DASH High School Track 2015 Waukesha South Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

The high school team participated in the annual Waukesha South Old-Fashioned Track Meet yesterday. This is the meet where the athletes get to pick their own events, and where the coach tries to prod them into adding a few more. The warm weather made it a great day to run the sprints, yet the distance runners also came through with some great times. This team also jumped and threw to some great results in the field events.

In the long jump, Kayla Bruton launched a 13’11” leap to lead the team. Stefanie Klaves and Jessy Homa had their best jumps of the year, and Renee Walters got in a late jump of 10’9″. Nicholas Funk went past 16 feet again, and Danny Wickman almost matched him with his 15’11.5″ effort. Justin Chu looked good in his 12’6″ jump. In the shot put, Renee Walters upped her DASH outdoor record to 24’9.50. Samuel Zinkgraf and Noah Evans put their shots within three inches of each other with high 27 foot marks. In the discus, Samuel Zinkgraf went over 70 feet again, with Jeremy Marek and Noah Evans also throwing well. Zipporah Caspers is throwing her discus consistently over 50 feet, and Nina Smrecek had a nice 43′ throw. Field event extraordinaire, Renee Walters, assumed the role of high school girls DASH discus record holder with her 79′ throw.

Danny Wickman, donning the DASH yellow for the first time this year, raced to a fast 12.65 100 meter time. Nicholas Funk looked like he might break 12 seconds until he held up at the end and got a 12.53 time. Tommy Ebert looked fast in getting a new personal best 13.68. Kayla Bruton raced into the 13’s in her heat of the 100. Nina Smrecek has rounded into form and ran to a personal best 14.46. Renee Walters and Stefanie Klaves pushed each other to season best times running side by side in the same heat. Samuel Zinkgraf had a great start to his 1600, but then took a fall, then regrouped to post a 5:51. The heat did not slow Jacob Dickman and Justin Chu in their 1600 heat. Jacob raced four times around in just 4:56, with Justin also setting a personal best with his 5:18 time. Andrea Beck proved too fast for the other 1600 girls, leading from start to finish, and went under 6 minutes with her 5:53. We used the same relay teams for the 4×200 and 4×100. Danny Wickman, Jeremy Marek, Tommy Ebert, and Nicholas Funk finished just a little over a second off the DASH record in the 4×200, and ended up setting a new DASH record in the 4×100 with their 52.49 time. Renee Walters, Stefanie Klaves, Zipporah Caspers, and Nina Smrecek posted a very good 1:02 time in the 4×100. In the 400, Kayla Bruton raced around in 1:12. Andrea Beck, feeling the effect of her 1600, struggled to a 1:15, and Jessy Homa came in with an impressive 1:16. Bekka Homa cut almost six seconds off her best time to post a 1:20. In the 800, Samuel Zinkgraf and Noah Evans lowered their best times again, and Jacob Dickman finished with a nice 2:20. Zipporah Caspers got in just before 3 minutes, and Jessy Homa posted a routine 3:10. In the 200, Justin Chu got some speed work in and posted a low 28, while Danny Wickman showed us he needs to get some more practice time in with his high 28. Kayla Bruton looked very fast, crossing the finish line after just 29.07 seconds. Nina Smrecek, Renee Walters, and Bekka Homa completed their best meet of the year with season best times. The boys got in one last race with the 4×400 relay. Justin Chu, Samuel Zinkgraf, Noah Evans, and Jacob Dickman raced around in 4:22 to complete the day of racing.

The team is clearly running at a high level right now, and should be ready to finish the season at their peak. We have 12 days now to stay healthy, and get ready to cap off the season with one more great showing. You will not want to miss it.

Thanks to Pete and Lisa Dickman, and Ed Beck for their help in keeping things organized, getting splits, and preparing the athletes for their events. Thanks to our great contingent of DASH fans that were everywhere. Thanks to the camera lady, Faith Caspers for getting some pretty good photos, despite battling the sun at the finish line. It is not time to rest yet. We have a middle school meet today, and our last meets ahead to prepare for. It is going to go by fast. It always does. Enjoy it while you can.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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