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Hello DASH families,

Greenfield Park, October 20th. A perfect mid-50’s, partly-sunny day. A meticulously painted, flagged, and measured course. That was the setting for the second annual Wisconsin Homeschool Cross Country Championships. The DASH team was host to seven other homeschool teams from all over the state. Very competitive battles were expected in all four events, and the DASH team was involved in them all.

The high school boys took the field first. Jacob Dickman led the young DASH team from the start. He stayed strong to the end and was the first freshman to the finish line for an impressive 6th place finish. Senior Zachary Marek started running with the DASH team in 2005 and this was to be his last cross-country race. He made it a good one by posting a top-20 finish. John Sherman was back. He was still feeling the effects of his recent illness, but gave us a much needed good effort to place 23rd overall. Hudson Nyhart was also coming back from an illness. He ran hard and gave his all, finishing very tired to help the team as our 4th scorer. Zebulon Caspers may have had his best race of the year as he finished right behind Hudson with a very good time. Jeremy Marek had a good finish, staying ahead of two others at the end to cap off a good effort by the boys.

In the high school girls race, Andrea Beck stayed in a pack behind the leader the whole way. She stayed strong to the end to finish 6th overall. It was Emily Caspers last race. She has been with team since its inaugural year and was looking to give the team one more good race. She had one of her best races of the year and ended up in 16th place. Makayla Gergeni showed off her nice stride while wearing DASH yellow for the first time this season. Makayla edged out Kristin Ulfeng at the finish. Kristin ran her usual steady race to close out her second season with the team. Renee Walters was back for the Championships. She kicked it in at the end to stay ahead of two others which turned out to be important in the team scores posted later.

The boys middle school race was the most competitive race of all, with four very good teams competing for just two trophies. Christian LeSac and Holy Family Warrior Elijah Skalsky made it a two man battle for first. Christian was a stride ahead as they headed for the finish. Elijah then made a valiant attempt to pass, but Christian had too much left and was able to get the victory and the important one point that goes with it in the team score. There were seven boys who were vying to be the third runner in. The DASH team’s Briton Kostrzewa was one of them. He held off all but one to give the team a fourth place finish. Three Liberty runners, four NEWCHAA athletes, and a couple more Holy Family boys came in next. This race was staying very close. We needed to see some DASH jerseys soon, and that is exactly what we got. Titus Kostrzewa, Samuel Zinkgraf, and Joe Hughes all came in together, finishing 16th, 17th, and 18th. We needed strong races from all of them and they did not disappoint. It would be a wait for the official results, but I liked our chances at this point. Glenn Kaboskey came in next, hoping to add some points to the other teams. Daniel Caspers followed Glenn. He had his best race of the year, and was the first 4th grader to the finish. Leif Kostrzewa, in his first championships, battled his way through the course as usual. He will be one to watch in future years. Joshua LeSac led Joshua Anumolu to the finish. They both had good races and came in close behind Leif. Westley Marek struggled early, but showed off his speed at the finish to be our next runner in. Elijah Anumolu ran hard again to complete our good boys team.

In the middle school girls race, Faith Caspers led the way for our young DASH team. She got out to a good start, struggled a little at the end, and settled for a 7th place finish. Rebecca Dickman looked good in yellow as she ran her first DASH race, striding in to a 9th place finish. Abigail Larkin was the next runner in giving the team three top-10 finishes. Zipporah Caspers had foot problems and came in a disappointing 17th. Kayla Walters’ ankle slowed her down some, but she was able to come in right after Zipporah with a good effort. Our team score was not as good as hoped, but it was good enough to put us in the race for a tropy. Grace Zinkgraf was back running well to be our next girl in. Julianna Caspers gave us her usual steady effort and cracked the top-30. Rebekah Marek and Mia Wickman struggled this race. They are young and will help us in this race in the future.

The award ceremony came and the DASH fans had plenty to cheer. Jacob Dickman, Emily Caspers, and Andrea Beck were our high school award winners, while Abigail Larkin, Rebecca Dickman, Faith Caspers, Titus Kostrzewa, Briton Kostrzewa, and Christian LeSac were called up to the front for the middle school team. We certainly took our fair share of the awards. The much anticipated team scores were announced. Our high school boys finished fourth and our high school girls third. That was encouraging. The high school team is very young and will be looking to move up some the next few years. It was a relief when we found out our middle school girls captured the second place trophy by just two points. We ran just fast enough! Our middle school boys proved to be too much for the other teams in the very tough boys race as they were announced the winners by six points, just 14 points ahead of fourth. It was close, but we did it! That was a victory we can savor for a while. Overall it was a very good day for the DASH team!

