DASH Middle School Track 2013 Milwaukee Invitational Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school track team competed in the Milwaukee Invitational meet last Saturday at Quad Park, Marquette High School’s track. The meet is now run by St. Joes with Marquette High School in charge of the timing. We were able to add the meet to the schedule only a week earlier, so we were unable to field our full team on a holiday weekend with such short notice. For those who could make it, the great weather and fast track made it a day to post some impressive results and take home a box full of medals and ribbons. The official results were given to us soon after the last race, attesting to how well this meet was run.

Field events went first and Grace Zinkgraf got the day’s first win with an 86 foot softball throw. Gulla Kemmann capped off her notable shot put season with a 2nd place throw. John Klaves had the best long jump placement of the day. He finished fourth with a jump of 11-08. Glenn Kabloskey had another great jump of 13-06 to place 5th. Christopher Fossell looked strong in his shot put throw and got a fifth place ribbon, and Samuel Zinkgraf flexed his muscles and threw the shot over 31 feet to capture the third place medal.

At this meet the running events start with the 1600 meters race. Julianna Caspers is now in form and running inspired. She led the 5th grade race until the final turn to win the 2nd place medal with a time of 7:20. Faith Caspers was in a fierce battle in the 6th grade race with a Holy Family girl. Faith crossed the finish line at 6:18, beating her personal record by over 20 seconds. Zipporah Caspers had her best time of the year as well, 6:42, to place 4th. In the 5th grade boys race, Daniel Caspers ran like he did at the end of cross country season as he led the whole way and gave the team its first running victory. Leif Kostrzewa ran great as usual and placed 4th. Joshua LeSac had his best race of the year, placing 2nd in the 6th grade race. In the 8th grade race, Christian LeSac led from the start and finished with a new p.r. of 5:23. Glenn Kaboskey got out fast and never let up, putting up a great time of 6:11 to place 3rd. In the 100 meters, Mary LeSac got to run. She smiled her way to a good time. Kayla Walters recorded our best finish of the day as she placed fourth in the 6th grade race. Hannah Schein and Samuel Zinkgraf filled in and raced to 5th place finishes in the 8th grade races. Grace Zinkgraf, John Klaves got the baton to Grace Dupar in the All-School Relay. Grace moved the team into a good position for anchor Samuel Zinkgraf. Sam got the team up to fourth, just missing third. Our 6th grade 4×400 team of Toria Schein, Grace Zinkgraf, Kayla Walters, and Faith Caspers got the 2nd place medals, as did our 8th grade boys team of Glenn Kaboskey, Joshua Anumolu, Samuel Zinkgraf, and Christian LeSac. In the 400 meters, Toria Schein ran a fast lap to earn the 4th place ribbon. Joshua Anumolu did a 1:12 which was good for 3rd place. Glenn Kaboskey edged Samuel Zinkgraf at the line by .02 seconds to capture 5th place. Grace Caspers got her chance to run in the 200 meters, joining Julianna Caspers and Mary LeSac in our kindergarten armada. She was able to keep up with the pack and looked good. Nobody has kindergarten athletes like the DASH team! In the 6th grade race, Kayla Walters showed off her speed again and posted a nice 4th place finish. Zipporah Caspers got a rare chance to run a 200 and won a 6th place ribbon. The 800 proved to be one of our best events. Faith Caspers broke 3 minutes in placing 2nd. Toria Schein looked great the whole way and earned 4th place. Zipporah Caspers had the best time of the day, 2:58, as she moved up late to take 4th. Daniel Caspers and Leif Kostrzewa raced to nice 3rd and 4th place finishes. Joshua Anumolu had some stiff competition, but he proved too strong in the end to give the DASH team another victory. John Klaves impressed us with his race and earned 4th place. Christian LeSac put on another show in his last middle school race, leading from start to finish again, to post yet another victory. Samuel Zinkgraf willed his way to an impressive third place showing to cap off his day. We fielded some good 4×100 teams. Daniel Caspers, Leif Kostrzewa, Elijah Anumolu, and Joshua LeSac battled to a fourth place finish. Grace Dupar, Gulla Kemmann, Zipporah Caspers, and Hannah Schein got the baton around the track in 1:03 to capture the 3rd place medals. Toria Schein, Kayla Walters, Grace Zinkgraf, and Faith Caspers still looked fast at the end of the day and earned 2nd.

The meet finished way ahead of schedule, and many of the athletes filled in and ran extra events, but we held up well. I love having this meet to complete our schedule. We get great times and everything always runs smoothly. Hopefully we can get it on the schedule earlier next year. Thanks to the parents who got the athletes to the meet on short notice. Thanks to Ed Beck who was there helping with the coaching. Thanks to the camera lady, who along with Jodi LeSac and Maria Walters, got us some great photos. Thanks to the athletes for running so hard and making it a great last meet. It was great to see all the personal records being set. That is the way to close out a season! The end-of-the-year party is all that is left. I hate to see the season end when we are running so good. We will have to make sure the good running continues in the fall for cross country. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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