DASH Middle School Cross Country WCHSA Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

The middle school cross country team ran in an open field at Concordia University yesterday in a meet hosted by the Washington County Homeschool Association. The weather was beautiful for the tough two-mile course. We were looking to post some great team scores, but the size and health of our team were to pose as extra obstacles in our path. There would be nowhere to hide on this course as we attempted to win a trophy. All eyes were on the athletes as they raced around the course.

The 6th and under girls were to run without stars Lucretia Nyhart and Faith Caspers. Lucretia was to run with 8th graders. The bad news was that Faith was out with a broken foot. It was to be an opportunity for our very young girls to get into the limelight and show us how good they are. They did not disappoint. Lilly Rogowski stepped up and ran an amazing race, keeping up a very fast pace throughout, to capture a top-20 ribbon. She was the first 3rd grader to finish. Calling her a future star just is not a good fit. She already is a star! Kayla Walters, happy as always to get running, ran another strong race. We have needed her to run fast all year, and she has yet to let us down. Julianna Caspers, the youngest in the race by four years, ran a relentless race, and beat half the field. Even this long course could not slow her down. She really got the crowd cheering with each loop. She is so exciting to watch. Mia Wickman has a few races behind her, and is now getting fast. Her good result was very encouraging. Alivia Kempf struggled early, but came back to have a great finish to keep our team score down. How did this very young group fare? Third place. Stunning!

Our 6th and under boys is not lacking in talent, only in numbers. Aaron Rogowski is another athlete that can always be counted to run a great race. He led our team, and earned the 17th place ribbon for his efforts. Right behind Aaron was Daniel Caspers. Daniel has been up and down this year. This race he was definitely up. Daniel stayed a few steps back of Aaron the whole way and gave us a second top-20 finish. He was also the top 3rd grader in his race. Joshua LeSac struggled some on the long course, but finished well. The DASH Team’s future is looking bright with this group on the team.

Our 7th and 8th grade girls team was starting without Sarah Klapak and Amelie Kemmann, leaving us with just five athletes at the start. Everyone would count in the team’s quest for the trophy. Andrea Kempf got the team off right. She ran in the lead from the start, and held off all challengers for another great victory. Her storied season continues. She just keeps getting better. Andrea Beck was solid as usual, giving us a much needed fourth place finish. We were now the frontrunners, but the race was far from over. Zipporah Caspers gave us an inspired effort, coming in just where we wanted her to be. Her 11th place finish kept us at the top. Lucretia Nyhart was feeling the effects of her cold, and was not at her best, but she kept her eyes on Zipporah, and with a great finish was the next athlete in. That gave us four in the top-12. Was the lead now insurmountable? Maybe, maybe not. Not to leave anything to chance, the DASH fans eyes now turned to Renee Walters. She got plenty of attention the rest of the way, with the DASH fans encouraging her on to the finish. Renee proved worthy of the task. She ran like she has never run before this year, clinching a great victory for the DASH girls!

The big guys were next, but they would have to run for individual glory. The LeSac boys were ruled ineligible by their mom which limited us to three athletes. Ransom Nyhart ran with the lead pack as always. It was quite a battle in the front with Ransom ending up 4th. He has been top-4 in every race this year. After running all over the field cheering his teammates on, great DASH fan Glenn Kaboskey had plenty left in the tank, posting a great time in his run. Isaiah Rogowski was a little under the weather in his race. Let’s hope he can get healthy by Friday.

It was a days of highs and lows. The lows were definitely winning for awhile.  My father was having a relapse in the hospital. X-rays showed Faith had broke a bone in her foot. We had so many athletes not making it to the meet. But the highs made a comeback in the end.  We had the athletes running so well. We won a trophy at the awards ceremony. We gathered in prayer for my father. This is a special team, and it turned out to be another special day.

Thanks to Kenli Coupee for tabulating the results. Thanks to my wife for some more great photos. Thanks to the DASH fans for keeping everyone running fast.  And thanks to Peter Kaboskey for gathering everyone together at the end to pray for my father. When we called my mother at the hospital later she said my dad started acting more normal at about that very time. In just one weeks time the season will be over. Let’s keep our heads high and our legs running fast.

Take care,
Jim Caspers


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  • The DASH girls middle school team. Front: Mary LeSac, Grace Caspers, Hellena Hacker, Julianna Caspers, Zaela Schlissel. Middle: Julia Kowalinski, Anabel Fisher, Savanna Bruton, Stephanie Chu, Angela Walters. Back: Naomi Zhou, Emma Taylor, Katie Gorectke, Makenna Fisher, Jenna Walters.

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