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Hello DASH families,

Our DASH high school girls track and field team got the 2016 season started on Thursday with an indoor meet at Waukesha South high school. We are fielding a very talented and balanced team this season. This ‘Preview Meet’ would give us a taste of what we can expect from the girls in the months ahead. They would not disappoint.

The field events started at 4:30. We had five girls leap past the 12 foot mark in the long jump which was measured by a laser. That is the first time we have seen that. Faith Caspers and Kayla Bruton went past the 12’4″ mark with Johannah Lee and Grace Zinkgraf just a few inches behind them. Kayla Walters landed our best jump of the day with her 13″ leap. Johannah Lee broke her personal triple jump record. She hopped, skipped, and jumped 25’4″. Nina Smrecek showed off her strength in the shot put with a personal best 21 feet. Katrina Lipski threw her shot over 19 feet for the first time.

Last year we got the running events started on a high note with a victory in 4×800 relay. This year in the same same race the girls built up a big lead, eventually lapping the other three teams in the process. Andrea Beck, Kayla Walters, Faith Caspers, and Zipporah Caspers ended up missing the DASH record by just one second. That DASH record will not stand for long. Grace Zinkgraf looked good running the hurdles for us. We have been needing to fill that event for a long time. Emily Czaplewski joined the team on Tuesday and ran the 55 meter race on Thursday. She ran well once she got out of the blocks. Zoe Smith joined the team on Wednesday and also ran the 55 meter race, but took a spill getting out of the blocks. Nothing that practice can’t fix. Others in the 55 meter race were Meg Mazza who was back wearing DASH yellow for the first time in five years. Grace Zinkgraf and Nina Smrecek raced next to each other in the same heat. Both girls broke 9 seconds, with Grace finishing just ahead. Kayla Bruton finished 3rd overall with her 8.1 time. In the 1600, Katrina Lipski went out fast and held the lead for a while until coming back to the pack. She was excited to be in her first high school track race. Andrea Beck stayed in the lead pack the whole way and settled for 2nd overall with a 6:20 time. Nina Smrecek, Faith Caspers, and Zipporah Caspers kept us close in the 4×240 relay, then anchor Grace Zinkgraf moved the team into 2nd place just before the finish line. Johannah Lee and Katrina Lipski raced in the first heat of the 400 with Johannah’s 1:20 time coming in first. Kayla Walters followed in the next heat with a DASH indoor record 1:13. There were 12 teams in the 4×160 relay and our seed time put us in the fast 3rd heat. Our team of Nina Smrecek, Meg Mazza, Zoe Smith, and Kayla Bruton finished the four laps in just 1:41. That was good for 4th overall. In the 800, Katrina Lipski was back for five more laps giving her 17 1/2 on the day. Only Andrea would match that. Faith Caspers and Zipporah Caspers raced in the next heat, with both girls posting respectable early season times. We ran seven girls in the 200 and they all ran well. Johannah Lee and Emily Czaplewski raced each other with Johannah coming in a few seconds ahead. Meg Mazza and Nina Smrecek came to the finish line side by side. Meg finished in 33.9, a tenth of a second ahead of Nina. Kayla Walters ran a very respectable 32.5, but Zoe Smith, not hindered by starting blocks this time, showed off her long stride posting a fast 31.3 time to win the heat and earn 3rd place overall. Kayla Bruton sped around in just 31.0 to win her heat. She ended up co-winner of the 200 with a girl from another heat. Now I had the girls pretty tired, so it was time for the 4×400. Andrea Beck again took the baton first and got our team the early lead. Faith Caspers kept the lead, but the race was very close. Kayla Walters really struggled, but would not let anyone pass her, and then Kayla Bruton showed off her speed for the final 400 to close out the day on a winning note.

This team really has the coach excited. We are big enough now to fill up most of the events, and fill them with very talented athletes. This ‘Preview Meet’ gave us a very encouraging glimpse of the big season ahead. We can now look forward to our Varsity Indoor meet on April 2nd where we will also get a chance to see our boys.

Thanks to Ed Beck for his assistance with the coaching. Thanks to Samuel Zinkgraf and Mary Beck who were our volunteer timers. Thanks to the numerous DASH fans who cheered the team on, some of whom even wore DASH yellow. Thanks to our picture ladies. Julianna Caspers got the call early, before handing the camera off to DASH stars Zipporah Caspers and Grace Zinkgraf. The photos were not too bad for the first meet of the year. We have a busy 10 weeks ahead. It is time to practice hard, eat healthy, and continue to get our times down.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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