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Hello DASH families,

Yesterday, the DASH middle school cross country team made its way up to Peace Lutheran in Hartford on a very warm and humid, mostly sunny day. There were thunderstorms in the forecast at times, but as the day went on the forecast looked more promising. When we arrived we found out that the plan was to run only one race, girls and boys combined, at 4 PM to get things finished before the potential rain. Chips were being tied to shoes, the course was being scouted, all while some ominous looking dark clouds swirled in unpredictable patterns above our heads. Then about 3:45 PM lightning was seen. Soon after, we were sitting in our vehicles getting out of a heavy downpour. The rain stopped for a few minutes, only to come back once again even harder. Finally at about 4:15 PM things cleared up, but we came out hearing about rumors that the race had been cancelled. The coach went into lobbying mode, scrambling around and making it known that the DASH team was ready to race. To our relief, the cancel rumors turned out to be just that – rumors. The race was on! And the weather was much cooler. We would get to see our very promising middle school athletes in action after all. (Exhale from the coach as he wrote that.)

All 23 of out athletes had plenty of time to warm up and pose for a nice team picture while they waited for the race to eventually start at 4:45 PM. As the horn went off, we saw Nathanael Chu race out to the front as the team headed down the hill to the sidewalk around the back neighborhood. It was a welcome sign that the boys, along with our powerhouse girls team, were going for some wins.

In the boys race, Nathanael stayed up with a breakout pack of four 8th grade boys to the finish. Nathanael would put his claim on the 4th place medal with a super fast 9:45 clocking. Seka Kostrzewa got out to a great start and held on for 9th place in the end. Seka’s 10:24 time gave him rights to the 1st place 5th/6th grade medal. Erik Anderson was amazing in his first cross country race, eventually working his way up to finish a step behind Seka all while giving us a third top-10 runner. The only team that seemed to be a threat at this point was the Richfield team wearing red. Josiah Chu really looked fast and cracked the top-20 with an impressive 11:09 time. He will be counted on to come through for us a lot this season. Ephraim Radtke gave us a fifth runner in the top-25 and was the top 3rd/4th grader by almost a minute. He is a special talent. Andrew Anderson moved up close to Ephraim in the end, taking 29th with an 11:23. Andrew never faded in his first race which bodes well for my prediction of future stardom for him. Noah Caspers put in a solid effort which won him the 3rd place medal in the 3rd/4th grade division. Martin Wichgers also looked good in his first race, adding his name to our impressive 4th and under contingent. Also add Philip Caspers name to the list as he toughed out a nice win in the 2nd grade division, once he found the finish line. George Wichgers got through his first race. He will only get faster.

The girls race was particularly tough to keep track of with all the boys in the way, but it looked early on like we would be the team to beat. Julianna Caspers led the way as usual, but then she rolled her ankle midway through. Bedalia Radtke kept Julianna in her sights and then moved up with a great finish to place 4th overall, which got her the 3rd place medal in the always tough 5th/6th grade division. Julianna toughed it out at the end to place 5th overall, 2nd among the 7th/8th graders. An inspired Charline Radtke was our next girl in and she finished just 32 seconds behind Julianna, all while winning the 1st place 3rd/4th place medal. Charline also gave us a third girl in the top-8. Did I mention that this was Charline’s first race? I knew Charline had the talent to post a result like this, but I did not expect it so early this season. Our girls team has become a little more scary good now. Julia Kowalinski picked up where she left off last season with a nice 13th place finish. Angela Walters faded a little at the end, but still gave us a fifth girl in the top-15. And I know Julia and Angela will be even better in the meets ahead. Grace Caspers is back running fast after struggling last year. Grace moved up in the last half of the race all the way up to 16th overall. Hellena Hacker showed off her much taller stride for us after a year off. I was impressed. Hellena came in just before Maryana Anderson who placed 20th. That gave us 8 of the top-20. Wow! Maryana is only a 2nd grader. Three minutes later the next 2nd grader from another team came through. Really. I am not making this stuff up. Mary LeSac did not get out fast enough for me, but she had a great finish to place 24th. She will be good this year. Mary Claire Egan was running near Mary early, but had a rough finish. A few more weeks of practice will fix that. She joined us late. Andrea Chu did well in her first race, proving she is more than just a dancer. I knew it all along. Talia Kostrzewa was our 5th runner in last year. Our team has improved so much that this year she was our 12th, coming in with about the same time, although the course ran slower this year. Talia earned the 2nd place 2nd grade medal for her nice effort. Natalie Radkte was the top 8th grader while placing 43rd, proving my point about 8th grade girls not participating as much. Hopefully that point will not harm us next year as we have so many very good 7th graders.

