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Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school track team competed at the WI School for the Deaf on Thursday. The meet was small, but not as small as in previous years. We had a cool, sunny day, without the strong winds from earlier in the week. The setting would make it a great day to post some good times, competing for the first time outdoors this season.

Field events were first on the schedule. The practicing we have put in this month would be put to the test. In the discus, Sarah Lindberg’s throw of 48 feet was good for 3rd place, and Emma Taylor backed her up with a 5th place throw. We had seven of our boy discus throwers in the top-9. Elijah Anumolu and Caleb Alles were our top throwers, with Elijah’s throw landing just two inches farther. Elijah Johnson, Bryant Farrell, Andre Coulter, Ethan Blischke, and Joshua Lipski all ended up less than three feet apart. We have some very good young throwers. Kayla Walters placed 4th in the shot put. Katrina Lipski, Faith Caspers, Annika Lipski also threw well. For the boys, Joshua Anumolu was not to be beaten with his throw of 26’8″. Peter Chan and Bryant Farrell gave us three of the top 4 throwers. Zachary Werner and Elijah Anumolu also placed well. In the long jump, Stephanie Chu and Alexa Dawson were the only girls to land over 11 feet away. Grace Zinkgraf and Abbu Chu gave us two more girls in the top-6. John Klaves jumped to a personal best 13’06, good for 3rd place. Alexander Taylor, Isaac Johnson, and Joshua LeSac also finished in the top-10. It was a good effort from the team in their first chance at field events this season.

The running events started at 4:15, and Grace Zinkgraf was ready to win the 100 meter hurdles again this year. Emma Taylor was brave enough to get through every obstacle put in her way to take an easy 2nd. Noah Howard also took 2nd place in the boys 110 meter hurdles. Caleb Alles and Ethan Blischke got through the course to take 3rd and 4th. Alexander Taylor was our lone casualty among this brave bunch. Kayla Walters had the fastest 100 time among the girls to take 5th. Emily Zielinski came in ahead Alexa Dawson and Mia Wickman in her heat with all three girls placing in the top-10. Abbey Novak and Madelyn Zielinski gave us six girls finishing in under 17 seconds. In the boys 100, Joshua Anumolu raced to a 6th place finish, followed by Salim Lubbad in 8th. Micah Chan raced in just ahead of Nathanael Chu, with Isaac Johnson also looking fast. Faith Caspers raced to a 3rd place finish in the 1600 with a nice time of 6:35. Julianna Caspers was right behind with a season-best 6:43. Katrina Lipski gave us 3 in the top 5 with her impressive racing. The boy 1600 team struggled, but Joshua LeSac held on for 4th place, and Daniel Caspers settled for 6th. Zachary Werner, who was running sick, and Joshua Lipski also worked hard. Our 4×200 girls ‘b’ relay team of Abbey Novak, Madelyn Zielinski, Sierra Dawson, and Grace Zinkgraf posted the 2nd best time of the day. It would take another DASH team to beat them – our ‘a’ team of Stephanie Chu, Alexa Dawson, Mia Wickman, and Emily Zielinski. Our boys 4×200 ‘b’ team of Peter Chan, Andre Coulter, Micah Chan, and Nathanael Chu were very competitive, and our ‘a’ team of Salim Lubbad, John Klaves, Noah Howard, and Joshua Anumolu finished a close 2nd. Kayla Walters with a 1:15, and Abby Chu with a 1:17 were our top 400 runners. Stephanie Chu and Emma Taylor each won their 400 heats. John Klaves raced to an impressive victory with a 1:06 in the boys 400. Noah Howard’s great time of 1:15 was good for 4th. Elijah Johnson had a very good race, and Caleb Alles won his all-DASH heat easily. The 4×100 relay was next, and the girls teams were back running fast. Emma Taylor, Mia Wickman, and Madelyn Zielinski got the baton to Jenna Walters with a big lead for an easy first heat win. We had four 8th grade girls on our ‘a’ team. Grace Zinkgraf, Abby Chu, Faith Caspers, and Kayla Walters beat two very good teams by over 2 seconds to give the DASH team another victory. In the 800, Faith Caspers paced the girls with another 3rd place finish. Julianna Caspers stayed ahead of Abbey Novak at the finish to place 4th. It was good to see Abbey running so well, and to get three girls in the top-5. Katrina Lipski and Sarah Lindberg ran very hard to go 1-2 in the first 800 heat. Joshua Anumolu and John Klaves gave us a big 1-2 finish in the boys 800, both posting personal bests. 5th graders Noah Howard and Ethan Blischke ran with the big guys and gave us very nice 4th and 6th place finishes. Grace Zinkgraf’s 200 time of 33.19 proved the fastest among the girls. Abby Chu posted a nice time under 34 seconds, while Stephanie Chu, Alexa Dawson, and Emily Zielinski all came in under 35 seconds. That gave us five girls in the top-10. The girls speed was noticed by the other coaches. In the boys 200, Salim Lubbad and Alexander Taylor were our top boys. Nathanael Chu raced in ahead of Micah Chan this time, and Andre Coulter passed Bryant Farrell down the stretch in their heat. Our boys were very young, but held up well.

