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Hello DASH families,

A select group of our high school girl track stars were in action today, participating in the very competitive Rempe Relays at Waukesha South High School. The girls were out to prove they belonged amongst a field of 12 varsity public school teams. We battled through some ups and downs, but left feeling pretty good about where our team stands this early in the season.

Zipporah Caspers got the running events started for us with a solo attempt at the mile. Andrea Beck was a scratch as she is nursing a leg injury and was saving herself for the relays to come. Zipporah looked much improved from her first meet and lowered her time down to 6:44. Our long jump team got going during Zipporah’s race and started off slow. Amelie Kemmann and Hannah Schein got better in their later jumps but could not match their marks from last week. Zipporah had to jump right after her mile run and scratched her first two jumps with her jaw bothering her. We definitely took our lumps in the long jump. The 55 meter dash was next. Amelie Kemmann was seeded in the last heat which turned out to be very close. When the results were posted, Amelie ended up in fourth place overall, with the 2nd,3rd, and 4th runners all separated by just .01 second. I think if they ran that race 10 times, Amelie would come out ahead in a few.

We had two relays left, the first being the 4×240 meters. Hannah Schein got the team going with a good time, but we fell behind an under-seeded and very good Greendale team. Nina Smrecek and Andrea Beck ran some good splits and got the baton to Amelie Kemmann who provided her usual finish. We cut off over eight seconds from our time last week and ended up beating all three teams in the next heat. We proved to be under-seeded ourselves. We had over an hour wait to rest up and prepare for the 4×400 meter relay. Amelie Kemmann got the team off to a promising start, taking the lead in her last lap. Hannah Schein ran a very fast 2nd leg but was still passed by a DSHA girl, reminding us how good the other teams are. Nina Smrecek finished her leg just a step behind the Greendale team as the racing stayed very close. Andrea Beck ran the last leg for the DASH team and for two laps could not stay with the Greendale team, but as she neared the final turn Andrea was able to find that extra gear and come out ahead. When all the heats had been tabulated we ended up in a very satisfying 8th place.

I know some of our athletes found the competition at this meet a little scary, but I think we proved ourselves to be up to the competition. A couple years ago putting a meet like this on our schedule would have been impossible, but the team has gotten very competitive the past two years and it is nice to have at least one meet like this to see how we compare to the big teams. Now outdoor racing is all that is left on the schedule, and from here on out the high school boys will get in on the action. We have a three week gap in the schedule to get ready.

Thanks to the picture people, Faith Caspers, Toria Schein, and Zipporah Caspers for capturing the action in photos. Thanks to Andrea Beck for bringing her nice new camera which took most of the photos in the set. I will be getting a new camera soon as our current one is not doing the job any more. Thanks to Ed Beck for helping with the coaching, and thanks to the great DASH fans who cheered the team on from the balcony. Next week brings us a middle school meet and a new set of DASH fans. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our high school girls team got the DASH season off to its earliest start ever on Thursday, competing indoors at Waukesha South High School. The coach had six DASH veterans, along with two DASH newcomers, to match up against five public school teams. It was a night to make good first impressions, and set the tone for the season ahead.

The 55 meter dash got the individual running events started. DASH newcomer Johannah Lee won her heat to get her memorable day started. In the next heat, Renee Walters followed that up with her own win, edging out Stefanie Klaves who ran in the same heat. Amelie Kemmann was seeded into the much anticipated final heat. Amelie’s start was ordinary, but it did not take long for her to surge ahead and win comfortably posting the best time of the day. The mile was next. Andrea Beck and Zipporah Caspers struggled some through the 10 laps, but posted respectable times. It is very early for distance running. In the 400, Johannah Lee took the lead early in her heat and held off the competition to post another heat win. She is proving to be a great addition to the team. Hannah Schein followed up Johannah’s heat win with one of her own, keeping all the DASH fans excited. Andrea Beck, struggling with some shin issues, ran much easier in the 800 and finished in an impressive 4th place. The 200 meters came next and the wait to see DASH newcomer Nina Smrecek race in an individual event finally arrived. Nina lined up in the same heat as birthday girl Stefanie Klaves. Nina showed off her nice stride and got to the finish line first; all the birthday cake consumed earlier must have slowed Stefanie some. Renee Walters ran in the next heat, posting another good time to cap off a good day for Renee. Amelie said one more prayer to calm her nerves, and then once again proved she was the fastest girl in the building. She won the final heat in her best event by a considerable margin to close out her legendary day.

In the relays, our new 4×800 team of Andrea Beck, Zipporah Caspers, Hannah Schein, and Nina Smrecek were up first. Despite posting a respectable time, our girls were bested by three other teams. I still like this team and we will see them again later in the season. In the 4×240, we were placed in the last heat. Renee Walters got us off to good start. Stefanie Klaves took the baton next followed by Nina Smrecek. Stefanie and Nina ran very well and kept us close as we got the baton to Amelie Kemmann. Amelie was able to move us up to 2nd in our heat which was our best relay result of the day. In the 4×160 meter relay, Renee Walters and Stefanie Klaves got us started with Johanna Lee and Amelie Kemmann finishing up. The girls were in a tough heat, but we did come in ahead of three teams in the end. The 4×400 relay was the last event of the day. Our team of Hannah Schein, Zipporah Caspers, Nina Smrecek, and Andrea Beck were tired at this point, but gave great effort the whole way. Unfortunately we did not get an official time for this race.

In the field events, our long jump team did very well considering we have not had any practice as of yet. After a scratch in her first jump, Stefanie Klaves found her form and put together a good jump. Hannah Schein and Amelie Kemmann showed off their natural abilities by going well over 13 feet. Renee Walters had a long wait to throw her shot, but she picked up right where she left off last year with a good throw of 23’3″. With some practice she will threaten the DASH record later this year.

This team is very exciting this year with a lot of potential, and it was great to see us get off to such a good start. We have our stars running like stars and our newcomers fitting in making the team even better. The meet also exposed some things that we have to work on, but that was to be expected. The only thing missing was the boys. We will have to wait another month to see them in action.

Thanks to Mary Beck for being our volunteer timer. She has been a dedicated volunteer for years and is well known to the Waukesha South folks. Thanks to our photographers, Toria Schein and my wife, for getting some good photos. We even have a video of Amelie’s 200 run compliments of Birgit Kemmann. Special thanks to Maria Walters for rushing out a new set of van keys and giving us access to our relay batons to the relief of the nervous coach. Thanks to the athletes for having so much fun while I was running them very hard. We have a great group of athletes. If you missed them this time, you will want to catch them in action later this year.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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