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Hello DASH families,

The middle school team had its last meet last Saturday, hosted by Mary Queen of Saints.  We woke up to a rainy morning which left questions of whether the meet would be run.  Fortunately the MQS leaders were determined to have the meet.  The weather turned out to be perfect later in the day, giving us one more opportunity to run fast and post some impressive results.

Some of the long jumpers were able to get their jumps in early. Faith Caspers jumped 10’6″ to claim the 5th grade girls first place ribbon. Grace Zinkgraf showed off her arm by throwing the softball 75 feet which was good for third place. We had the 5th grade boys warmed up and ready to jump, but then lightning was seen, and down came the rain. Competition was stopped for about an hour. By the time it stopped our full team had arrived, and the rest of the athletes were able to get in their field events. Andrea Guidone had a great jump good for third place, and Christian LeSac and Glenn Kaboskey looked good in going 2-3 in their jumps. Sarah Klapak decided to jump, and her last one came in at 13’7″ for a new DASH record. Jon Fossell has never been beaten these last two years and his legendary streak is alive and well after his 38’9″ throw. Amelie Kemmann and Renee Walters gave us an impressive 1-2 finish in the 8th grade girls shot put to cap off the field events.

The water was squeegeed off and the running began. We struggled a little in the 100 meters. Andrea Guidone was able to capture 4th place, and Samuel Zinkgraf was fast enough for 3rd. Amelie Kemmann was edged out at the finish in a close race to finish in 2nd place. The 4×400 relay was next, and that event got the DASH team going. Both of our 5th grade teams won 1st place ribbons racing in the same race. The girls team of Kayla Walters, Abigail Larkin, Mia Wickman, and Faith Caspers was able to come in ahead of the boys team of Daniel Caspers, Joshua LeSac, Lief Kostrzewa, and Titus Kostrzewa. The DASH team had three entries in the 8th grade race. Our first girls team of Amelie Kemmann, Andrea Beck, Andrea Kempf, and Sarah Klapak, held off four other great teams, including our own boys team of Christian LeSac, Danny Wickman, Glenn Kaboskey, and Matthew LeSac, and our other girls team of Andrea Guidone, Bekka Homa, Zipporah Caspers, and Renee Walters, in an especially memorable race.  In the first 1600 meter race, Faith Caspers, Abigail Larkin, Daniel Caspers, and Julianna Caspers all had their best times of the season.  In the second 1600 meter race, we had Christian LeSac pulling out an easy 7th grade victory, with Matthew LeSac not far behind finishing 3rd in the 8th grade race. Andrea Kempf and Andrea Beck gave us a 1-2 finish, both posting personal bests.  In the 400 meters, Kayla Walters and Mia Wickman got us off to a good start with 3rd and 4th place finishes.  Briton Kostrzewa finished a close 2nd in a very exciting 6th grade race.  Sarah Klapak dominated a good field in the 8th grade race setting a DASH record of 1:00.81!  Renee Walters smashed her personal record with some good racing of her own.  Matthew LeSac had another 1:05 in his race.  He is like clockwork.  In the 200 meters, Kayla Walters was caught running fast again, and it was good for second place among the 5th grade girls.  Andrea Guidone held on for a third place finish, and Danny Wickman put on an impressive late surge to win his race.  Samuel Zingraf was close behind Danny for third.  Amelie Kemmann set a new DASH record to hold off a fast field of 8th grade girls which included Makayla Gergeni who finished 5th.  In the 800 meters, Faith Caspers and Abigail Larkin took an impressive 2nd and 3rd place.  Daniel Caspers and Joshua LeSac had good showings in their race to place 3rd and 4th.  Briton Kostrzewa had a great time in his race to give him another second place ribbon.  Zipporah Caspers really battled in her second lap to stay ahead of a big group of girls and capture the second place ribbon.  Christian LeSac had the fastest 800 time of the day to win the 7th grade race, with Glenn Kaboskey having a strong race as well to finish third. Sarah Klapak stayed ahead of everyone in her race to win again, with Andrea Beck coming in third. Matthew LeSac won his last middle school race in exciting fashion finishing with a late charge to win by less than a second. The 4×100 meter relay was next.  Our fifth grade girls team of Alexa Dawson, Alivia Kempf, Julianna Caspers, and Grace Zinkgraf joined our 5th grade boys team of Joshua LeSac, Daniel Caspers, Lief Kostrzewa, and Titus Kostrzewa in capturing the first place ribbons.  Our 7th grade boys of Glenn Kaboskey, Danny Wickman, Samuel Zinkgraf, and Christian LeSac team also came in first.  We had two fast 8th grade girls teams. The team of Andrea Guidone, Bekka Homa, Zipporah Caspers, and  Andrea Kempf finished third, and the team of Amelie Kemmann, Renee Walters, Andrea Beck, and Sarah Klapak edged out a good St. Jerome team to win and set a new DASH record in the process. It was a great way to finish the season.

We took down the tents, collected the ribbons, and moved the days events to Fazoli’s for pizza, breadsticks, and great track conversation.  Thanks to the LeSac’s for helping out the camera lady when her memory chip filled up. We got some excellent photos of the days events, as usual.  Thanks go out to Ed Beck for helping out with the timing, and to all the parents who got the athletes to the meet despite the early rain. Thanks to the DASH athletes for running hard and giving us plenty of opportunities to cheer the DASH team! It is hard to believe the season is over. This team has given us plenty of memories, and set plenty of records, that we will be talking about for a long time.  Now to put the Blog to rest for a month or two and start getting ready for cross country in the fall.  I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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