Thanks to all the parents who got the athletes to the meet in Delavan ready to run, throw, and jump. Thanks to Mr. Beck for also making the drive to Delavan to assist with the coaching. Thanks to our shot put volunteers, Nina Smrecek and Zipporah Caspers. The meet was bigger this year, and the meet coordinator was very happy we could help him out. Thanks to my wife and Zipporah Caspers for being the camera ladies and taking some great photos so we can remember how fast we ran and how much fun we had. But we cannot rest on our laurels with so many big meets ahead next month. It is time to keep practicing hard and getting even better. Our next meet is next Saturday. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers


Hello DASH families,

Our high school track team had a cold, windy day to deal with in the Franklin Invite at Muskego high school yesterday. At the end of the meet, we also had to contend with running in the dark. Overall, the team showed us it is now in mid-season form. We posted some great results, but we ended up one result short when Jacob Dickman’s 3200 meter race was cancelled due to the darkness.

Our girls 4×800 team got the day started. Andrea Coulter got the team out to an early lead. Jessy Homa and Zipporah took the baton next and left us in 2nd place overall, well ahead of 3rd. Andrea Beck easily held our position running anchor. The team was off to a great start. Joe Hughes got the boys 4×800 team started fast with his best-ever 2:23 split. Justin Chu ran about the same split as Joe, and the boys team was now also running in 2nd place, well ahead of 3rd. Samuel Zinkgraf and Jacob Dickman had no problems holding their place, and we had our second 2nd place finish in a row. Renee Walters and Kayla Bruton both raced to top-7 finishes in the 100, with Kayla beating everyone’s time to finish 1st overall. Nicholas Funk finished his 100 in just 12.59 to place 4th. Andrea Coulter easily broke the 7 minute mark in the 1600, and finished 3rd overall. Joe Hughes went out fast in the boys 1600. Justin Chu finally chased him down in the last lap, but Joe finished a half-step ahead of Justin this time. Samuel Zinkgraf, Jacob Dickman, Jeremy Mark, and Nicholas Funk fell just short of the long-standing DASH 4×200 record with a 1:52 time. Tommy Ebert edged Noah Evans in a close 400 heat with both boys setting personal records. Nina Smrecek, Renee Walters, Jessy Homa, and Bekka Homa looked good in the 4×100 relay. Zipporah Caspers posted her best time of the year in the 800, closing with a great second lap. Samuel Zinkgraf came from behind to win his 800 heat. Noah Evans finished right behind, lowering his time from last Saturday by seven seconds. Kayla Bruton looked fast in her 200 heat, but it was getting dark and the timing system did not work for her heat. Nicholas Funk and Jeremy Marek were able to post fast times in their 200 races. The officials then decided to move the 3200 back and run the 4×400 relays next. Andrea Coulter, Renee Walters, Zipporah Caspers, and Andrea Beck posted a very good hand-timed 5:06, with all the girls getting under 1:20. It was so dark for the boys 4×400 team of Justin Chu, Tommy Ebert, Samuel Zinkgraf, and Joe Hughes that the camera could not even get clear pictures. It was then that we found out that the 3200 race was cancelled. Not getting to see Jacob Dickman one more time left us a little disappointed, but reflecting on the teams results, and seeing how the team is improving has me excited about next week’s races.

