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Hello DASH families,

The middle school track and field team was back in action after a two day break competing in a 3-team event at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf. It was a bit of hike to get there, but the weather was perfect, and the team was able to stay close, enjoy each others company, and observe the racing!

The field events were first up on the schedule, and you had to be all over the grounds to catch the action. That action included four DASH records! It looks like the DASH team is going to be pretty good this year at running, jumping, and throwing. Jon Fossell remained unbeatable as he threw his shot over 37 feet. Amelie Kemmann and Renee Walters both broke the DASH record in the shot put with Amelie’s landing over 26 feet away. The DASH discus flew like it has never flown before. Matthew LeSac threw it over 75 feet to break a long standing DASH record. Andrea Beck and Amelie Kemmann both surpassed the DASH record in their discus throws. Andrea had the old record, and she will keep it. Ransom Nyhart jumped an impressive 4’6″ in his first meet competing in high jump. Zipporah Caspers tied the DASH record while placing a close second in her high jump. Makayla Gergeni placed a very impressive second in her first long jump meet. Glenn Kaboskey showed how much he has improved, jumping 11’11” to take third place, with Christian LeSac placing fourth just an inch and a half behind Glenn. All this excitement and we were only a half hour into the meet.

The running events started with a brother/sister competition in the hurdles. Ransom Nyhart had to run an extra 10 meters, but he overcame the extra track, and his sister Lucretia, for a come from behind victory. Amelie Kemmann, Renee Walters, Makayla Gergeni, and Gulla Kemmann swept all the top spots in the 100 meter dash, with Mia Wickman and Alexa Dawson also looking fast. The 1600 meter girls race was also a clean sweep for the DASH girls. The distance running reputation of  Andrea Beck, Faith Caspers, Zipporah Caspers, and Abigail Larkin evidently kept the competition at bay. The boys almost matched the girls with Ransom Nyhart, Christian LeSac (who broke six minutes for the first time), and Matthew LeSac taking the three top spots and Glenn Kaboskey finishing fifth.  Our 8th grade girls ran away from the competition in the 4×200 relay. Andrea Kempf was back wearing the DASH yellow, joining Renee Walters, Makayla Gergeni, and Amelie Kemmann.  The boys 4×200 team won in the closest matchup of the day. Danny Wickman, Christopher Fossell, Joshua LeSac, and Aaron Rogowski had just enough to pull off another DASH victory. Kayla Walters and Aaron Rogowksi were running in their first individual races of the year in the 400 meters. They were ready, both placing 2nd overall. Lucretia Nyhart and Faith Caspers had a great battle to the finish in their 800 meter race, placing 3rd and 4th right behind Andrea Beck. Ransom Nyhart showed why he is a DASH legend, coming back from his victory in the 1600 to win the 800. Amelie Kemmann went under 29 seconds in her 200 meter race, with Makayla Gergeni placing third. Kayla Walters blew by everyone in the last 100 meters of her heat to pull off an inspiring 4th place overall finish. Jon Fossell and Danny Wickman had good finishes in their 200 heats to complete a great day of DASH racing.

The running was over.  It was now time to play on the big hill for the DASH team and get in some hill-rolling practice before the annual Bulldog Dash Hill Rolling Championship. (Last years highlights start here.) It is too early to predict a winner yet.  The competition looks fierce.  It was fun way to finish another great day for the DASH Team.

Thanks to my wife who was back as official camera lady. The sun affected some of the photos, but most are very good.  Thanks also to all those who helped look after my younger children. Thanks to the parents who drove the long way and got all the athletes to the meet on time.  Thanks to the Wisconsin School for the Deaf for inviting us this year and running their meet so well. Thanks also to the athletes for putting forth their best effort.  You were fun to watch. We now have a whole month between middle school meets to work on getting even faster.  Until then,

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our middle school track team competed in the University Indoor Meet at UW-Milwaukee this past Saturday. The expectations are high for this talented team, and this meet would be an early test to see how good we are right now and to see where we need to improve. How did it go? While every race did not go quite as well as expected, overall our effort was nothing less than stunning. We set personal records, DASH records, and meet records. It was a day to be remembered.

