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Hello DASH familes,

The DASH high school track team was back in action last Thursday up north at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. It was the first meet of the season for most of the athletes, after having the last meet canceled. The athletes were a little nervous at the start, but later they loosened up and posted some stunning results. We left with smiles on our faces, remembering how much fun a good track competition can be.

The field events went first. We found a shot put for Renee Walters, and she threw it over 23 feet for a seventh place result to get the day off to a good start. The long jump girls were very tentative at getting ready. It was chilly and they were nervous. The first jumps were not very good, but all the girls jumped much better thereafter, with Amelie Kemmann leading the way with a 13’07” jump good for 4th place. Andrea Beck tried out the teams new discus. She got it spinning for over 71 feet before it landed, setting a new DASH record in the process. Hudson Nyhart had to long jump after he had run two events, but still managed an impressive jump of over 15 feet.

The 100 meter dash was first running event for the DASH team. We had three girls line up together in the 3rd heat for the girls. In a very close race, Andrea Coulter stayed just ahead of Makayla Gergeni and Renee Walters as they all posted respectable times. In the last heat, Amelie Kemmann lined up against all the fastest Slinger girls. Amelie did not get off to a great start, but in the end her speed proved too much for the rest of the field as she dashed to victory and a new DASH record. Hudson Nyhart raced to a top-10 finish in his 100 meter race to get the boys racing started. In the 1600 meters, Andrea Beck took the lead from the start and never let up. She crossed the line in an amazing 5:47 to give the team another win. Jacob Dickman lined up in the boys 1600 meters. He bided his time in second place through three laps, but saved enough to take command of the race in the last lap and win with a time of 5:11. The day was becoming special. In the 400 meters, Kristin Ulfeng was not feeling well, but she finished the race and gave the team an extra two points for her effort. Hudson Nyhart was placed in the last heat for the boys 400 meters. He passed a fallen athlete at the finish to capture 4th place with a good time of 1:00 in his best race of the day. Andrea Beck was back for an encore in the 800 meters, and an encore it was, leading from the start again and setting another DASH record. In the 200, Andrea Coulter made it to the start just in time and gave us another impressive race. She has really improved in the last few weeks. Makayla Gergeni looked especially fast in her race, regaining her form from last year. Amelie Kemmann exploded off the line in her favorite race and never looked back for another DASH victory, and yes, a new DASH record. Hudson Nyhart also got off to a good start and stayed strong to post a nice 8th place finish. Jacob Dickman displayed his great running form for eight laps in the 3200 meter race. He moved up late again to capture 2nd place with a great time of 11:36. Our girls 4×400 team finished off the day. Amelie Kemmann got us off to big lead, but the Slinger team put their best runners last and were able to pass us late and hang on to beat us by a second. The girls were fast, setting yet another DASH record.

Thanks to athletes for their good effort which made the meet so much fun to watch. The high school team has really rounded into form this year, and you could tell how much they impressed the DASH fans. Did I mention that our six girls scored enough points to finish 2nd in the team standings? Thanks to all the parents for getting the athletes to the meet and ready to race. And thanks to Zipporah Caspers for taking some very good photos. The meets will be coming up fast now, so we will have to enjoy the action while we can. You will not want to miss it.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school track and field team competed against two small teams yesterday at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf. In many events only yellow jerseys were seen, giving the meet an intramural feel. Racing your teammates is fun, and the meet was hardly lacking intensity as the fast times we posted attest.

With the sun shining, the meet started with field events. Zipporah Caspers cleared 3’10” in the high jump to be the DASH team’s first winner. Leif Kostrzewa led the DASH boys to discus victory in his first try ever at that event. Samuel Zinkgraf was the class of our young shot put team, taking a close 2nd place, while Gulla Kemmann showed off her muscles with a 24′ 9 1/2″ throw to win by a foot and a half. That was a really good throw! Hannah Schein led a strong girls long jump team as she edged Olivia Zyzo by just half an inch to claim 1st place. One of the longest standing DASH records is the boys long jump, but it is definitely in jeopardy of being broken this year. Danny Wickman, Glenn Kabosky, and Christian LeSac’s jumps were all just inches away from the record. Danny’s jump topped out at 14’0″ to win the event. Did I mention we have not practiced long jump yet this year?

