DASH Middle School Track 2019 St Francis Borgia Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

Our middle school team was at Cedarburg High School last Friday competing in a meet hosted by St Francis Borgia. This meet was added to our schedule late so we would not have our full team, and the weather forecast had us expecting cold and maybe some rain. But after we arrived, the sun came out leaving us with some very good running conditions to compete in.

The hurdles were adjusted and ready at 4 PM, but the absence of a starting gun led to some questionable early 100 meter times. Bedalia Radtke glided through all 10 hurdles in 22.58 to place 6th. Andy Forget did a nice 19.30 to place 3rd overall, and Abiah Radtke finished in 22.87 for 5th. The hurdles were pushed aside and the 100 meter heats were lined up with the athletes running into a headwind. Bedalia Radtke was back, gliding to an easy win among the 5th graders. Julianna Caspers looked fast and took 3rd. Skyler Schlegel and Elise Husz raced side by side, and stayed close, both getting times in the 16’s. Mary Claire Egan arrived just in time for her heat and finished in the 17’s. In the last 7th grade heat, Asalia White-Williams and Madelyn Zielinski showed off their speed. Both of our stars were clocked in the 14’s and both placed in the top-3 among the 14 7th graders competing. Nice. Josiah Chu raced to a 5th place finish in the 5th grade division. Ephraim Radtke finished in the 19’s. Aizak Schoeder ran in a fast 7th grade heat and won it easily with his impressive 13.46 time. Elijah Peters placed 5th with a 14.99. Andrew Egan was our first 8th grader in with a 14.71. He was followed closely by Micah McKendrick. Anthony Gotcher started his day with a 19.30. The girls 1600 had one heat with all age levels together. That pushed Julianna Caspers to do her four laps in just 6:37 which would have won a 6th and under division. Grace Caspers got a season best 7:26 time, and Jenna Walters was clocked at 8:41. The 6th and under boys 1600 heat was also very fast, and it had Josiah Chu lowering his personal best by 17 seconds with his 6:51. Noah Caspers stayed strong to the end and did a nice 7:15. The 7th and 8th grade 1600 was next, and again the competition was very good. Nathanael Chu battled among the leaders before settling for 3rd place with a personal record 5:52. Abiah Radtke put on a late surge to take 5th while dipping under 6 minutes for the first time. 5:53 is Abiah’s new personal best. Micah Chan struggled during his third lap, but finished strong to dip under his pr with a 6:20. We saw some great racing in all the 1600 heats. We had a girls 4×200 team in the 6th and under division. Elise Husz and Hailey Grant ran the first lap and had us among the leaders. Then Charline Radtke moved us closer to the lead team before Bedalia Radtke ran an amazing 200 leg that had us winning by a full three seconds. Wow! Charline Radtke and Hailey Grant were then back for the first 400 heat, with Charline placing 2nd with a 1:22, and Hailey claiming 4th. Angela Walters was in a class by herself in her 6th grade heat, finishing with a winning time of 1:16. Mary LeSac and Mary Claire Egan followed with nice 4th and 5th place efforts. Natalie Radkte raced her lap in 1:18 for 4th place among the 7th graders. 2nd grade Ephraim Radtke placed 7th out of 13 in the 5th grade 400 with a nice time of 1:28. Aizak Schoeder won his 400 heat handily with a 1:02, but the winner of the next heat was clocked a fraction of a second faster. If only they could have raced each other. We had four 8th graders go head to head. Andy Forget was our first in with a 1:12. Andrew Egan followed with personal record 1:13, Bennett Husz with a 1:18, and Anthony Gotcher with a 1:31. Our 6th and under girls 4×100 team got us another win. Elise Husz and Angela Walters got us out to a nice lead that Julianna Caspers and Skyler Schlegel had no problem keeping. We won by over a full second with a 1:04. In the 800, Julianna Caspers won the first heat and the 6th grade division with a 3:06. Bedalia Radtke was the only girl close to Julianna, as she easily won the 5th grade division with a 3:07. Mary LeSac finished two laps in personal record 3:26 time, and Grace Caspers followed with her own personal best 3:33. Jenna Walters posted a 4:05 in the next heat. Josiah Chu and Noah Caspers placed 2-3 in the 6th and under 800 with times in the 3:20’s. In the 7th/8th grade heat, we went 1-2-3. Micah Chan got out fast and paced the boys through two laps in a fast 2:40. Nathanael Chu followed with a 2:44, and Abiah Radtke was clocked at 2:50. Anthony Gotcher posted a 3:26. Our 800 runners were outstanding! We moved on to the far side of the track to get the 200 meter heats set up. Charline Radtke put on a late charge to finish in 36:30. That put Charline at the top of the 5th grade list. Hailey Grant did a nice 39.37 for 5th. Mary Claire Egan then won the next heat with a 37.05 that had her smiling at the end. Skyler Schlegel finished in the 33’s for the first time. Elise Husz also set a personal record with her nice 34.65 time. Mary LeSac was back running too soon after the 800 and did a 39.14. Asalia White-Williams ran her half lap in just 31.81 which was good for 2nd overall. Madelyn Zielinski did a 33.65 for 4th. Ephraim Radtke and Connor Grant were both in in a little over 40 seconds. Aizak Schoeder had the fastest time of the day for any grade level with his 28.27. Nice. Andrew Egan finished his big day, coming back after hurting his hip, with a 3rd place 30.45. Micah McKendrick was right behind with a 30.55, and Bennett Husz finished in 32.74. The girls sprint medley was next, and we barely got our girls to the starting line in time. As soon as we got our girls lined up in lane 6, the gun went off and we saw that they had lined up the race at the wrong starting line. Being in lane 6 actually gave us a slight advantage that we did not need. The girls built up a big lead early, and it only got bigger before the two laps were done. Natalie Radtke, Madelyn Zielinski, Asalia White-Williams, and Angela Walters combined for a 9 second win with a 2:18. Very impressive from the girls. We had two boys teams going head to head. Micah McKendrick, Bennett Husz, and Micah Chan ran the first lap, before Andy Forget ran a full lap by himself to post a 2:16. Our other team of Elijah Peters, Abiah Radtke, Nathanael Chu, and Aizak Schoeder finished in just 2:08 to break a long-standing DASH record, like 2006 long, by over 5 seconds! How did that record ever stand so long? It was a fitting way to end our big day of racing.