Special thanks go out to Pete Dickman for setting up the course and dealing with the hassle of renting the park properly. Thanks to Jilleen Pfarr for organizing the meet. She did a good job. Thanks to Ed Beck for helping get the picnic tables arranged properly and off the course. Thanks to all the parents who helped with the picnic, and thanks to the picture lady who helped capture the meet in photos. The meet was all I had hoped it would be. It had that championship feel, yet in the end it became a picnic where homeschool families came together to socialize and enjoy each others company. We have made a lot of friends on the other teams now, and the friendly competition which has resulted really makes this meet fun. It was a great way to end the season.

Now the off season is upon us. It is time to give the DASH Blog a rest, do more school with the kids, and prepare for track and field in the spring. The season goes by fast, but the off-season does too. I hope to see you all back for track in March. Until then,

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The 1st annual Midwest Homeschool Cross Country Championships were held in Rochester, Minnesota last Saturday and six DASH athletes were there to compete. Thunderstorms were in the forecast, and we did awake to plenty of rain, but the thunder never came and the meet was started as planned.

The middle school race was first with the DASH team starting Zipporah Caspers and Faith Caspers. Faith got off to a good start and ran in about 5th place though the first maze loop. On the second loop through the woods she was able to show off her speed and move up to finish 4th overall. Zipporah stayed in the top-10 the whole way, but was hampered by a sore calf and settled for a nice 8th place finish. The girls got the team off to a good start.

The high school girls race was next, and unfortunately the rain really picked up as the girls were lining up. Andrea Beck got out fast, while Andrea Kempf slipped off the start. Andrea Kempf was able to move up quickly to the front by the end of the first hill, and she hit the maze in second place. She was within sight of first place the whole way, and stayed well ahead of third. She complained her hands were cold, but she never slowed and gave the DASH team an impressive 2nd place finish. Andrea Beck had to pass her glasses off to the coach midway through the race as the rain kept them too wet to see through. With glasses off, she moved up in the second half of the race, finishing strong and ending up in 8th place. Emily Caspers started pretty good, but ended up hurting her ankle. She hobbled in to a disappointing 30th place finish.

Zebulon Caspers was our lone representative in the boys high school race, and he got to run dry as the rain stopped. Zeb took a spill with another boy at about the mile mark down a hill, but he got up and ran hard to post a good result.

The athletes got to pick from an impressive display of snacks while they awaited the award ceremony. Actually, not much picking was done. The host Rochester team insisted our athletes take lots of everything. The rain was back as everyone settled in for the award ceremony. The DASH fans were heard from as Faith Caspers was called up to receive her 4th place medal, followed by Andrea Kempf for her 2nd place award. We said our goodbyes and left loaded down with food and medals for the trip back home.

Special thanks go out to the host Rochester team for their hospitality and hard work. The days events were very well planned and organized, although the middle school and high school girls courses did end up being a little longer than advertised. Everyone was friendly and easy to talk to, and the athletes were all very well behaved. This is a meet I would love to do again next year, and bring with me a bigger group of athletes and DASH fans. Thanks also to my mother, and Dawn and Greg Kempf for being our chaperones on this road trip. We got the athletes to bed on time. We have photos, including some from the Rochester photographer. to let you see how much fun we had.

We have one more championship meet left, our own Wisconsin Homeschool Championships at Greenfield Park. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team ran a select group of our best boys in the annual Grade School Challenge at Greenfield Park on Friday. This is an 8th grade and under meet that you have to qualify for. We ran the boys who have been running fast for us all season long. Our hopes were high that we would be able to post the best team score in DASH history.

Christian LeSac has been top-3 in every meet he has run this year, but this would be his biggest test of the season. Christian was up to the challenge, as he ran like a champion, even beating the one athlete who beat him last Saturday, to earn yet another top-3 finish! His legendary season continues. Briton Kostrzewa battled his way through the course and gave the team a much needed top-25 finish, thus earning himself a trip to the front at the award ceremony. A team is only as good as its 3rd and 4th runners, which is why the good races the DASH team received from Joe Hughes and Samuel Zinkgraf were so important. Joe and Sam ran together throughout as usual with Joe sprinting ahead of Sam at the finish. They put up great times. Only two other teams had four runners in at this point, so our chances for a trophy were looking good. Glenn Kaboskey was next in, running as our pusher and giving us a little insurance in case something happened to one of our first four. Glenn looked good and will be especially important to have him run fast at the WI Homeschool meet next week where they will count five.

