DASH Middle School Track 5-21-2019 All Comers Meet Report

Hello DASH families,

The middle school team was back at Arrowhead High School last Tuesday night to compete in another All-Comers Meet. The weather felt more like early April, but fortunately, the earlier projected rain never materialized. The athletes stayed busy, competing in over 200 events before they were done. I will only be able to touch on a few of the highlights below. Placement is always by grade level.

In shot put, Grace Caspers and Angela Walters went 1-2 with Grace throwing past 20′. Elijah Peters added yet another victory with his 28’8″ effort. In discus, Natalie Radtke won her division and had the girls best throw at 49’7″. Jenna Walters was almost as good at 49’5″. Grace Caspers and Mary LeSac went 1-2 with Grace’s throw measuring 46’5″. Simon Smrecek had a nice 40′ throw for 2nd with Johnathan Lipski placing 4th. Anthony Wang had an impressive 83′ effort for a 7th grade win. Elijah Peters placed 4th with his 57’4″. Joshua Lipski and Andy Forget both had throws in the 70’s to place 2nd and 5th. In javelin, Cassie Klepp had a winning throw of 38’10”. Mary LeSac did a 38’11” for 2nd among the 6th graders. Julianna Caspers, Grace Caspers, and Mary Clair Egan went 3-4-5. Joy Rasch had a nice 42’2′ throw for 3rd in 8th grade. Xander Niles hit the 52’8″ mark, and Simon Smrecek 45’4″ to both place 6th. Our 8th graders went 3-4-5-6. Andy Forget led the way with a 66’2″ throw, followed by Joshua Lipski and Bennett Husz with 50′ throws, and Andrew Egan topping out at 49’9″. In long jump, 3rd grade Mary Therese Sanchez was declared the winner after her great 9’5″ leap. Alexa Bruton also did 9’5″ for third place among the 4th graders. Our 5th grade girls placed 1-3-4 out of 22 competing. Cassie Klepp won by two feet with her 12’5″ leap. Chloe Thompson hit 10’5″, a half inch farther than Bedalia Radtke. Mary LeSac hit the 11′ mark for the first time to win the 6th grade division. Mary Claire Egan and Julianna Caspers tied for 3rd, both going past 10′. Ben Jiang was the top 7th grader with his 13’8″. Anthony Wang was 2nd hitting 12’9″, and Drew Pflederer was 5th surpassing 11′. Micah Chan had a nice 13’4″ leap to place 5th among the 8th graders. And this time we also had plenty of high jumpers. Chloe Thompson and Cassie Klepp ended up as the top 5th graders after clearing 3’10”. Bedalia Radtke was 3rd at 3’6″. Julianna Caspers was 2nd with a 3’4″ before heading to hurdles. Natalie Radtke took 2nd with a 3’10”, and Callie Klepp made it over the 3’8″ bar. Simon Smrecek’s 3’4″ was good for 2nd. In 8th grade, Bennett Husz cleared 4’2″ to claim 2nd place, and Andy Forget hit 3’10” for 4th. The high jumpers were unexpectedly good.

The hurdles were out at the start of the running events, and all our athletes in the 10-hurdle lanes went top-3. In 5th grade, Cassie Klepp, Bedalia Radtke, and Chloe Thompson swept the medal stand. In 6th grade Skyler Schlegel and Mary Claire Egan went 2-3 with times in the 23’s. Anthony Wang easily won the 7th grade division with his 18.94. Andy Forget and Micah Chan were the top 8th graders competing. In the 1600, Noah Caspers had a personal record 7:12 to win the 3rd grade division. Ben Jiang, and Nathanael Chu both broke 6 minutes and went 2-3. Abiah Radtke was the top 8th grader with a 6:06. Joy Rasch won the girls 8th grade race with a 7:31. In the 100, Bedalia Radtke was 6th with a nice 16.71 time. Skyler Schlegel, Elise Husz, and Angela Walters also had times in the 16’s with Skyler winning the 6th grade 2nd place ribbon. In 7th grade, we brought the speed. Asalia White-Williams hit 14.96 to win. Madelyn Zielinski and Natalie Radtke posted 15 second times for 2nd and 3rd. Ben Jiang did a 14.42 to finish .07 seconds ahead of Antony Wang. Andrew Egan was our top 8th grader, placing 5th with our best time of 14.15. In the 400, Mary Therese Sanchez did her lap in a fast 1:38. Chloe Thompson was 3rd with a 1:26. Our 6th graders went 1-2-3 and it was Elise Husz that was our first runner in. Elise went out fast and never let up while posting a 1:18. Skyler Schlegel was clocked in 1:23 and Julianna Caspers jogged to a 1:26. Josiah Chu placed 3rd with his routine 1:25. Ben Jiang clocked in at 1:05 to win among the 7th graders. Nathanael Chu had a personal best 1:11, and Micah Chan was the top 8th grader with a 1:13. Joshua Lipski was 2nd with a 1:19. In the 800, Cassie Klepp came out on top of the 5th grade division with a 3:12. Grace Caspers’ personal record 3:29 put her in 2nd, and Mary LeSac took 3rd. Joy Rasch’s 3:31 held up for 2nd. Josiah Chu was 2nd with a 3:29. Nathanael Chu was the first 7th grade in with a 2:44. Micah Chan won a close battle with Nathanael and crossed the line at 2:42. In the 200, Charline Radtke easily won the 3rd grader class with a blazing 36.89. Elise Husz did a 36.97 for 2nd in 6th grade. Mary Claire Egan was 3rd. Asalia White-Williams won again with a personal best 31.68. She looked fast. Madelyn Zielinski was 2nd with a 33.08. Elijah Peters finished 200 meters in 33.47. Andrew Egan hit a personal best 29.92 to place 3rd. He was followed by Andy Forget and Bennett Husz.

We had seven 4×100 teams. Our 7th grade girls team of Grace Caspers, Cassie Klepp, Ella Hansen, and Asalia White-Williams won with a fast 1:03. Elise Husz, Chloe Thompson, Julianna Caspers, and Skyler Schlegel raced around in 1:07, which was a second better than the team of Jenna Walters, Joy Rasch, Callie Klepp, and Natalie Radtke. Alexa Bruton, Charline Radtke, Mary LeSac, and Bedalia Radtke clocked in at 1:09. Drew Pfleder, Xander Niles, Ezekiel Niles, and Zane Miles were good for 1:17, and the team of Bennett Husz, Andrew Egan, Micah Chan, and Andy Forget combined for a 1:00.26 time. We also fielded a mixed boys and girls team of Mary Claire Egan, Hailey Grant, Noah Caspers, and Madelyn Zielinski. They made it through in 1:11. A 4×400 heat finished the day of racing, and we were there fielding two of the five teams. Our 6th grade team of Mary Claire Egan, Grace Caspers, Julianna Caspers, and Elise Husz did a 5:56 to come out ahead of our 5th grade team of Alexa Bruton, Mary LeSac, Cassie Klepp, and Bedalia Radtke. Both teams came away with 1st place ribbons in their grade levels.

Thanks to our volunteers. Jodi LeSac helped out at long jump. Katrina Lipski was kept busy helping out at discus, and Mr. Chu helped out with the timing. Thanks to Mr. Beck and Mr. Klepp who were on hand to help with the coaching. Thanks to Mrs. Chan for helping out at our table. Now to get ready for our big Milwaukee Invitational meet this Saturday. It will be our most competitive meet of the year. We will need to be at our best to earn some top-8 awards. Of course, I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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