It took a while before the official results were ready, but it was worth the wait. The countdown of the boys teams scores left us in the top-2, but we were called out as the 2nd place trophy winners. We missed first by just five points. Our boys teams have been very good the last few years, and this year’s edition is reloaded and still top notch. The girls race was not very close with our girls coming out on top, winning the 1st place trophy with just 40 points, 21 points ahead of second. I have been waiting a long time for my little girls to get bigger and this is that year. And we are turning out to be as good as I ever hoped. We still have six meets ahead of us and I am really looking forward to each one. Tune in next Wednesday for the next chapter of the DASH 2019 middle school cross country team to be written. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Mrs. Walters, the camera lady, and Mrs. Beck for passing out and collecting the timing chips. It went very smooth. Thanks to all the parents who made the drive to Hartland and waited patiently for the race. Thanks to Mr. Beck for his help with the coaching. Special thank to the Peace Lutheran folks and official starter and timer Tim Kuehl for squashing all the cancel rumors, not being afraid of a little rain, and giving the athletes a chance to race. When the rain did stop the camera came out allowing the camera lady to catch some of the days action in photos. The day was not lost after all. What a relief. (Another exhale from the coach as he wrote that, too.)

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The 2019 DASH high school cross country team took the field at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School yesterday to kick off the DASH Team’s 15th cross country season. It would be the first high school race for 10 of our 19 athletes. Our promising high school newcomers would all be running JV this time out, but not until after they got a good look at how our veterans fared in the varsity races.

The varsity boys opened the day of racing. Sophomore Alexander Taylor became our leader after the mile mark and hit the medal stand for the second year in a row. His time of 19:28 held up for 16th overall, and it proved that the course was not running fast on the warm, blustery day. Kaden Hacker cut over a minute off his time from last year to join Alex on the medal stand placing 18th with a 19:45. Fast times from Alex and Kaden point to some promising results this year. Caleb Schaber came down with a cold the morning of the race, and that slowed him down considerably through the second half of the race. Caleb would settle for a 20:57. I don’t expect to be reporting any more times like that from our long-time star this year. Matthew Schaber ran a very smart and steady race and clocked in at 22:24. He is running well and is ready to take on varsity duties.. Jacob Parker started very well, maybe too well, but then hit the wall and cruised in with a 24:14. He has many good races ahead.

The varsity girls were a little short handed, so the coach decided to not worry about a team score this time and start only three. Terez Wycklendt and Stephanie Chu, after running so well in our team run last week, were told to expect to be running among the leaders from the start. They did just that, and were actually the early pacesetters through the first half of the race. About five girls in the chase pack caught up and ran with Terez and Stephanie over the last mile. In the end, Terez crossed the finish in 3rd place with a 23:06. Stephanie followed eight seconds later in 6th. A whole lot of coaches and spectators were talking about those fast DASH girls! Senior Emma Taylor also gave us her best ever early season race. She claimed the 24th place ribbon with a nice 25:43 time. Now we just need two more girls to step up and join these three in the meets ahead.

We ran 7 boys and 4 girls in the JV race with only Naomi Zhou having any high school racing experience. Freshman Abiah Radtke positioned himself well at the start and then surged ahead over the last mile to finish 16th overall in 21:56. Micah Chan kept a fast pace throughout and hit the finish line in 22:31 for 23rd. These two did what the coach thought they were capable of and should be seeing some varsity action in the weeks ahead. Nathan Forget is getting in shape fast and put in a well-run 24:32. Joshua Lipski has never looked better. His 24:49 on this tough course was a good start to the season. Andy Forget, with just a week of practice behind him, hit the finish in 25:21. The boys team looks to have some solid depth this year. Stephen Janes got through his first 5k in 29:26. He looked a little timid at times, and looked like a race at others. As he gains confidence and conditioning his time will come way down. Anthony Gotcher did a 32:25. Knowing his work ethic, I am looking forward to seeing his times getting better each time out. Joy Rasch was our first girl in with a respectable 30:07. She is probably going to be our number 5 varsity girl this year after a couple years of being one of our middle school stars. Jenna Walters made it through the course without walking. Now that she knows she can do it, she will start picking up the pace. Naomi Zhou struggled this time out. Hopefully we can get her back running like she did last year. Emily Janes got caught up in the moment and had trouble staying in a running rhythm. Experience gained. I know her time will come down a lot.

Overall it was a pretty typical first race with many highs and a few lows. The varsity girls were exceptional. The high school boys would have been fine if I had run a full seven. The JV runners showed us some depth and learned what it takes to run 3 miles over a hard course. The 15th edition of the DASH cross country team looks to be yet another one to look forward to. We have seven meets left on the schedule. I hope to see you there as we watch this team get better each week.