It took a while for the results to come in. In fact, it was getting dark. We did achieve our goal of having the best DASH result ever at this meet, as the DASH team was announced as the 5th place team, missing out on fourth by just a few points. It was also a little disappointing as the trophies only go to the top-4. But all the boys had good days, and we did take two top-25 individual medals, so we have no regrets. For a team our size to be competing this strong against some of the best teams in all of Southeastern Wisconsin can only make you proud of the boys effort.

Thanks go out to coach of the day Jodi LeSac. Thanks to the picture lady who was there to take the great photos. Thanks to the DASH fans who cheered the boys on and waited patiently at the award cermony. I wish I could have been there to witness one of the great races in DASH history. It was good to know the race was left in good hands.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team was at Brookfield Academy Tuesday. It was their smallest meet of the year, but one that is always very competitive. The course turned out to be a little longer than advertised, 1.8 miles, so it was a good test and a good tuneup as the team prepares for the big meets coming up.

All the girls ran together again this race, and 6th grader Faith Caspers was patient at the start and moved up slowly to come out of the woods in 2nd place. She took a wide turn when she hit the track letting the girl behind her catch up so she had to settle for 3rd place, but it was another great finish for Faith as she again led the DASH team. Abigail Larkin is looking in peak form as well as she kept her eye on Faith throughout and was the next runner in to take 4th. Zipporah Caspers started well, but could not maintain it as she dropped back in the pack to finish 11th. Alivia Kempf, Julianna Caspers, Mia Wickman, and Rebekah Marek all stayed close through the long course, until finally giving each other a little space before the finish. Amazing Julianna Caspers led the group in as she sped ahead coming out of the woods to the cheers of the DASH fans. The always improving Mia Wickman came in next as she gave us another good race. Rebekah Marek looked much better this race as she came in right after Mia, and Alivia Kempf gave us another nice showing coming in right after Rebekah. Gulla Kemmann started walking about 50 meters from the finish to the amazement of the DASH fans. After she finished we found out why as she left some of her lunch at the edge of the track. She obviously gave us her best effort. Grace Zinkgraf was not feeling well and it showed as she was our last runner in. She will get another chance next week to cap off her great season.

DASH star Christian LeSac took the lead going into the woods and kept it the whole way as he beat the field by about 100 meters, giving him his second victory in a row. Briton Kostrzewa showed us his mettle as he came in to the finish right behind two other athletes. It was a sprint to the finish, with Briton edging one of the boys to end up 3rd overall, just out of 2nd. Titus Kostrzewa donned the DASH yellow for the first time this year and he caught everyone’s attention. He came sprinting out the woods and kept it up to the finish to earn himself a 9th place finish. Joe Hughes beat Samuel Zinkgraf this time as they both stayed together the whole way to finish right behind Titus. Glenn Kaboskey was back giving us yet another good run. We will need him to have an even better race next week. Daniel Caspers and Leif Kostrzewa had another good battle. They arrived at the track going stride for stride with Daniel just edging Leif at the end this time. These two are putting up impressive times for their ages. Joshua LeSac was able to stay ahead of Joshua Anumolu again as they both continue to run well. Danny Wickman was back. He came out the woods, heard the DASH fans, and sped up to the finish. Westley Marek struggled a little on the long course, and Elijah Anumolu took a spill in the woods, but looked good at the finish to complete an impressive day for the boys.

The camera lady got the pictures, and Mary Beck recorded the scores. Thanks to them both. Thanks also to the parents who again got everyone to the meet on time and ready to run. The regular season is over. We have only championship racing left. You will not want to miss it.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team took the field in the Wisconsin Lutheran College Warrior Invite today at Greenfield Park. We have had some success at this meet in the past, but the meet has changed in the last couple years and is now drawing some of the best teams around. If you add in the cold weather, and the fact that it is the middle school team’s only morning meet, it was bound to be a struggle to be at our best.