Our own Grace Dupar and Grace Zinkgraf got the running events started. They jumped over the hurdles in a very close race with Grace Dupar edging Grace Zinkgraf at the finish. In the 100 meters, Andrea Guidone stayed ahead of Gulla Kemmann in a 1-2 finish. Wesley Evans and Foster Todd both looked fast in their first DASH race to pace the boys team. The 1600 was next. Faith Caspers pulled away on the last lap to win, while Hannah Schein held off Zipporah Caspers for 2nd place and a DASH sweep. The boys race was amazing. Christian LeSac had a season best 5:35, with Briton Kostrzewa clocked at 5:53 right behind. Glenn Kaboskey held off Samuel Zinkgraf for third with both guys lowering their personal bests by at least 20 seconds. The 4×200 relay was next. Our girls teams were both very good with Gulla Kemmann, Kayla Walters, Grace Dupar, and Andrea Guidone topping Toria Schein, Mia Wickman, Sophia Zyzo, and Grace Zinkgraf. It was the big guys against the little guys next. Danny Wickman, Glenn Kaboskey, Briton Kostrzewa, and Christian LeSac raced to victory, while our team of Andre Coulter, Joshua LeSac, Christopher Fossell, and Foster Todd came in 2nd. Our young girls team in the 400 meters was especially impressive. Olivia Zyzo matched her time from Saturday in another great race, while Kayla Walters and Toria Schein were right behind with impressive times of their own to give the DASH team another sweep. J.R. Wilson ran to a team best 1:06 for the boys, while Danny Wickman and Samuel Zinkgraf both looked strong to finish right behind. The girls 4×100 relay was the closest relay of the day as we fielded two very strong teams. Gulla Kemmann and Grace Dupar put their team in the lead at the half way point, staying slightly ahead of Hannah Schein and Olivia Zyzo, but the duo of Zipporah Caspers and Faith Caspers proved too strong for the younger Sophia Zyzo and Mia Wickman in the second half as they ran to victory. In the boys 4×100 race, Wesley Evans, John Klaves, Samuel Zinkgraf, and J.R. Wilson got ahead early and stayed there, beating our younger team of Leif Kostrzewa, Daniel Caspers, Christopher Fossell, and Foster Todd. The girls only ran two in the 800 meters with Hannah Schein again staying ahead of Zipporah Caspers in a close race. For the boys it was a rerun of the 1600 with the trio of Christian LeSac, Briton Kostrzewa, and Glenn Kaboskey pounding out another two laps and giving the team another sweep. The 200 meter race was the most competitive among the three teams, and it was fitting it was placed last on the schedule. For the girls, Andrea Guidone was the class of the field once again, with Grace Dupar winning her heat and edging Faith Caspers and Kayla Walters for 3rd place. The closest race of the day was saved for last. The WI School for the Deaf’s Alex Kronforst came around the turn slightly ahead of the DASH team’s J.R. Wilson and Danny Wickamn. J.R. started closing in on Alex, but Danny could not find his legendary closing speed and dropped back. Alex was just able to hold on, crossing the finish line a fraction of a second ahead of J.R. It was a great race to cap off another fabulous day of DASH racing!

Thanks to all the parents for making the trek out to Delavan. It is good to have a smaller race on the schedule and its flattering that the WI School for the Deaf invites us year after year. I hope it proved to be worth the drive. Thanks for all the work the WI School for the Deaf did to organize the meet and get everything ready for us. Thanks to Andrea Beck for being team photographer again. Be sure to check out the photos. The team is where I hoped it would be at this point in the season. Now we have a few weeks to get in some practices and get ready to run even faster at the next meet. Let’s hope we see some more nice weather.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school track team ran in the warm indoors last Saturday at UW-Milwaukee in the University Indoor meet. With thirty-one teams competing, it was once again to be our biggest, most competitive meet of the year. We had our established stars leading the way as expected, but we also got to see our new stars in action for the first time which really kept the excitement going throughout the 11 hour day. The following report touches on just some of the highlights.