Thanks to Jacob Dickman and Pete Dickman for their help with the coaching. Thanks to Grace Caspers and Julianna Caspers for their work in passing out and collecting the timing chips. Thanks to Kaden Hacker who arrived early and helped us get the team tent up before it could blow away. Thanks to the big camera crew of Katrina Lipski, Natalie Radtke, Grace Caspers, and Julianna Caspers. Be sure to check out the photos. Thanks for everyone making it up to Jackson for the race. We get to do it all again this Tuesday at UW-Parkside.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The 2019 edition of the DASH track and field middle school team has been practicing and competing for the last 2 1/2 months, trying to shave a few seconds off their times, and trying to add a few inches to their jumps and throws, all with the goal of peaking for their big end-of-the-season meet at Quad Park – The Milwaukee Metro Invitational. Seventeen of the biggest, and best private school teams in the area would be on hand, providing us with by far our toughest competition of the season. We arrived to humid, cloudy conditions with the grounds wet from some overnight rain. Just as things were drying up, some unexpected rain drenched us mostly during the 100 meter races, and then the sun came out drying us off, but also leaving us a little sunburned. The meet lasted about seven hours, giving the athletes plenty of time to compete in numerous events, and giving the coach plenty of action to report on.

The 1600 runners are first on the track at this meet. Julianna Caspers and Bedalia Radtke raced in the first combined 5th/6th grade heat. Julianna went out fast and got herself positioned comfortably in 3rd place early, a place she held to the end to claim our first medal of the day. Bedalia followed Julianna and paced behind her the whole way to take 4th overall, while posting a big personal best 6:46 to win the 5th grade division by 34 seconds! We were off to a great start. Joy Rasch then ran to a season best 7:21 to take 5th among the 8th graders. Josiah Chu and Noah Caspers raced in a very tough heat with Josiah taking 6th in 6:54, and Noah claiming the 8th place ribbon. Then the rain started. Nathanael Chu and Abiah Radtke jockeyed back and forth while getting a little wet, pushing each other to personal bests. Nathanael did four laps in 5:51 and won the 2nd place 7th grade medal. Abiah closed in 5:53 to get the 3rd place 8th grade medal. Those were very good results.  The rain was really coming down now and getting the 100 runners a bit wet and cold. Mary Therese Sanchez and Abby Manley were not able to post their fastest times. Alexa Bruton ran in the 18’s, and Anja Schoeder started her big day with a 17.86. Hailey Grant posted a nice 17.65 in the next heat, and then in the final heat Cassie Klepp put on a surge in the middle of the race to pull way ahead. Cassie posted a 14.57 time to win by almost a full second!  Mary Claire Egan came in in just under 18 seconds, Elise Husz hit 16.35, and Skyler Schlegel jumped through the finish line with a 15.44 and took 9th. All of our 7th graders raced each other in the final heat, and it was Madelyn Zielinski edging Asalia White Williams at the line with a 15.18 for 5th. The 7th grade race was so close that Asalia’s 15.22 had her in a tie for 8th, and Natalie got 13th. Connor Grant did a 22.77, Caleb Hagemann a 19.89, and Joseph Janes was a hundredth of a second faster than Simon Smrecek, clocking in at 17.74. James Manley did 100 meters in 16.21, and Elijah Peters powered his way to a nice 14.98. Aizak Schoeder impressed the coach with his 2nd place medal and personal record 13.37.  Anthony Gotcher did a 19.03, Stephen Janes crossed in 16.25, and Bennett Husz splashed to a 15.57. Micah Chan got in a bonus 100 race and had a very nice 14.73. Micah McKendrick battled to a 14.55 to place 11th.  In the drier, warmer 800, Chloe Thompson went out fast as usual, and toughed out a great 3:08 time to get the 3rd place medal. Bedalia Radtke eased through her first lap as usual, and then moved up late to get the 4th place ribbon with a 3:09. Alexa Bruton posted a 4:03. Julianna Caspers was not at her best, but held on to place 4th. Mary LeSac did two laps in 3:36, and Mary Claire Egan did it in 3:47. Joy Rasch raced very well to put claim to the 3rd place 8th grade medal, and Jenna Walters came in 5th. Josiah Chu gave a thumbs up to a 3:21 8th place finish. Noah Caspers managed a 3:42. Nathanael Chu needed a personal record 2:38 to hit the medal stand, staying .21 seconds ahead of the 4th place runner. I liked that. Abiah Radtke and Micah Chan went 5-6 among the 8th graders. Anthony Gotcher placed 11th.  In the 200, Mary Therese Sanchez posted a 41.55. Abby Manley went way under her old personal record while doing a 38.66. Hailey Grant raced in with a nice 37.94. Anja Schoeder won her heat with a 36.53. The coach liked that effort. Charline Radtke followed with a really fast 34.95 for 14th. 3rd graders are not supposed to run that fast. Bedalia Radtke filled in with a 34.16 for 9th overall. Our young girls were amazing. Mary Claire Egan did a 39.46 coming off her 800. Elise Husz did half a lap in 36.57 and called it a day. Skyler Schlegel was 19th with a 34.43, and Angela Walters won her heat with a personal record 32.13. Our 7th grade trio all made the final heat again, and the race was very close with all our girls getting pushed to personal records. Natalie Radtke was clocked in 31.86 for 9th. Madelyn Zielinski was 4th with a 31.03, .05 seconds ahead of 5th. Asalia did a 30.66 for 3rd, just .02 seconds behind 2nd. That was an exciting heat.  Ephraim Radtke won his heat with a very fast 36.48. Connor Grant did a personal best 41.80. Caleb Hagemann and Johnathan Lipski had times in the 40’s. Simon Smrecek did a 39.32, and Joseph Janes was clocked in 37.30. James Manley hit the finish in 32.83, and in the same heat Elijah Peters came through in 31.64. In the final 7th grade heat, Aizak Schoeder came in comfortably in 2nd place. I didn’t realize how fast Aizak had run until I saw the official results – 26.87. That time smashes a 10-year old DASH record. Wow!  Stephen Janes made it through in 34.57. Abiah Radtke picked up the pace late to post a 32.99. Bennett Husz got a personal record 31.48, and Micah McKendrick hit 29.43. Andrew Egan and Andy Forget raced side-by-side, pushing each other to personal bests. Andrew got 12th in 29.32; Andy was 11th with a nice 28.78.  It was now mid-afternoon. Time to ask for one more lap from the 400 runners. Mary Therese Sanchez had the energy to do her lap in 1:42; Alexa Bruton in 1:38. Abby Manley pushed herself to an impressive 1:34. I liked Abby’s day. Anja Schoeder lowered her pr by over four seconds with a 1:32. She is starting to like running fast. Chloe Thompson struggled to a 1:29 for 10th. Charline Radtke was 4th overall with a 1:20. Amazing as usual. Mary Claire Egan did yet another lap, this time in 1:38. Mary LeSac posted a 1:29, and Angela Walters was 5th overall with a very good 1:15. Jenna Walters did a 1:39 for 10th. Ephraim Radtke crossed the finish in 1:31, and Josiah Chu made it around in 1:25. Caleb Hagemann and Johnathan Lipski were in the 1:50’s. James Manley had a 1:15 personal record, and Nathanael Chu has a new pr of 1:10. Aizak Schoeder then blew away the competition with a relentless 59.63 effort!  I thought he may have broken another 10-year old DASH record, but this time he missed by a tenth of a second. That record will be watched closely next year. We had five 8th grade boys going at it in the same heat. Anthony Gotcher posted a 1:30. Stephen Janes and Micah Chan came in together with 1:17’s. Abiah Radtke made it in 1:13, and Micah McKendrick was our leader with a 1:10. Then in the next heat, Andy Forget was pushed to a personal record 1:07. That was a full day of individual racing.