Faith Caspers led the girls from the start. She ran a very respectable race, but also a little disappointing as she finished in 9th place and out of the medals. Zipporah Caspers came in a little behind with a good effort. She is starting to get back to the way she ran early in the season. Abigail Larkin looked very good as she finished her first race of the year. It is great to have her back as she will be needed at the Homeschool Championships later this month. Kayla Walters ran fast as usual as she continues to add great results to her season tally. Alivia Kempf had a breakthrough race as she was our fourth 6th and under girl in. She has gotten faster all year, and really moved up in this race. Grace Zinkgraf was very steady as she beat the also very steady Julianna Caspers to the finish line. Rebekah Marek was a little off early, but finished strong to be our next runner in, and Gulla Kemmann showed flashes of speed in her race. If we can get her to run the whole way she could be a star.

Christian LeSac took the lead early in the boys race. Down the hill on the backside of the first loop he was passed by a 6th grader. Those two made it a two man race the rest of the way. Christian settled for second overall, but the 8th grade first place medal was his. Briton Kostrzewa gave us his best effort as always as he continues to amaze the coach. He gave us a much needed fourth place finish in the 7th and 8th grade race. You would never know it is his first year of running cross country. Samuel Zinkgraf picked a good time to have his best race of the year. He looked especially strong from start to finish. Joe Hughes was just a few seconds behind Sam, giving us four great races from the 7th and 8th grade boys. Now we would have to wait to see if it would be enough to win after placing second twice in the last few races. For the 6th and under boys, Leif Kostrzewa led the way again. He is running so good, it is hard to believe he is only a second grader. Joshua LeSac posted another great result as he stayed with Leif most of the way. Joshua Anumolu had the breakout race that we have been waiting for as he moved up to finish right behind Joshua LeSac. He has a lot of talent and has been learning with each race. This was the race that he put it all together and ran great the whole way. Daniel Caspers was not at his best as he fought through a bad stomach. He made to the end not too far behind Joshua A. to complete our team scoring. Westley Marek came on fast at the end to finish not far behind Daniel, and Elijah Anumolu picked it up in the woods to finish with a good time.

It took a while for the award ceremony to start. And then we did not have any medal winners in the first three races, so we waited some more. The DASH fans were finally heard as Briton Kostrzewa was called up for his fourth place medal, followed soon after by Christian LeSac who was declared the winner. About this time the boys results were posted, but I resisted the temptation to peak. The teams were called off one by one until only two teams were left. This is where we have been before this season always to be the next team called. However, this was to be our day, the team that beat us Wednesday, the Spartan Running Club was called out next, leaving the DASH team to be called last. Victory was ours! To be honest, for me it was more a feeling of relief than excitement. It was so good to see the boys win! The boys have had so many chances over the last few years, but for a variety of reasons have always come up just short. When we got to see the official results we found we had one by 10 points. Yes, it was an epic win, and another great day of DASH racing!

Thanks to Jodi LeSac for being our official scorer, and thanks to my wife for getting some great photos. Thanks also to all the great DASH fans who stuck around to the end to see the boys win. We have a small meet on Tuesday, but we also have to keep our sights on defending our title at the Wisconsin Homeschool Championships on October 20th. We have had a great season, but we need to stay healthy, keep practicing, and end the season on a high note. It is going to be fun. It will be even more fun if we are ready to run our best.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school cross country team was found at beautiful Fox Fiver Park in Salem yesterday, competing in the Westosha Central Falcon Invitational. The fall colors were out as the photos show, and the expected rain never came, giving us another great day to run.

The Westosha Central team had eight girls that went out fast and get ahead of everyone. Everyone that is except for our own Andrea Kempf. As the girls neared the finish line it looked like the Westosha girls would be strong enough to post a perfect score, but then Andrea dug in for a little extra at the end to break things up and finish in 5th place. Andrea Beck was back after a week of no running in hopes that her back would be healed. She looked much better and posted her best time of the year to finish in 22nd place. Heidi Jacobsen came in right behind Andrea with her best time of the year. Siobhan Heiss moved up to be our number four runner for the day to really help the team. The former DASH track MVP has been practicing hard and her hard work is paying off. Emily Caspers finished close behind Siobhan giving us her usual good effort. Amelie Kemmann ran a very steady pace throughout until she put her speed on display at the end, passing many people down the hill to the finish. Kristin Ulfeng had her best time of the year on this tough course as she continues to improve. Kaitlyn Hillman and Emily McIntyre struggled some on this day, but made it to the finish to complete our team.

