DASH Middle School Cross Country Elkhorn Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school cross country team competed in Elkhorn on Wednesday. It was our last public school meet of the season, but with only five teams participating, it had a much different feel than our earlier meets. With perfect weather and a flat 1.5 mile course before them, the team was told to push the pace early and try to get a good time. It worked better for some than others, but overall the team is now in mid-season form and hopefully ready for our three meets next week.

The 7th and under girls got the racing underway. Julianna Caspers was running in about 16th place at the half mile mark and told she would have to move up to get a top-15 medal. She immediately sped ahead and kept up her relentless pace to the finish and caught all but six girls before it was done. It was 7th place for the 7-year old star! Angela Walters picked up where she left off last season, proving she can also run with the much bigger girls. It was her first race of the year and she was able to earn the 25th place card. Naomi Zhou is looking better and running faster each time out and was our third girl in. Sarah Lindberg went out a little too fast, struggled in the middle of the race, but finished well. It was her first race and one to learn from. Jenna Walters is also learning and getting better with each race and finished right behind Sarah.

Leif Kostrzewa led the 7th and under boys through the course. Leif ran fast from start to finish, and he needed to to stay ahead of Joshua LeSac, who was never more than a few steps back. Daniel Caspers fell behind Leif and Josh early and got caught running in a pack who would not let him pass. Daniel is running pretty well and should find it easier going in the non-public school meets ahead. Ed Sherman worked hard throughout and came in as our fourth runner. Joshua Lipski stayed a few steps ahead of Elijah Anumolu the whole way. Joshua and Elijah both ran better than they ever have. Andre Coulter rounded out our good sized boys team.

Faith Caspers had some work to do to beat Julianna’s time in the 8th grade race. Faith came around the half mile mark in 8th place and was able to hold on to that spot to the finish. She clocked in with the exact time as her sister – 10:54. Kayla Walters put in another good race, but just missed out on a medal with her 12th place finish. Mia Wickman is really running good now and is keeping Faith and Kayla in sight. Her effort earned her the 18th place ribbon. Katrina Lipski never looked comfortable on the course, but stayed steady to the finish. Cross country is not an easy sport.

Joshua Anumolu sped out to a great start and hung on for the 9th place medal in the 8th grade boys race. Joshua’s time was 30 seconds faster than last year on this course. John Klaves has had a good day every time out thus far. He clocked in at 10:19, good for 20th place.

It was a great day to watch a race, and the athletes proved to be especially exciting. Watching everyone improve each time out is very encouraging. I have held out a few of our youngest stars thus far, but from here on out they get to run. With six meets left, including three next week, we will get to see these athletes plenty more. It should be fun.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Elkhorn. Thanks to Ed Beck for his help with the coaching and for being our official scorer. Thanks to the camera lady for taking the photos, at least until the camera died and I took over. Thanks to the Elkhorn team for inviting us to their meet. It is nice to have a smaller meet on the schedule. The meets are coming up fast now so I will see you all soon.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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