But we also worked together as a team while running relays. In the Medley, the girls team of Cassie Klepp, Skyler Schlegel, Natalie Radtke, and Joy Rasch had a nice 5th place showing doing the 4 laps in 5:41. For the boys, Ephraim Radtke, Joseph Janes, and Elijah Peters kept it close enough for Micah Chan to move us up though his two laps to also take 5th with a 5:17. In the 4×400, our 5th grade team of Hailey Grant, Charline Radtke, Chloe Thompson, and Bedalia Radtke won the 2nd place medals for their 5:30 effort. Our 6th grade girls settled for 4th in a very close race. Elise Husz, Mary LeSac, Julianna Caspers, and Angela Walters combined for a 5:26. In a not very close 7th grade boys race we also won the 2nd place medals. Nathanael Chu, James Manley, Abiah Radtke, and Aizak Schoeder posted the 4th best time in DASH history – 4:38. Nice. Our 8th grade team also got in on the medals .Stephen Janes, Andy Forget, Bennett Husz, and Andrew Egan claimed 2nd place with a 4:52. The 4×100 closed out the big day of racing. Our 5th grade girls team of Charline Radtke, Bedalia Radtke, Cassie Klepp, and Chloe Thompson posted a nice 1:06 time that held up for 2nd. I have medals to hand out to hem. The 6th grade race was especially fast. Mary LeSac, Angela Walters, Julianna Caspers, and Skyler Schlegel did a 1:05 and had to settle for 6th. The 7th grade race was amazingly close with the 3rd through 7th place teams finishing within 1.4 seconds of each other. Our team of Natalie Radtke, Asalia White-Williams, Joy Rasch, and Madelyn Zielinski were in the mix with a 1:01. That was one of the best times in DASH history, but it only left us in 5th at this tough meet. Our 8th grade boys team of Andrew Egan, Bennett Husz, Andy Forget, and Micah McKendrick ran to an inspiring 57.37 time that won us the 3rd place medals. I did not see that coming. I was running and jumping across the field in excitement while watching the finish.