The Hillman brothers led the DASH Eagles again like they did last week. Kenny paced Kyle to the finish, with both cracking the top-20 and earning some DASH Eagles cheers later at the award ceremony. Jacob Dickman gave us his usual great race to be our third runner in. He has looked good all year. Senior Zachary Marek just missed breaking 20 minutes on this three mile course, as he continues running well. Matthew Wundrow came through with a much needed good race to be our fifth scorer. Zebulon Caspers ran hard to come in not far behind Matthew. Pete McIntyre had a great finish down the hill as he was our next runner in, and Jeremy Marek looked good as he keeps improving with each race.

The Homeschool Championships are all that is left for the high school team. We have had a much improved team this year which has made the season so much fun. But we have also had to run short-handed in every race because of sickness and injuries which has been disappointing. Now we need to get ready for the Championships on October 20th so we can end the season on a high note. I hope everyone can make it.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

It was a beautiful day for the DASH middle school team to compete at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School on Wednesday. This is one of our favorite meets of the season where we have had some great results in the past. It also has the race where the little kids and the coach join the team for a fun run. We did have fun again this year, and we posted some impressive results.

Faith Caspers just missed out on a medal in this race last year, so her goal was to stay in the top-3. Faith paced the field through the woods early. After going up the big hill, three girls broke away with Faith running second. Faith fought off every attempt to pass her the rest of the way, and showed off her finishing speed to earn the 2nd place medal. Nice! Kayla Walters had another great race. She had a late surge at the finish to move up to 15th place. Grace Zinkgraf was caught running fast again as she added another good race to her impressive season. Lilly Rogowski was back with the DASH team for the day. She ran with Grace most of way and helped the team as our fourth scorer. Lilly does look good in yellow. Rebekah Marek passed countless people on the home stretch to move up and capture the 39th place ribbon. She has some speed. Mia Wickman pushed herself to a good race as she stayed ahead of Julianna Caspers. All seven of our girls finished in the top half. These girls are good.

The 6th and under boys were next. Daniel Caspers got ahead early to pace the DASH boys, with Leif Kostrzewa and Joshua LeSac keeping him in their sight. Leif impressed everyone as usual as he caught Daniel on the last loop to finish 20th, just ahead of Daniel. Both of these boys may have had there best races of the year. Joshua LeSac also earned a numbered ribbon, working hard for a great 29th place finish. Westley Marek started slow but looked strong at the end as he surged into our top-4. Joshua Anumolu was showing no effects of his recent illness and was having a great race, but he had a problem with his shoe that slowed him down coming in. He will be one to watch in our next few races. Elijah Anumolu struggled througout. He made it the finish, and will be getting some extra coaching before the next race.

Zipporah Caspers was able to run to a 15th place finish, but was not at her best. It will be good getting her to run with Faith in all of our upcoming races to spur her along. Gulla Kemmann found this course to be tough. Her effort was good enough for the 33rd place ribbon, which kept a smile on her face.

The hopes were high for our 7th and 8th grade boys team. We only ran four, so we needed everyone to have a good day. DASH star Christian LeSac was still feeling the effects of Monday’s race, but he ran with the leaders throughout. He did not have enough kick at the end to win, but he gave us a needed 3rd place finish.  Briton Kostrzewa was the next runner in to place fourth. Briton has not had a bad race yet, and always makes running fast look easy. With Christian and Briton in, now all eyes were on Joe Hughes and Samuel Zinkgraf. Joe and Sam were giving us all they had, running close to each other most of the way. They were still passing people on the home stretch in their valiant attempt to keep our team score as low as possible. Now we would have to wait to see if their 20th and 21st place finishes would be good enough to win.

The fun run was announced, so the DASH athletes, future DASH stars, and the coach took their places at the starting line. This is when the coach likes to race his team, after they have already run. The race started and many of the DASH athletes surged ahead of the coach. He was to use them as rabbits to push him along. When the big hill was reached, the coach made his move, passing DASH stars Daniel Caspers, Joshua LeSac, and Faith Caspers. But at this point Samuel Zinkgraf was making his usual charge and got ahead of the coach. The coach, unfazed, now used Sam as his rabbit. From here he ran behind Sam and a First Immanuel athlete to the home stretch. Now the race to the finish was on. The coach then put on a breathtaking surge of finishing speed, passing everyone within sight, including the coach who beat him last year. It was an amazing combination of racing tactics and pure speed on display. Then when the coach finally caught his breath, he transformed himself back into a great DASH fan and congratulated the rest of the DASH team that made it to the finish line after him. Another great day of DASH racing was in the books.