The boys ran first at this meet as usual. The boys team is small this year, but talented. Matthew LeSac got our team on the scoreboard first with a great 2:31 time in the 800 meters. Christian LeSac followed that up with a hard fought 4th place finish. Newcomer Samuel Zinkgraf looked strong in his first 800 meter race and will be one to watch as the season goes on. Jon Fossell and Danny Wickman looked fast in their 200 meter heats, and our little guys, Daniel Caspers and Joshua LeSac, impressed the coach with their effort in the 1600, Daniel just missing a ribbon with a 9th place finish. Matthew LeSac broke six minutes in his 1600 to pick up where he left off last year, and Christian LeSac ran fast enough in his 1600 meter race to earn the 8th place ribbon. Christopher Fossell stepped in to complete our relay team that was fast enough to win some ribbons as well. Everything went smoothly for the boys. They got us off to the start we wanted.

Next it was time to find out how the DASH girls would fare in their largest meet of the year; the meet that has proved so humbling to so many teams in the past. The girls would have more ups and downs than the boys. They kept us out of our seats for most of the afternoon as we tried to keep with the action. Amelie Kemmann ran in the first heat of the 50 meters which was filled with some of the fastest girls at the meet. Amelie only took third in her heat and later we found out she was marked down with no time for her effort. George Klapak showed the officials the picture of the finish which helped get things sorted out, and Amelie ended up with an impressive 6th place finish. Gulla Kemmann showed us her speed, breaking out to win her 50 meter heat by several steps. Makayla Gergeni, Grace Zinkgraf and Alexa Dawson also looked fast in their first DASH races. The 800 meters was next. Sarah Klapak was challenged early, but broke away from the field and set a new meet record. No record is safe when Sarah runs. An inspired Renee Walters ran especialy hard in her first 800 meter race. Faith Caspers did not show her usual kick at the end and settled for third in her 800 meter race with new DASH star Abigail Larkin right behind in fourth. Amelie Kemmann won her 200 meter heat easily, but with ten heats total we had to wait to see where she placed overall. It was worth the wait as we found out that we had another DASH winner! Mia Wickman really impressed the coach with her great race in the 200 meters. The relays were next and our hopes were high. This turned out to be one of the low points of the meet, though, as both of our teams got boxed out at the start and we were forced to try to catch up the rest of the way. The 8th grade girls settled for 5th overall, while Grace Zinkgraf and Mia Wickman pulled the 5th grade team back to 2nd place in their heat for an impressive finish. The 1600 meter race was next on the schedule. Andrea Beck was determined to make up for a disappointing 800 meter race and it showed. She took the lead early and it was never in doubt that she would win. Yes, another DASH winner and a new meet record! Or so we thought. Her official time was 6 seconds slower than we had her clocked. A camera came through for us again as the Beck’s had recorded the whole race on their camera. The officials timed the race on the camera and the new meet record was confirmed. Faith Caspers and Abigail Larkin were back racing each other next. Faith led for the first seven laps, but Abigail put on a surge and passed Faith near the end. Faith had just enough to catch Abigail at the finish, and their efforts gave us 3rd and 4th place finishes again. This duo is exciting. Sarah Klapak was back on the track to try to set the 8th grade 400 meter record. The record had no chance of standing, as Sarah broke it by six seconds! Yes, that is four DASH victories and three meet records for our 8th grade girls!

It was another memorable day in DASH history that will be talking about for a long time. It was a great way to start the season, and it gives us a good foundation to build on for the meets ahead. This team is good. Now we have to keep practicing hard and get even faster.

Thanks to the athletes who took the photos.  My daughters Faith and Zipporah, along with Andrea Beck, were out there working hard all day to get them. Thanks to all the families that brought their athletes to the meet and cheered them on. I did not hear a single complaint about the length of the meet all day. Thanks to the athletes for being ready to run. I never had trouble getting anyone to the start. With a meet on Tuesday, we do not have much time to rest.  I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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