DASH 2014 Middle School Cross Country WCHSA Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

The middle school cross country had the first of its three meets yesterday, running at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in a meet hosted by our homeschool friends to the north, WCHSA. It was a struggle for the team to stay warm with the temperatures dropping fast just before race time. But once the gun went off, our team heated up the 2500 meter course with some great running.

Our 6th and under girls team, which was much to the under with three 2nd graders and a 4th grader, toed the starting line first. Julianna Caspers got pushed and took a tumble near the start, but got up and paced Angela Walters through the first loop. They were joined by another little girl who was keeping up with our two second grade stars. It wouldn’t last. Julianna never slows down, and she ended up with the lead pack of six girls. The frustration was evident on the other girls faces as they tried to keep up with Julianna. But the girls racing up there are very good and Julianna settled for a 6th place finish with a blistering time of 11:09. Angela Walters was the next little girl in. She lowered her great time from last year by over a minute and a half and earned the 19th place ribbon. Jenna Walters and Mary LeSac made this group an impressive foursome. How good will this team be in a couple years?

We ran seven 6th and under boys. Leif Kostrzewa had a plan to push it hard early. He was able to maintain his great start all the way to the end and finish 8th overall. He has now taken his talents to another level. He will be one to watch the rest of the season.  Joshua LeSac had another good race. He is running hard every time out and has lowered his time by a minute in the last year. Daniel Caspers started a little slower, but once he got up the big hill the passing began. He caught up to Joshua in the home stretch and finished just a second behind in 25th place. Seka Kostrzewa was back and running fast as usual. He will be helping the team the rest of the way. Next year I will let him start helping earlier. Joshua Lipski had a great finish, getting past everyone near him before crossing the finish line. He is really becoming a racer. Elijah Anumolu worked hard early, then struggled some later in the race. And Andre Coulter cut his time down considerably from last week. These guys really got the coach excited.

The 7th and 8th grade girls were next. Like last week, Faith Caspers got out fast and then held her spot the whole way until just before the finish. She ended up earning the 8th place ribbon. Her time – 11:13. There was a wait after Faith finished, but then Kayla Walters was seen charging in leaving everyone else behind her. 9th place was Kayla’s. Mia Wickman has another good day, but just missed out the numbered ribbons with her 22nd place finish. Naomi Zhou did some good running and was our next girl in. Katrina Lipski was much happier with her race this time so we know she ran good.

In the 7th and 8th grade boy race, Joshua Anumolu got out fast again and hung on for a top-10 ribbon. John Klaves put together another great race, including an inspiring charge up the hill, and finished 16th overall, He left 60 boys behind him. Joe Laufenberg was a little faster this time out. He needs to stay healthy and keep practicing.

Overall this team had an outstanding day. We took home top-10 ribbons in every race and had 10 of our 19 runners place in the top-25. We are now in mid-season form and should be ready for our big races ahead. Now let’s hope we all stay healthy. Running in cold weather can take its tole on a team if they do not dress appropriately.

Thanks to Ed Beck for his assistance with the coaching and for his help with scouting the course. Thanks to the folks at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School who score the meet and let us use their course. Thanks to all the parents who read my email and brought plenty of warm clothing. Most of the teams were shivering in short sleeves. And thanks to the camera lady who took most of the pictures. This week we have to stay ready to run a couple more meets. For those who were disappointed when the fun run was cancelled, we will have another chance to run in one next week. Bring your running shoes.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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