We got in a few field events as well. Asalia White-Williams had a nice 18’9″ throw in shot put. Angela Walters his 15’7″, and Grace Caspers put her crutches aside and threw 14’8″. Elijah Peters was 4th with his 28’11” effort. James Manley got his shot past the 18′ mark. Stephen Janes hit 21′, and Anthony Gotcher 16′ for the 8th grade boys. In softball throw, Hailey Grant did a 38′, and Anja Schoeder 37′. Chloe Thompson had her throw measured at 119′. That won the meet by over 16′, and that breaks the DASH record by 21′!  Mary LeSac had a nice 61′ throw in 6th grade. Noah Caspers got his softball to 46′. Simon Smrecek hit 65′, Johnathan Lipski 71′, and Joseph Janes had a nice 96′ throw. In discus, Natalie Radtke’s throw was measured at 34’2″, and Joy Rasch and Jenna Walters were both in the 43’s.  Johnathan Lipski got his discus past 42′ Elijah Peters hit 67’11.5″ to win the 2nd place 7th grade medal. Very nice. Andy Forget placed 6th in 8th grade with his 80’8″ throw.  The 5th and 7th grade girl long jump results were ruined in the rain. Very disappointing.  In 6th grade, Mary Claire Egan took 9th with a 10’8″. Julianna Caspers and Elise Husz went past 9′, and Mary LeSac did a 8’8″. Josiah Chu was measured at 9’5″. Caleb Hagemann did a 7’6″, and Simon Smrecek got out 8’11”. Nathanael Chu was in the 9’s, Abiah Radtke hit 11′, Bennett Husz 11’11”, and Micah Chan placed 7th with a 13’00” effort.

It was a big meet report for a very big meet. The team did so well that I wanted to cover everything. Looking at the grade level team scores, our 5th grade girls took 1st place, and that was without tabulating in the long jump results where we usually do very well. Our 7th grade boys were 2nd. Overall, we certainly left feeling we were one of the best teams competing. We wouldn’t want to have seven hour meets every week, but finishing up and competing at a high level at a big meet like this seems like a good fit. Thanks to all the parents who got the athletes to the meet ready to compete, and then transformed themselves into some great DASH fans. Thanks to our volunteers in the long jump pit. We had Mr. Beck, Mr. Radtke, Mrs. Radtke, Faith Caspers, and Stephanie Chu helping out. Thanks again to Mr. Radtke for putting up his tent by the long jump pit as the rains came down to help keep things, including the clipboard with the results, dry. Thanks to Mr. Beck and Mr. Klepp for their help with the coaching. Thanks to the camera lady, with help from Faith Caspers, for taking some great photos in tough conditions. They didn’t miss much. Thanks to the Marquette High School track team staff for their help in running such a big meet so smoothly. Thanks to David Gilmore from the St. Joseph team for the work he puts in, and for his annual invitation. We now have another DASH track season in the books. That makes 14 seasons in all now. We have fielded strong teams every year, but I think this year will go down as one of our best. It was fun. Now, as track season comes to a close, we will slowly start changing gears and preparing for cross country season. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The middle school team was back at Arrowhead High School last Tuesday night to compete in another All-Comers Meet. The weather felt more like early April, but fortunately, the earlier projected rain never materialized. The athletes stayed busy, competing in over 200 events before they were done. I will only be able to touch on a few of the highlights below. Placement is always by grade level.

In shot put, Grace Caspers and Angela Walters went 1-2 with Grace throwing past 20′. Elijah Peters added yet another victory with his 28’8″ effort. In discus, Natalie Radtke won her division and had the girls best throw at 49’7″. Jenna Walters was almost as good at 49’5″. Grace Caspers and Mary LeSac went 1-2 with Grace’s throw measuring 46’5″. Simon Smrecek had a nice 40′ throw for 2nd with Johnathan Lipski placing 4th. Anthony Wang had an impressive 83′ effort for a 7th grade win. Elijah Peters placed 4th with his 57’4″. Joshua Lipski and Andy Forget both had throws in the 70’s to place 2nd and 5th. In javelin, Cassie Klepp had a winning throw of 38’10”. Mary LeSac did a 38’11” for 2nd among the 6th graders. Julianna Caspers, Grace Caspers, and Mary Clair Egan went 3-4-5. Joy Rasch had a nice 42’2′ throw for 3rd in 8th grade. Xander Niles hit the 52’8″ mark, and Simon Smrecek 45’4″ to both place 6th. Our 8th graders went 3-4-5-6. Andy Forget led the way with a 66’2″ throw, followed by Joshua Lipski and Bennett Husz with 50′ throws, and Andrew Egan topping out at 49’9″. In long jump, 3rd grade Mary Therese Sanchez was declared the winner after her great 9’5″ leap. Alexa Bruton also did 9’5″ for third place among the 4th graders. Our 5th grade girls placed 1-3-4 out of 22 competing. Cassie Klepp won by two feet with her 12’5″ leap. Chloe Thompson hit 10’5″, a half inch farther than Bedalia Radtke. Mary LeSac hit the 11′ mark for the first time to win the 6th grade division. Mary Claire Egan and Julianna Caspers tied for 3rd, both going past 10′. Ben Jiang was the top 7th grader with his 13’8″. Anthony Wang was 2nd hitting 12’9″, and Drew Pflederer was 5th surpassing 11′. Micah Chan had a nice 13’4″ leap to place 5th among the 8th graders. And this time we also had plenty of high jumpers. Chloe Thompson and Cassie Klepp ended up as the top 5th graders after clearing 3’10”. Bedalia Radtke was 3rd at 3’6″. Julianna Caspers was 2nd with a 3’4″ before heading to hurdles. Natalie Radtke took 2nd with a 3’10”, and Callie Klepp made it over the 3’8″ bar. Simon Smrecek’s 3’4″ was good for 2nd. In 8th grade, Bennett Husz cleared 4’2″ to claim 2nd place, and Andy Forget hit 3’10” for 4th. The high jumpers were unexpectedly good.