Of course we squeezed in field events when we weren’t racing. In long jump, Bedalia Radtke placed 4th in the 6th and under girls division with a personal best 11’00”. Mary Claire Egan jumped past 10’6″, and Elise Husz was also over 10′. Charline Radtke and Skyler Schlegel landed past 9′. In the 7th and 8th grade division, Madelyn Zielinski did a 12’2″ and settled for 2nd place by just a half inch. If Mr. Beck wasn’t running the long jump pit, I would have wanted a re-measure. Natalie Radtke jumped 10′, and Julianna Caspers made it to 9’9″ for the first time. For the boys, Josiah Chu and Ephraim Radtke measured over 8′. Bennett Husz did a personal record 12’6.5″, coming out just ahead of Abiah Radtke’s 12’6″. Micah Chan’s jump came to 11’10”, and Nathanael Chu’s 10’2″. In shot put, Noah Caspers threw for the first time and took 9th with a 15’2″. Elijah Peters got his shot past 30′ to place 3rd among the 7th and 8th graders. Andrew Egan landed a 24’3″, and Anthony Gotcher a 18’7″. Angela Walters and Grace Caspers went 1-2 for the 6th and under girls. Angela did a nice 20’9″ while Grace made it to 19’7″. Jenna Walters placed 2nd overall in the 7th/8th grade division with a 21’6″. Asalia White-Williams throw measured 18’3″. Andy Forget placed 2nd in discus with a personal record 72’8″ effort. Elijah Peters has a new personal record 67’11” which placed him 6th. Grace Caspers got another 2nd place in the discus with her 45’10”. Mary LeSac came through for 3rd place overall with her nice 41’4″ throw. Jenna Walters let launch a big 50’2″ throw which had her atop the leaderboard in the 7th/8th grade division. Our discus throwers were particularly good!

Thanks to all those that made it up to Cedarburg for this fun meet. I hope the better than expected weather made it worthwhile. Special thanks to Coach Beck for his coaching assistance, and his volunteering to help with the long jump pit. Thanks also to Mr. Radtke, Mrs. Radtke and Ben Forget for their help with the long jumpers. I know that can be a lot of work. Thanks to the camera lady for a great set of photos. She was helped by Grace Caspers when she needed a break.  We have one more week to go, with two more meets on the schedule. Plenty of action is still to be had. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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