Danny Wickman got the long day started, He put his speed on display to pace the team in the 50 meter race, and also looked impassable in his 400 meter race. The 800 meters was next and it turned into the boys best event of the day. Christian LeSac led a breakaway on the third lap of his race and finished in an amazing 2:25 to place 2nd overall. Samuel Zinkgraf edged Glenn Kaboskey in the final meters of the same race with both looking strong. Briton Kostrzewa woke up sick, but decided later to race. You would have never known he was not 100% as he dominated his heat. New DASH star Joshua Anumolu gave us one of the most exciting races of the day as he used his long stride to finish an easy 2nd in his heat. He will be one to watch as the season progresses. J.R. Wilson and Alex Navin looked good in the 200 meters, both wearing DASH yellow for the first time. Christopher Fossell keeps improving every year and has never looked better. John Klaves was another bright spot as he was caught flying around the turns. Andre Coulter and Elijah Anumolu have really improved over the last month and it showed in their 200 meter races. Christian LeSac hurt his leg some at the end of his 800 meter race, but was still able to coast to a 4th place finish in the 1600. For you newcomers, that’s what returning MVP’s do. Daniel Caspers and Leif Kostrzewa were both coming off recent illnesses, but were able to gut our some respectable times in the 1600 meters, and Joshua LeSac gave us his usual great finish in both his 400 meter race and the 5th grade relay.

It was close to 3:00 PM before we got to see the girls race, but it was worth the wait. The team was missing many of its best distance runners, so it was a day for the girls to put their speed on display. We had ten girls in the 50 meter race, and they all ran amazing. Andrea Guidone ran the fastest of them all, but there was some confusion over her time. When things were cleared up she was one of the eight 8th grade girls to get a ribbon. Gulla Kemmann was near the front of her heat for the 7th graders and is really running well. Grace Zinkgraf looked fast and showed us how much she has improved in the last year in her 50 meter race. Kayla Walters edged Mia Wickman and Abby Chu, all running in the same heat and with all of them posting nice times. Olivia Zyzo proved to be the fastest of all the 6th graders in her race. Stephanie Chu is another one of our exciting new runners that looked great in the 50 meter race. DASH newcomer Grace Dupar ran a very strong race in the 200 meters. We have only seen her a week, but she has already improved a lot. Sophia Zyzo really ran hard in her race and finished with a great time that got the coach smiling. The relays are particularly tough at this meet, but our 7th grade relay team was able to meet the challenge. Gulla Kemmann, Faith Caspers, Kayla Walters, and Olivia Zyzo combined for an impressive 6th place finish. Our 5th grade team was the youngest team in the field. Kindergarden aged twins Julianna and Grace Caspers teamed up with Stephanie Chu and Sophia Zyzo. The handoffs were not so good, but Julianna and Grace proved to be fan favorites. After the race they could hardly get a drink of water as the mob crowded around them. The 1600 meter race was next, and DASH veteran Faith Caspers went out with a breakout lead pack of three girls early. She fell back to third before the final lap, but a late surge at the end got her into 2nd place. Faith ran a smart race, but she got a little help from two girls that were getting lapped that blocked the way of her competitor. Abigail Larkin also ran the 1600 but did not run like the Abigail we know. Look for her to bounce back next month. She is one of our stars. Olivia Zyzo had a long time to think about her 400 race. It did not start until about 7:00. She proved to be ready as she burst off the starting line and into first place. She held a considerable lead through the first two laps and had all the DASH fans that were left were on their feet. She was finally caught with about 100 meters to go, but posted a great time of 1:15. When all the heats were done, she had finished 4th. An amazing finish for someone running the 400 for the first time.

Our longest meet was over and the coach’s high expectations were met. It has been a hard season so far to get into racing shape with the weather being so cold and wet, but we have persevered and now have a successful race under our belt. It feels good. We can be proud of our efforts, but there is still more training to be done. The faster you run the more fun you have, so let’s plan on working hard and having even more fun.

Thanks go out to the DASH parents who were remarkably patient throughout the long day. Special thanks to the Wickman and Zinkgraf families. They are the families besides my own that have boys and girls on the team, making it a doubly long day. Grace Zinkgraf’s 400 was the last DASH race of the day, so extra special thanks to the Zinkgraf’s. Thanks as always to Ed Beck who was there helping with the coaching and also volunteering with the timing. Thanks to the athletes for running hard and being readily available for me to find them and get them lined up for their races. Thanks to Andrea Beck and Samuel Zinkgraf for being the team photographers. This is a hard meet to get good pictures, but they came out OK. The next meet is on Tuesday. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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