The hurdles were out at the start of the running events, and all our athletes in the 10-hurdle lanes went top-3. In 5th grade, Cassie Klepp, Bedalia Radtke, and Chloe Thompson swept the medal stand. In 6th grade Skyler Schlegel and Mary Claire Egan went 2-3 with times in the 23’s. Anthony Wang easily won the 7th grade division with his 18.94. Andy Forget and Micah Chan were the top 8th graders competing. In the 1600, Noah Caspers had a personal record 7:12 to win the 3rd grade division. Ben Jiang, and Nathanael Chu both broke 6 minutes and went 2-3. Abiah Radtke was the top 8th grader with a 6:06. Joy Rasch won the girls 8th grade race with a 7:31. In the 100, Bedalia Radtke was 6th with a nice 16.71 time. Skyler Schlegel, Elise Husz, and Angela Walters also had times in the 16’s with Skyler winning the 6th grade 2nd place ribbon. In 7th grade, we brought the speed. Asalia White-Williams hit 14.96 to win. Madelyn Zielinski and Natalie Radtke posted 15 second times for 2nd and 3rd. Ben Jiang did a 14.42 to finish .07 seconds ahead of Antony Wang. Andrew Egan was our top 8th grader, placing 5th with our best time of 14.15. In the 400, Mary Therese Sanchez did her lap in a fast 1:38. Chloe Thompson was 3rd with a 1:26. Our 6th graders went 1-2-3 and it was Elise Husz that was our first runner in. Elise went out fast and never let up while posting a 1:18. Skyler Schlegel was clocked in 1:23 and Julianna Caspers jogged to a 1:26. Josiah Chu placed 3rd with his routine 1:25. Ben Jiang clocked in at 1:05 to win among the 7th graders. Nathanael Chu had a personal best 1:11, and Micah Chan was the top 8th grader with a 1:13. Joshua Lipski was 2nd with a 1:19. In the 800, Cassie Klepp came out on top of the 5th grade division with a 3:12. Grace Caspers’ personal record 3:29 put her in 2nd, and Mary LeSac took 3rd. Joy Rasch’s 3:31 held up for 2nd. Josiah Chu was 2nd with a 3:29. Nathanael Chu was the first 7th grade in with a 2:44. Micah Chan won a close battle with Nathanael and crossed the line at 2:42. In the 200, Charline Radtke easily won the 3rd grader class with a blazing 36.89. Elise Husz did a 36.97 for 2nd in 6th grade. Mary Claire Egan was 3rd. Asalia White-Williams won again with a personal best 31.68. She looked fast. Madelyn Zielinski was 2nd with a 33.08. Elijah Peters finished 200 meters in 33.47. Andrew Egan hit a personal best 29.92 to place 3rd. He was followed by Andy Forget and Bennett Husz.

We had seven 4×100 teams. Our 7th grade girls team of Grace Caspers, Cassie Klepp, Ella Hansen, and Asalia White-Williams won with a fast 1:03. Elise Husz, Chloe Thompson, Julianna Caspers, and Skyler Schlegel raced around in 1:07, which was a second better than the team of Jenna Walters, Joy Rasch, Callie Klepp, and Natalie Radtke. Alexa Bruton, Charline Radtke, Mary LeSac, and Bedalia Radtke clocked in at 1:09. Drew Pfleder, Xander Niles, Ezekiel Niles, and Zane Miles were good for 1:17, and the team of Bennett Husz, Andrew Egan, Micah Chan, and Andy Forget combined for a 1:00.26 time. We also fielded a mixed boys and girls team of Mary Claire Egan, Hailey Grant, Noah Caspers, and Madelyn Zielinski. They made it through in 1:11. A 4×400 heat finished the day of racing, and we were there fielding two of the five teams. Our 6th grade team of Mary Claire Egan, Grace Caspers, Julianna Caspers, and Elise Husz did a 5:56 to come out ahead of our 5th grade team of Alexa Bruton, Mary LeSac, Cassie Klepp, and Bedalia Radtke. Both teams came away with 1st place ribbons in their grade levels.

Thanks to our volunteers. Jodi LeSac helped out at long jump. Katrina Lipski was kept busy helping out at discus, and Mr. Chu helped out with the timing. Thanks to Mr. Beck and Mr. Klepp who were on hand to help with the coaching. Thanks to Mrs. Chan for helping out at our table. Now to get ready for our big Milwaukee Invitational meet this Saturday. It will be our most competitive meet of the year. We will need to be at our best to earn some top-8 awards. Of course, I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our middle school team was at Cedarburg High School last Friday competing in a meet hosted by St Francis Borgia. This meet was added to our schedule late so we would not have our full team, and the weather forecast had us expecting cold and maybe some rain. But after we arrived, the sun came out leaving us with some very good running conditions to compete in.

