these girls had great days. It was just what we needed.

The boys were next. Ransom Nyhart stayed among the leaders through the first mile, and then put on a surge at the end that got him past all but one. Another top-2 finish for Ransom. Nothing new here. Christian LeSac is really running great right now. He stayed strong throughout for a great top-15 finish. Matthew LeSac struggled at the end of his race, the effects of a recent illness. Let’s hope he can get by this soon. Glenn Kaboskey had another great race to be our fourth scorer. The team needed Glenn to be fast, and he did not disappoint.  Isaiah Rogowski was right behind Glenn in another impressive showing, and Danny Wickman, slowly improving with each race, completed our team.

We had three athletes in the 6th and under boys race. Aaron Rogowski led this team with another impressive run. He always seems to have a good day. Daniel Caspers was not at his best.  He went out overdressed and could not get going. We will blame it on the coaching. Joshua LeSac gave us his usual gutsy effort to complete our team.

The wait for the award ceremony proved worth it. The DASH fans had much to cheer, and of course, proved to be the most audible of all. Faith Caspers was called up first to receive the 7th place medal in her race. It was not long before Andrea Kempf was called up to receive a 6th place medal. There was more loud DASH cheering when the 7th and 8th grade girls were announced as the 2nd place finishers! Ransom Nyhart stayed patient until he was called up to receive a 2nd place medal. Then after the coach helped settle some confusion with the boys standings, the 7th and 8th boys team was called out in 4th place. Three medals, a 2nd and 4th place finish. Yes, another great day of DASH racing was in the books.

Special thanks to all the DASH fans for giving us the best cheering section. Thanks to the Beck’s for taking care of the scoring. The sun coming and going made it hard on the picture lady, but we still got many good photos. We have a big week of meets coming up. I hope to see you all there. So, until then,

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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