Thanks to Mary Beck, who was our volunteer who helped out with the triple jump. Thanks also to Ed Beck and Pete Dickman for helping out with the coaching. With the length of the meet, and the difficult weather conditions, taking photos was quite a challenge. We thank Faith Caspers for her efforts once again. We have two big high school meets on the schedule for next week, and a middle school meet today. This is the busy part of the season. Enjoy it while you can. We can exhale later.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The full DASH high school track and field team was in action Saturday in Watertown for the very competitive Gosling Open. It was a beautiful day to run, jump, and throw; and with no relays, it was a great day to post some individual times in a lot of events, and give the coach an idea of where everyone should be running later in the year. There would be no holding back with teammates racing each other in the same heats. The day stayed very competitive and interesting right down to the last race.

The discus throwers started early because of a high number of athletes. Jeremy Marek threw the discus for the first time and almost broke the DASH record with a throw of 67’01”. Samuel Zinkgraf almost matched him with his throw measuring just two inches less. Noah Evans showed some promise throwing for the first time. For the girls discus, Andrea Beck broke her own DASH record with her 72’03” throw. Zipporah Caspers had her personal best by over seven feet, and Nina Smrecek broke 50 feet for the first time. The girls long jump was another event where the DASH athletes stayed very close. Stefanie Klaves and Johannah Lee both saved their best jumps for last with Stefanie edging Johannah by an inch. Kayla Bruton jumped for the first time in competition and topped out at 10’09”. Jeremy Marek proved to be our best long jumper, with Tommy Ebert and Justin Chu close behind. In the shot put, Samuel Zinkgraf and Joe Hughes threw to personal bests with Samuel throwing just an inch farther. The consistent Samuel Lee actually tied his personal best.

Andrea Coulter and Zipporah Caspers got the racing started with their 1600 heat. Andrea Coulter just missed breaking 7 minutes. Justin Chu, Joe Hughes, and Samuel Zinkgraf raced each other in the boys 1600. Joe had the early lead, but Justin later chased him down as the two broke away from the field, pushing each other to personal bests. Samuel Zinkgraf had his signature last lap, with an inspiring charge to the finish. Stefanie Klaves looked fast in her 200 heat, staying just ahead of Johannah Lee. Andrea Beck and Kayla Bruton went head-to-head in another heat. Kayla was able to break 30 seconds while Andrea just missed with her 30.13. Tommy Ebert looked great while winning his 200 heat which included Noah Evans and Samuel Lee. Jeremy Marek ran in the next heat and posted the best time for the boys – 27.86. Johannah Lee raced her first individual 800 meter race without any teammates as Jessy Homa and Andrea Beck had to drop out because of illness. She would be less lonely later on in the 400. In his first attempt at the 800, Noah Evans had a great first lap and worked hard the second lap to post a good time. Samuel Lee had his usual strong finish to break his personal record by three seconds. Justin Chu broke 2:30 for the first time in the 800, not long after his 1600 race. His finished 6th overall. We had a big contingent in the 100. Bekka Homa got things started, followed by Zipporah Caspers. They do not get to run the 100 every day and made the most of it. Stefanie Klaves and Andrea Coulter raced side by side in their heat with Stefanie staying ahead by a couple steps. Nina Smrecek was next with a time of 16.14. Kayla Bruton edged Andrea Beck again, finishing in under 14 seconds and placing 10th overall. She is fast. Tommy Ebert and Jeremy Marek looked good in their 100 heats, running before the much anticipated race between Joe Hughes and Samuel Zinkgraf. Samuel got off to a slightly better start. With both athletes clearly holding nothing back, Samuel was able to hold his lead to the end, winning the heat and staying just a tenth of a second ahead of Joe. The pictures show it better than words. The coach signed up everyone for the 400, but with the health of the team not being so good a few dropped out. Stefanie Klaves stayed a few steps ahead of Bekka Homa in the first heat. In a close second heat, Andrea Coulter proved the fastest with her 1:19 time. Zipporah Caspers started strong and came in next, just edging Johannah Lee, followed by Nina Smrecek. Andrea Beck later won her heat, coming from behind to win with a time of 1:09. For the boys, Jeremy Marek coasted to victory in his heat. We had five athletes in the next heat. Justin Chu held off Joe Hughes with both boys finishing in 1:03. Samuel Zinkgraf, feeling the effects of his 100, was next, just ahead of Tommy Ebert, who was just ahead of Noah Evans. It was another close race and a fitting way to end the day of racing.

