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Hello DASH families,

The high school girls team got the DASH track and field season off to an early start last Saturday, participating in Waukesha South’s Peter Remke Cardinal Relays. We have never had a meet this early in the season before, and with the weather being so cold this month, it was actually the girls first time running on a track all season. Competing with four freshman in a varsity public school meet was bound to be a humbling experience, and it was. Yet valuable experience was gained and areas to work on were uncovered. This is going to be a very good team later in the season as we get in better shape and run against teams more our size.

Andrea Beck got the season off right with a new DASH record of 6:07 in the mile run. That is 16 seconds faster than her first race last year as she continues to lower her times from year to year. Look for that record to go much lower as the season progresses. The girls got to long jump for literally the first time all year. DASH newcomer Stefanie Klaves jumped to a team best 12’11.25″ in her debut at this event. With a little practice she may be challenging the DASH record soon. Makayla Gergeni also looked impressive coming in just 2 inches behind Stefanie. Renee Walters struggled in her first two attempts, but looked much better in her last two, jumping well past 11 feet. As soon as the girls were done jumping they were in the starting blocks for the 60 yard dash. Renee Walters got off to the best start of the threesome and was just able to hold off a surging Stefanie Klaves at the finish to claim a new DASH record in this event. We had two 6-lap relays left with all four girls participating. This is where our lack of practicing on the track was most noticeable. We are not yet able to maintain sprinting speed for long intervals. I look forward to the many 400 meter intervals we will be running in the coming weeks.

Overall I thought this meet was a great experience to be a part of. It gives us a look at how the best in the area are running, and that will hopefully inspire us to work hard and get faster each week. I thank Waukesha South’s coach Eric Lehmann for inviting us. Thanks also go out to Ed Beck who assisted in the coaching, and thanks to team ‘manager for the day’ Zipporah Caspers for taking the photos. Special thanks to the Beck family for inviting us over for lunch and fellowship after the meet. It was a great way to cap off another exciting day of DASH racing.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our first practice is this Saturday, 9:15 AM at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. If there is still snow on the track we will practice on the bike path south of the track. Our second practice will be Thursday, May 14th at 6:15 PM. After that, we will be on our regular Tuesday, Thursday, 6:15 PM weekly schedule.

Here are some notes for parents and athletes about practices that I have revised from last year.

1. Dress in layers. T-shirt, sweat shirt and jacket. Bring gloves and maybe a hat. It can get very cold in the evening at Hart Park. The track is wide open and nothing blocks the wind.
2. You should bring a water bottle. The water fountains are not turned on yet.
3. I practice in any weather at Hart Park. It is up to you to decide if you want to come. Practice will be on; you do not have to call and ask. If it rains, bring appropriate clothing and expect to get wet. Running in a little rain can be fun.
4. If you cannot make practice because of another commitment, please run on your own. You can get a good workout running around the block or in your back yard.
5. Athletes, talk to the coach! Let him know of any injuries or concerns you have.
6. This is a running team. The coach will ask you to run when you are tired. And yes, you should run when the coach says it is time to run. Talk with the coach, ask questions, but do not complain. Remember it is fun to run. (And it can be fun to stop running, especially if you have left plenty of your teammates behind you.)
7. Practices are social events, a time to make friends, joke around, and have fun. But when the coach is talking it is time to listen, and then give your best effort.
8. Parents and younger siblings are always encouraged to participate. We often do “little kid” relays at the end of practices that everyone is welcome to get into. The DASH team loves its relays!

I look forward to seeing all the DASH families again, and meeting a few new ones this week. Please tell your friends about the team, and encourage them to check us out. We should have a good team again this season. I am getting excited!

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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