The hurdles were adjusted and ready at 4 PM, but the absence of a starting gun led to some questionable early 100 meter times. Bedalia Radtke glided through all 10 hurdles in 22.58 to place 6th. Andy Forget did a nice 19.30 to place 3rd overall, and Abiah Radtke finished in 22.87 for 5th. The hurdles were pushed aside and the 100 meter heats were lined up with the athletes running into a headwind. Bedalia Radtke was back, gliding to an easy win among the 5th graders. Julianna Caspers looked fast and took 3rd. Skyler Schlegel and Elise Husz raced side by side, and stayed close, both getting times in the 16’s. Mary Claire Egan arrived just in time for her heat and finished in the 17’s. In the last 7th grade heat, Asalia White-Williams and Madelyn Zielinski showed off their speed. Both of our stars were clocked in the 14’s and both placed in the top-3 among the 14 7th graders competing. Nice. Josiah Chu raced to a 5th place finish in the 5th grade division. Ephraim Radtke finished in the 19’s. Aizak Schoeder ran in a fast 7th grade heat and won it easily with his impressive 13.46 time. Elijah Peters placed 5th with a 14.99. Andrew Egan was our first 8th grader in with a 14.71. He was followed closely by Micah McKendrick. Anthony Gotcher started his day with a 19.30. The girls 1600 had one heat with all age levels together. That pushed Julianna Caspers to do her four laps in just 6:37 which would have won a 6th and under division. Grace Caspers got a season best 7:26 time, and Jenna Walters was clocked at 8:41. The 6th and under boys 1600 heat was also very fast, and it had Josiah Chu lowering his personal best by 17 seconds with his 6:51. Noah Caspers stayed strong to the end and did a nice 7:15. The 7th and 8th grade 1600 was next, and again the competition was very good. Nathanael Chu battled among the leaders before settling for 3rd place with a personal record 5:52. Abiah Radtke put on a late surge to take 5th while dipping under 6 minutes for the first time. 5:53 is Abiah’s new personal best. Micah Chan struggled during his third lap, but finished strong to dip under his pr with a 6:20. We saw some great racing in all the 1600 heats. We had a girls 4×200 team in the 6th and under division. Elise Husz and Hailey Grant ran the first lap and had us among the leaders. Then Charline Radtke moved us closer to the lead team before Bedalia Radtke ran an amazing 200 leg that had us winning by a full three seconds. Wow! Charline Radtke and Hailey Grant were then back for the first 400 heat, with Charline placing 2nd with a 1:22, and Hailey claiming 4th. Angela Walters was in a class by herself in her 6th grade heat, finishing with a winning time of 1:16. Mary LeSac and Mary Claire Egan followed with nice 4th and 5th place efforts. Natalie Radkte raced her lap in 1:18 for 4th place among the 7th graders. 2nd grade Ephraim Radtke placed 7th out of 13 in the 5th grade 400 with a nice time of 1:28. Aizak Schoeder won his 400 heat handily with a 1:02, but the winner of the next heat was clocked a fraction of a second faster. If only they could have raced each other. We had four 8th graders go head to head. Andy Forget was our first in with a 1:12. Andrew Egan followed with personal record 1:13, Bennett Husz with a 1:18, and Anthony Gotcher with a 1:31. Our 6th and under girls 4×100 team got us another win. Elise Husz and Angela Walters got us out to a nice lead that Julianna Caspers and Skyler Schlegel had no problem keeping. We won by over a full second with a 1:04. In the 800, Julianna Caspers won the first heat and the 6th grade division with a 3:06. Bedalia Radtke was the only girl close to Julianna, as she easily won the 5th grade division with a 3:07. Mary LeSac finished two laps in personal record 3:26 time, and Grace Caspers followed with her own personal best 3:33. Jenna Walters posted a 4:05 in the next heat. Josiah Chu and Noah Caspers placed 2-3 in the 6th and under 800 with times in the 3:20’s. In the 7th/8th grade heat, we went 1-2-3. Micah Chan got out fast and paced the boys through two laps in a fast 2:40. Nathanael Chu followed with a 2:44, and Abiah Radtke was clocked at 2:50. Anthony Gotcher posted a 3:26. Our 800 runners were outstanding! We moved on to the far side of the track to get the 200 meter heats set up. Charline Radtke put on a late charge to finish in 36:30. That put Charline at the top of the 5th grade list. Hailey Grant did a nice 39.37 for 5th. Mary Claire Egan then won the next heat with a 37.05 that had her smiling at the end. Skyler Schlegel finished in the 33’s for the first time. Elise Husz also set a personal record with her nice 34.65 time. Mary LeSac was back running too soon after the 800 and did a 39.14. Asalia White-Williams ran her half lap in just 31.81 which was good for 2nd overall. Madelyn Zielinski did a 33.65 for 4th. Ephraim Radtke and Connor Grant were both in in a little over 40 seconds. Aizak Schoeder had the fastest time of the day for any grade level with his 28.27. Nice. Andrew Egan finished his big day, coming back after hurting his hip, with a 3rd place 30.45. Micah McKendrick was right behind with a 30.55, and Bennett Husz finished in 32.74. The girls sprint medley was next, and we barely got our girls to the starting line in time. As soon as we got our girls lined up in lane 6, the gun went off and we saw that they had lined up the race at the wrong starting line. Being in lane 6 actually gave us a slight advantage that we did not need. The girls built up a big lead early, and it only got bigger before the two laps were done. Natalie Radtke, Madelyn Zielinski, Asalia White-Williams, and Angela Walters combined for a 9 second win with a 2:18. Very impressive from the girls. We had two boys teams going head to head. Micah McKendrick, Bennett Husz, and Micah Chan ran the first lap, before Andy Forget ran a full lap by himself to post a 2:16. Our other team of Elijah Peters, Abiah Radtke, Nathanael Chu, and Aizak Schoeder finished in just 2:08 to break a long-standing DASH record, like 2006 long, by over 5 seconds! How did that record ever stand so long? It was a fitting way to end our big day of racing.