Thanks to all the families who made the drive to Watertown. I find this to be a very well run meet, with a great format for an early season race. I hope everyone thought the drive was worth it. Thanks to Mr. Beck for his usual, and essential help with coaching the team. Thanks to Grace Zinkgraf, who was called upon to take the photos as all the usual photographers were nowhere to be found. We will have to call on her again as the photos were exceptional. The team has another big meet this Wednesday in Muskego. The season is starting to go by fast. You will not want to miss it.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH middle school track team was found at UW-Milwaukee last Saturday, competing in the 7th annual University Indoor. Our team is bigger than it has ever been, and for the first time ever we paid for two teams to fit everyone in. This is our most competitive meet of the year, with 21 of the area’s best teams competing. Our weaknesses are always exposed which gives us an early opportunity to see what we need to work on to be ready for the big meets ahead. The meet was professionally timed this year which was a nice bonus. To keep the meet report to a manageable length, I will only be touching on the highlights.

In the 50 meters, Ben Hughes got the DASH season started while breaking 8 seconds for the team’s fastest time of the day. Four 5th graders, all in their first race, broke 9 seconds and finished in the top third. Noah Howard led the way with an impressive 6th place finish. Salim Lubbad, Ethan Blischke, and Jeffrey Breiling were right behind. Our 5th grade boys team is big and very good this year. In the 800 meter race, For the first time, John Klaves crossed the finish line a few seconds ahead of Joshua Anumolu. It will be fun watching these two go head-to-head the rest of the season. In the 7th grade race, Zachary Werner edged Thomas Breiling and Elijah Johnson with some strong running. All three boys were within a couple seconds of each other. Noah Howard raced his 800 meters in 2:45 to smash the DASH 5th grade record, and earned his second 6th place ribbon of the day. Ethan Blischke leaned ahead of Jeffery Breiling at the finish, both posting times of 3:02. We have never had a 5th grade threesome run that well. In the 200 meters, Timmy Ebert showed us some good speed in the 6th grade race. Salim Lubbad and Alexander Taylor ran to top-20 finishes among the 5th graders. Nathanael Chu and Micah Chan also ran fast and posted nice times. There is only a 4×200 relay at this meet, and the competition is always particularly fierce. Our 8th grade boys, Joshua Anumolu, Ben Hughes, and John Klaves, ran with a 6th grade anchor, Daniel Caspers, and posted a respectable time of 2:10. Our 5th grade boys team of Noah Howard, Jeffrey Breiling, Salim Lubbad, and Alexander Taylor was our only team to finish top-10. In the 1600, Daniel Caspers and Joshua LeSac pushed each other to personal records. Team competition is good. Jeffrey Breiling raced to a 6:47 time in the 5th grade race. In the 400 meters, our three 8th grade boys powered their way to the teams best times of the day with John Klaves coming in just ahead of Joshua Anumolu and Ben Hughes. In the 5th grade race, Ethan Blischke gave us yet another good race, posting a 1:21 time.

