DASH High School and Middle School Cross Country 2014 Mayville Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

Both the middle school and high school DASH cross country teams were up in Mayville Friday afternoon to compete in the Mike Hurlbert Invite. It was as cold as it gets for mid-September with the temperatures topping out in the 40’s. A slight drizzle kept everything wet, and the winds were calm. Yet it all added up to some great racing. The times were fast with everyone ending up posting their best time of the year.

The day started with some problems. The WCHSA high school team’s bib numbers were put in our folder and listed as our middle school team. We had no middle school numbers! The coach spent about half an hour trying to get that straightened out, but some of our athletes never did get a number to wear. In the meantime, the tent was put up to keep us a little warmer and drier. Without much coaching preparation the middle school team, both boys and girls, headed off to the start. The coach, still having problems, did not know our box number, but Mrs. Dickman figured it out and the team lined up in box 18. The team was finally ready to race through the long 1.9 mile course. John Klaves got off to a good start, leading the team the whole way to finish in the top-50. Rebecca Dickman showed us she is ready to have a great season. She came in just a few seconds after John in 57th place. Faith Caspers is still struggling with toe issues, but she was able to stay ahead of her brother and sister and was our 3rd runner in. Joshua LeSac and Daniel Caspers ran together the whole way. After jockeying back and forth, Joshua stayed just ahead of Daniel at the finish. They both looked good. Julianna Caspers pushed Faith, Joshua, and Daniel along despite losing a shoe midway through the race. She fell behind some going back for her shoe, but caught up with them all later and was just edged out by Daniel at the finish. Kayla Walters was not feeling so good, but she made it to the finish line before losing some of her lunch. Leif Kostrzewa went out a little overdressed and could not give us his best race. He will be better next time. Mia Wickman looked good, especially when the camera was near. We need her to keep improving as the season goes along. Ed Sherman hobbled through the course. Hopefully he can get his injuries behind him soon. Joshua Lipski ran conservatively in his first cross county race. He has put in a lot of work this summer and should have a good season. Naomi Zhou now has her first race behind her. She has a lot of potential and will find it easier next time when the course is shorter. Katrina Lipski struggled in her first race. We need to get her thinking more positively so she can race at her best.

Andrea Beck led the way for the high school girls team. Andrea broke 23 minutes for the first time this year as she continues in her role as our Number 1. Kayla Bruton kept up a fast, steady pace throughout. She clocked in with an impressive 24:33 this time. I doubt she has peaked yet. Jessy Homa also continues to improve. She ran hard the whole way and was able to lower her pace per mile from last race despite the extra kilometer. Lucretia Nyhart kept everyone happy as she was back in action for her second race in a row. She ran very well, of course. Zipporah Caspers was next for the DASH team. She was actually running ahead of Kayla, but then stopped midway when she did not feel well. She waited a few minutes, and then took off racing fast again to the finish. It would have been nice to see her time without the break in the middle. Stefanie Klaves ran a steady race and is getting faster with each race. Andrea Coulter ran her first 5k. She faded a little at the end, but a few more weeks of practice should get her used to the distance. Renee Walters ran the whole way with her shoes on and was able to cut over six minutes from her previous time. Very encouraging.

The drizzle continued for the boys race. Jacob Dickman and Ransom Nyhart got out very fast and were able to push a hard pace to the finish line. Jacob clocked in with a new DASH record of 17:35, and Ransom followed just 11 seconds later, breaking 18 minutes for the first time. The personal records kept coming as Joe Hughes came in with an 18:55. Joe almost burned himself out with his pace through the first two miles, but when Justin Chu caught up to him near the finish, Joe found a second wind. Justin Chu never seemed to tire and really moved up in the second half of the race. His effort was rewarded with his 18:59 time. Justin is setting the bar high and is one to watch. John Sherman looked good and stayed strong to the finish and lowered his best time by 36 seconds. Matt Lange ran his usual consistent race and was able to get his time down to 19:26. These guys are really going fast! Zebulon Caspers ran much better this time out. Zeb had a great finish and got his time down by over 2 minutes. Danny Wickman struggled early, but gave us his usual gritty finish and beat his best time by .01 second. Yes, everyone had best times.

The middle school team now has their first race out of the way as they prepare for their big meets ahead. The team is showing signs of being pretty good. We will know a little more about how good after Monday’s race. The high school girls are running better each race and I know they will be even better the rest of the way. The high school boys were supposed to be good and they are meeting all expectations. We have never had a boys team this good, so be sure to enjoy it. The high school team now has two weeks between races. It is a chance to get some good workouts in so we will be ready for the final swing of big races ahead. In five weeks the season will be over, so keeping ourselves healthy is the most important thing. It will be an exciting five weeks, indeed.

Thanks to Mary and Ed Beck for getting the times and collecting the finishing numbers from the athletes. With the rain that was a harder job than usual. Thanks to everyone who put up and took down the tent while I was trying to get the middle school bib number fiasco worked out. Thanks to Kenli Couppee who took on the role of picture lady for the day. Kenli was able to keep the camera dry as she ran around the course for all three races. The photos turned out great. And thanks to all the parents who made the trip to Mayville. I hope they were able to enjoy the great racing. Until next time,

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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