DASH Middle School Cross Country 2014 Warrior Invite Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

Cold weather welcomed the DASH middle school cross country team this morning at our own Greenfield Park. It was the third straight year of cold at the annual Warrior Invitational hosted by Wisconsin Lutheran College, and it was the team’s third race this week. This meet now attracts some of the best teams in the area, so hopefully we would be able to use our knowledge of the course to our advantage and post some good times.

All the girls run together at this meet, so we had another race between sisters Faith and Julianna Caspers. It was a repeat of last Wednesday. The girls stayed together the whole way, with the older sister crossing the finish line just a few paces ahead of the younger. Julianna’s 11th place finish in the 6th and under division would hold up to be our best result of the day, with Faith ending up 16th in the 7th and 8th grade division. Kayla Walters and Mia Wickman raced through the course quickly and posted some good times. Then off they went on vacation for a week. We not see them race again until the Homeschool Championship. Angela Walters was not sure if she wanted to race, but she ended up joining her teammates and ran well. Katrina Lipski gave us great effort as usual and came in under 15 minutes. Sarah Lindberg enjoyed the shorter race on her practice field, not showing much pain on her face this time. She stayed ahead of Jenna Walters and Mary LeSac who came in together at the finish. Grace Caspers gave it a go, but did not make it to the finish. Hopefully her foot will be better soon.

Joshua Anumolu led the boys as usual, but John Klaves was never more than a few seconds behind. John has not had a bad race yet this year, and has now become one of our stars. Leif Kostrzewa finished in 15th place in the 6th and under race which was the best result among the boys. Joshua LeSac joined Leif in the top-20 with his tough running. Daniel Caspers struggled at the start, but moved up in the woods to post a respectable time. Seka Kostrzewa was our fourth scorer for the 6th and under team, helping the team finish 5th place overall. The young boys are running very well right now. Zachary Werner impressed the coach with his great running in just his first race of the year. Hopefully we will see more of Zachary soon. Joshua Lipski has been very consistent for us this year, and this race was no exception. Elijah Anumolu got off to a slow start, but looked good at the finish. And Ethan Lindberg donned the DASH yellow for the first time and ran a hard race. He is only a third grader. I like to get them running early on this team.

The team handled the cold weather very well and ran hard once again. We have another race behind us. We are now left with just one meet before the championship meets ahead. Let’s hope we continue to stay healthy, so we can cap off the season with our best racing yet.

Thanks to Ed Beck for his usual help with the coaching duties. Thanks to the camera lady for taking the pictures. We had some camera issues today, so the set is not as big as usual. We will have a new camera to work with the rest of the season. Thanks to the parents who came out and cheered the team on. You get more father’s to a meet on a Saturday which is always a plus for the kids. Only three meets total for the DASH team next week. Does that qualify as easy? No way, cross country is never easy. It is time to keep working hard!

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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