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Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school girls were at Waukesha South high school yesterday competing in a meet billed as the Preview Meet. Five of our ten girls were competing in high school track for the first time. It would be a chance for the DASH fans to get a preview of our new girls skills, and a chance to see a handful of DASH veterans compete with very little practice time behind them in the warm, comfortable setting of an indoor track.

Field events began at 4:30. Because of the cold March weather, the only practice any of our girls have had this year would be in warmups. The lack of practice showed in the high jump. Emma Taylor was very close on several attempts, but missed the opening height and turned her focus to her running events. In the long jump, Amelia Coleman showed off her talent. She peaked at 12’5″, but she landed her last jump near the end of the sand pit on a scratch. Once she gets her steps down, how far will he go? Annmarie Bridge equalled her best middle school jump with a 10’1.5″. That was a nice start to the season. Jaimee Heckenkamp was a couple inches shy of 10 feet. The talent is there, but her form is not where it needs to be, yet. Despite the calendar showing March 14th, our shot putters decided to be in mid-season form. Lake Holmes threw over 5 feet farther than her best from last year. Last year Lake was pretty good, so her amazing 28’9.5″ throw ended up smashing the DASH record by, (gasp), 3 1/2 feet! She had waffles for breakfast. You get asked those kind of questions when you throw like that. If not for Lake, Amelia Coleman could have been the story of the day with her 23’7.75″ throw. That was farther than any of our girls threw last year, and she hit that mark despite her form being a little off. Rebecca Doak gave us a third girl hitting 23′, and Annika Lipski had a personal record 21’6″. Needless to say this should be our best throwing team ever, if it isn’t already. Katrina Lipski throws just in case the team needs her. It looks like she can concentrate on running. Freshman Mary Katherine Sanchez is yet another girl with some throwing talent. I will report her marks once she gets some more practice.

As the focus turned to the running events, the DASH sprinters were out first for the 55 meters. The DASH fans had a treat as we had a 5-girl all DASH heat up first. After showing off her field event skills, Amelia Coleman proved to be pretty fast, getting off to a good start and keeping her teammates behind her. Jaimee Heckenkamp gave Amelia a race finishing just .14 seconds behind her. Annika Lipski made her case for being a sprinter with a solid 3rd place finish in this heat. Annmarie Bridge was next and has the coach thinking of running her a little longer. Mary Katherine Sanchez stayed close to Annmarie, but she is new to track and needs more seasoning after being thrown into the fire at this early meet. Terez Wycklendt posted the team’s best 55 time with her 8.63. She did not have the best finish because she didn’t know where the finish line was. Because she is so fast, the coach forgets she is a freshman and needs more attention. Rebecca Doak also had a very good race, and finished just a half-step behind Terez. Having Rebecca back after a year’s absence has the coach so excited. Our 4×240 team of Jaimee Heckenkamp, Annmarie Bridge, Annika Lipski, and Katrina Lipski didn’t threaten the DASH record, but ran a very fundamentally sound race. The handoffs were good, the running was hard, the coach was happy. Jaimee posted the best split. All our 400 girls ran in the final heat which is what I was hoping for. Terez Wycklendt bolted into the early lead and was only threatened by a hard-charging Rebecca Doak in the last lap. When the times were posted, Terez’s 1:09.99 gave her a new DASH indoor record. Rebecca missed the old record by just a tenth of a second with her 1:11.2. DASH veteran Emma Taylor came in with a routine 1:16 early season indoor time, and was happy that Terez and Rebecca will be on her 4×400 team this season. Our 4×160 relay team was almost the same as our 4×240 team with Amelia Coleman taking the place of Katrina. Again the girls passed the baton without a hitch after having only practiced in the hallway before the race. And they did beat one Division 1 team with their 2:02 time. Jaimee and Amelia came in with the best splits. Katrina Lipski raced in the first 800 heat. With the weather being so bad the last two months, the distance runners are not ready to post good times yet, and Katrina was disappointed with hers, but the coach thought she looked good under the circumstances. The same goes for Emma Taylor who ran in the next heat and previewed a 3:05. Those times will going way down in the weeks ahead. They always do. After a long wait, Mary Katherine Sanchez was back for the 200. She was a little overdressed in the warm indoor weather, but finished well. The DASH fans were a little depleted as the time neared 8 PM, but those that stayed got to cheer on the 4×400 team. Terez Wycklendt took the baton first and got us into a nice lead over her 2 1/2 laps before handing off to Emma Taylor. A couple teams started closing in on Emma, but Emma pulled away over her last lap before letting Katrina Lipski take over baton duties. The four teams behind Katrina all were staying close, and over her last lap it became an amazing close 5-team battle. Katrina put in a 1:36 split which may have been her fastest ever, and got the baton to Rebecca Doak in time for Rebecca to close in on and pass all but one team over the last 2 1/2 laps. We would post a 5:15 time, good for 2nd place getting the DASH fans excited one last time. We would leave happy with our results.

Of course the meet exposed plenty of issues we will have to work on over the next few weeks, but the coaches have some talent to work with. Add in the fact that we only previewed about half of the full girls team, it looks like this years edition of the DASH girls high school team should be another good one. There is plenty more work that has to be done, and plenty more exciting results to be had over the next two months. It will take time to all come to fruition. While it comes to pass, I hope to see you there.

Thanks to the coaching staff of Ed Beck, Garrett Missiaen, and Zipporah Caspers for their help. Joshua Lipski got rave reviews from the Waukesha South high jump coach for his flawless help with the high jump pit. He even got some free food from the concession stand for his efforts. Very well done. Thanks to the athletes for giving great effort. Thanks to the the DASH fans for keeping the athletes enthused throughout. Last year the photos did not turn out for this meet which was so disappointing, and with the usual photographers not being able to attend this time, special thanks go out to Ella Johnson, Zipporah Caspers, and Jaimee Heckenkamp for volunteering to do the work that goes into getting the photos. The logistics for indoor meets can be difficult. The lighting is different, It can be hard to find a good spot with the fans moving about more than they do at outdoor meets. Yet the girls did very well. Now with the regular photographers coming back, hopefully next time Ella can get out from behind the camera and display some nice strides on the track that I can brag about in a meet report. Ella and Zipporah both had to leave before the meet was done, but Jaimee was staying and had seamlessly turned herself into a DASH fan as she was approached by the coach with the camera. To his relief, she didn’t turn him down. She impressed the coach with her running and then with her camera skills, It will go down as a legendary first meet for Jaimee! This has been a much longer meet report than I expected. It looks like I am taking a liking to these girls. But the report must come to an end so I can get back to reality and prepare for another cold practice tomorrow. It is still March. Sigh. Stay warm, stay healthy, and

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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