The girls did not get started until about 3:00, but it was worth the wait. In the 50 meters, Rebecca Bruton proved the fastest among our girls with a time of 8.88. Abbey Novak posted the best 5th grade time, and Emliy Zielinski overcame a bad start to win her heat. Our 3rd grade sprinting stars, Madelyn Zielinski and Savanna Bruton, also came in under 10 seconds. In the 800, DASH veterans Faith Caspers and Kayla Walters earned the girls first ribbons with 6th and 8th place finishes. Julianna Caspers showed us her racing savvy as she ran out to an early lead, and then held off all challengers to win her 800 heat by a wide margin. Abby Chu, Stephanie Chu, and Emma Taylor all broke 35 seconds in the 200. Emily Zielinski showed us her nice stride in the 5th grade race and earned herself the 5th place ribbon. The 4×200 relay was next. Our 8th grade team of Kayla Walters, Katrina Lipski, Abby Chu, and Kayla Walters ran to the 7th place finish. Our 6th grade team of Stephanie Chu, Emily Zielinski, Rebekah Melder, and Rebecca Bruton got out to a great start and held off all but two teams to take the 3rd place ribbons. Faith Caspers has run the 1600 in all seven University Indoor meets and has taken 2nd four times, but this year her race proved amazingly tough. Faith settled for 7th this year. The 5th grade 1600 proved to be our best race once again this year. Julianna Caspers and another girl jockeyed for the lead throughout, eventually lapping the field. Julianna came up a second short this time and settled for 2nd. Grace Caspers surged ahead in the last two laps and moved up to finish 4th. Angela Walters struggled in the middle of the race, but came on strong at the end to finish 6th. Our 2nd grade trio had racked up 16 team points in just one race! We had now made it to the 400, the last race of the long day. Kayla Walters’ 1:17 was good for 8th overall, and Abby Chu just missed a ribbon with a 1:19. Emma Taylor who had been with us all day long, still had enough energy left to run a 1:24. Stephanie Chu impressed the coach with her 1:21 time. It was her first 400. Abbey Novak ran in the final race of the day, and came from behind to finish 3rd in her heat. This meet was in the books.

Having your longest, toughest meet of the year first on the schedule is bound to be humbling. We certainly took our lumps, but going over the results has confirmed to me that this is a very good team, and it will only get better in the weeks ahead. We do have plenty of things that need working on, so the next few practices will be very important. I hope to see you there.

Special thanks to Mr. Beck for his help with the coaching. I never had such an easy time getting everyone checked in, and that was mostly because of Ed. Thanks to all the parents who came and cheered throughout the long day, especially those with boys and girls on the team. Thanks to our camera lady contingent of Zipporah Caspers and Andrea Beck. Faith Caspers was also called on to help out when not running. The girls used my new camera and the photos came out much better this time. We have such an exciting team this year, and we have five more opportunities to watch them run. It is going to be fun.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school boys track team competed in their first indoor meet in five years at Waukesha South High School on Wednesday. We were only able to field five athletes in this big 16-team meet, but that meant that everyone would get to run in plenty of events, and make the most out of this early-season competition.

Joe Hughes brought his own shot put, and threw it over 27 feet to smash his personal record. The long jumpers had not practiced yet and started slow, but they got better with each jump. Nicholas Funk led the way breaking 15 feet. Justin Chu and Tommy Ebert were both able to set personal records. That kind of progress bodes well for the meets ahead.

Nicholas Funk showed off his natural speed with a top-half finish in the 60 yard dash. Tommy Ebert also posted a good time while running in a very close heat. Joe Hughes got out fast in the mile run, picking up where he left off last year with a good time of 5:40. Justin Chu moved up as the race went along and finished just a few seconds behind Joe. Jacob Dickman ran in the next heat of the mile and led for about the first 7 laps. He did not have his usual kick though, and we found out why as he lost his lunch after crossing the finish line. Jacob’s time of 5:12 was good for 4th overall. Joe Hughes got the team’s 4-lap relay started. He was followed by Jacob Dickman, Tommy Ebert, and Nicholas Funk. Everyone ran hard, but we lost time passing the baton too far from lane one. Handoffs on the short track are not easy. Joe Hughes leaned just ahead of Justin Chu at the finish of the 880 yard race. Our dynamic duo both posted good times of 2:32. In the 220 yard sprint, I did not get Tommy and Nicholas in the right heats. Nicholas also had some issues with his shoes slipping around in the tight turns, but the times the boys posted were respectable. It was now getting late and we were starting to tire, but the boys found a little more energy to cap the night off with a 4×400 relay. The few extra laps at the end will hopefully get us closer to where we want to be in the big outdoor meets ahead.

Thanks to Ed Beck, Pete Dickman, and Mary Beck for helping with the coaching. We had camera issues again, but thanks go out to Faith Caspers for putting in the work to get a few good photos. Thanks to all the DASH fans who were stuck up in the bleachers where it was very hot. With six more high school meets left on the schedule, we have plenty of racing ahead. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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