DASH Middle School Cross Country Brookfield Academy Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team was back in action at Brookfield Academy on Tuesday. It was a chance to see this award-winning team in action one last time; an opportunity to get everyone together in a small, relaxed setting where they could just have fun, enjoy the atmosphere, stay close, and race!

Twenty girls toed the line in the first race. It was a small field, but one filled with great athletes. Seven of the top-12 girls from the WCHSA race were in the field. Andrea Kempf was pushed hard, but her stride proved too strong for the competition again. It was another victory for Andrea, capping an historic season for the DASH star. Veteran Andrea Beck, in her last middle school cross country race, gave us another one of her great races that we have seen so many of through the years. She came in 3rd place on this day, knew when to smile for the cameras, and knew when to kick it in at the end. A true star. Lucretia Nyhart, 6th grade, reminded us that the middle school girls team should be back strong next year. She is healthy, and running very fast again. Zipporah Caspers also finished the season on a high note with her run. She will assume the role of senior member of the team next year. Kayla Walters was involved in another great race to the finish. Amelie Kemmann’s great speed was too much to overcome for Kayla at the end. It was fun to watch. Lilly Rogowski, 3rd grader, made it through the season and never had a bad race. Amazing! She is setting the bar high. Renee Walters followed up her award-winning run with another good effort. It is too bad the season is ending, now that Renee is running so good. Alivia Kempf was caught running fast as well. It was a great day for the girls.

The girls set the bar high, but the boys were ready for the challenge. Ransom Nyhart decided to stay out of traffic and run by himself. He stayed well in front of the crowd to the finish to complete a season where he was top-5 in every race. Legendary! Christian LeSac was in a great battle for second place. He hit the track and took off. It was nice way to end his cross country season, and a good reason to get excited about his upcoming track season.  Matthew LeSac had a great start and was able to finish much better this time. It was a nice to see Matthew finish his middle school cross country racing running fast. Glenn Kaboskey stayed warm, stayed fast, and stayed ahead of all but five, for an impressive 6th place finish. Aaron Rogowski gave it one last try to hit the finish line before his brother Isaiah. Isaiah was too good again, but Aaron’s effort was good for first place among the 5th graders. Daniel Caspers was caught racing the one girl in the boys race early. Daniel had a great finish, beat the girl and a lot of the boys in a good race. Danny Wickman keeps getting better, (and he has nice shoes). His last lap on the track was fast and caught the coaches attention. Joshua LeSac stayed in the thick of things early, and finished strong to complete a good first season for him, and another great year of DASH racing.

The fun continued at the end-of-the-year party at Marty’s Pizza. The high schoolers joined in for a night of scintillating DASH racing conversation. Awards were handed out to all the dedicated athletes, with their accomplishments being acknowledged by the coach. A season of hard work was over, it was time to reap the rewards of an amazing season. We can not go back and do it over again, but we have memories that will last a lifetime and, of course, plenty of photos.

Thanks to all of the parents who have been such a help this season. We always have so many ‘DASH fans’ at the meets. It keeps the team close, and makes the meets so much fun. Thanks to my wife, the camera lady, for taking all the great photos. They are so much fun to look back and reflect. Thanks to the athletes for sticking with it at practices this year, and transforming themselves into great ‘DASH fans’ when not racing at the meets. And thanks to all those who thanked me for the work I do. Coaching this homeschool team, with all the families getting together so often, is something I have grown to love. It is nice to be apprectiated. Now to put the Blog to rest for awhile, and turn to some of my other pursuits: working on my family tree, giving my children lots of homework,… We will be back to racing again next year. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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