We did still have the award ceremony to get ready for. Faith Caspers was announced for her second place medal, but it was accepted by her mom as she was back at the fun run running with her sister Grace. Later Christian LeSac received a great DASH cheer as he accepted his 3rd place medal. Our team scores were very good. The 6th and under boys took fourth, and the 6th and under girls were 3rd, just five points behind 1st. It came down to two teams in the 7th and 8th grade boys race, with the DASH team yet to be called. To our disappointment we were the next team announced, taking 2nd place, just three points out of first. Oh, so close! We ran our best, so we have no regrets. We get to try again on Saturday.

Thanks to the parents for getting all the athletes up to Jackson. Thanks to Mary Beck and Jodi LeSac, our official scorers. Thanks to my wife getting the photos. They are especially good, and include pictures of the coach’s great finish. The season is passing by fast, but we are getting in peak form now. Now we have to stay healthy, and be ready for the big races ahead.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team ran in a big public school meet at the St. Francis Retreat Center in Burlington on Monday. The average team size was about forty, making our team look small, but our 17 dedicated athletes were able to post some good results.

We started seven girls in the 7th and under race. Faith Caspers led the DASH team again as she has all season. Faith did not have her best race, but she battled to the end to crack the top-30. Kayla Walters gave us her usual good race to be our second girl to the finish line. Grace Zinkgraf has not had a bad race yet, and this race may have been her best yet as she continues to amaze the coach. Julianna Caspers started slow and got pushed around a bit early, but she came on strong in the end to crack our top-4 for the first time this season. Mia Wickman came in right behind Julianna with a good finish of her own. Alivia Kempf has really improved this season. She ran with Mia most of the way, and is looking much more comfortable at the end of races now. Gulla Kemmann had a great start and was really enjoying the cheering of the DASH fans early on. The distance got to her later, but she is really improving and is one to watch.

We were only running four in the 7th and under boys race. Daniel Caspers and Joshua LeSac were our dynamic duo. They battled each other the whole way, with Daniel finishing a step ahead. Both boys ended up cracking the top half of finishers. Not bad for 4th graders in this big race. Joshua Anumolu was back racing. He looked strong, but is still feeling the effects of his recent illness. He should be even better in our next two races. Elijah Onumolu struggled early and was running last, but he was able to stay tough and beat a few to the finish line. He is getting better each race.

Zipporah Caspers ran very fast and easy early on in the 8th grade girls race, but she still has a sore throat and was not able to give us her usual kick at the end. Her effort was still good for 20th place, and she had the fastest time of the day of all the DASH girls.

The 8th grade boys race started very fast. Christian LeSac moved up slowly and was in a three-way battle for first at the mile mark. Christian and a Deerfield athlete then broke away and made it a two man race. Both boys finished in under 9 minutes on the 1.6 mile course, with Christian settling for second. No DASH athlete has ever run the course that fast! Joe Hughes changed his tactics and started slower. It did not take him too long to start passing, as he moved up all the way to 32nd place. Sam Zinkgraf gave us another inspiring finish. He would not be passed on the home stretch and earned the 35th place card. DASH veteran Glenn Kaboskey was not far behind Sam, giving us his usual good race, and helping the DASH team to a very good team score. Danny Wickman proved to be a crowd favorite as he soaked in the cheering of the DASH fans and ran to his best finish of the year. He is pushing himself a little harder and it is reflected in his time.

This is a very competitive meet where we race most of the best public school teams in the area. Small teams pass on this meet, but we our good enough to compete and hold our own. Participating in a meet such as this will help keep us in tune for the smaller meets on our schedule coming up. This is the time of year you have to be primed to run fast!

Thanks to all who made the trip to Burlington. Thanks to Jodi Lesac and Andrea Beck for keeping score. Thanks to Ginny Hughes, Maria Walters and all those who helped watch baby Philip. He does like to come to the races. Thanks to my wife, the picture lady, for getting some great photos. We have a lot of meets coming up you will not want to miss. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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