Of course we squeezed in field events when we weren’t racing. In long jump, Bedalia Radtke placed 4th in the 6th and under girls division with a personal best 11’00”. Mary Claire Egan jumped past 10’6″, and Elise Husz was also over 10′. Charline Radtke and Skyler Schlegel landed past 9′. In the 7th and 8th grade division, Madelyn Zielinski did a 12’2″ and settled for 2nd place by just a half inch. If Mr. Beck wasn’t running the long jump pit, I would have wanted a re-measure. Natalie Radtke jumped 10′, and Julianna Caspers made it to 9’9″ for the first time. For the boys, Josiah Chu and Ephraim Radtke measured over 8′. Bennett Husz did a personal record 12’6.5″, coming out just ahead of Abiah Radtke’s 12’6″. Micah Chan’s jump came to 11’10”, and Nathanael Chu’s 10’2″. In shot put, Noah Caspers threw for the first time and took 9th with a 15’2″. Elijah Peters got his shot past 30′ to place 3rd among the 7th and 8th graders. Andrew Egan landed a 24’3″, and Anthony Gotcher a 18’7″. Angela Walters and Grace Caspers went 1-2 for the 6th and under girls. Angela did a nice 20’9″ while Grace made it to 19’7″. Jenna Walters placed 2nd overall in the 7th/8th grade division with a 21’6″. Asalia White-Williams throw measured 18’3″. Andy Forget placed 2nd in discus with a personal record 72’8″ effort. Elijah Peters has a new personal record 67’11” which placed him 6th. Grace Caspers got another 2nd place in the discus with her 45’10”. Mary LeSac came through for 3rd place overall with her nice 41’4″ throw. Jenna Walters let launch a big 50’2″ throw which had her atop the leaderboard in the 7th/8th grade division. Our discus throwers were particularly good!

Thanks to all those that made it up to Cedarburg for this fun meet. I hope the better than expected weather made it worthwhile. Special thanks to Coach Beck for his coaching assistance, and his volunteering to help with the long jump pit. Thanks also to Mr. Radtke, Mrs. Radtke and Ben Forget for their help with the long jumpers. I know that can be a lot of work. Thanks to the camera lady for a great set of photos. She was helped by Grace Caspers when she needed a break.  We have one more week to go, with two more meets on the schedule. Plenty of action is still to be had. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school track and field team competed in the Viking JV Jamboree at Wisconsin Lutheran High School last Saturday. Our JV athletes would get preference for roster spots this time, with the varsity athletes filling in anywhere we could fit them in. The setting was a cloudy and cool day with very little wind – very good conditions for getting some good times when the sweats were off. At the beginning of each event, world, national, and high school records could be heard over the loudspeakers to help inspire each athlete on to their very best. We left with our own record book rewritten, managing to lower four of our own DASH team records, some by considerable amounts.

The 4×800 got things started on the track. Stephanie Chu got the team into an early lead with a nice 2:44 split. Alivia Kempf then did her two laps in just 2:51. Emma Taylor and Abby Chu finished up the last 1600 meters. Abby’s 2:41 split had her crossing the line in 11:22 for the 2nd place medals. It would be our first new DASH record on the day. Liam Westhoff got our first 4×800 boys team off well. Then Kyle Schlegel took over baton duties and got a pr of 2:37. Kevin Egan ran the third leg and did a spectacular 2:24 in his first 800. Then Ben Hughes moved the team up into 7th place at the end. The clock said 9:42. Jacob Parker, Joshua Schaber, Joshua LeSac, and Caleb Schaber struggled some, but finished in under 10 minutes to finish 10th overall. In the hurdles, Grace Zinkgraf did well once again and placed 8th with her 19.85. Annmarie Bridge lost her cadence, but finished while smiling to her many fans. Joshua Below and Matthew Hein battled each other in the 110 hurdles. Matthew got the early lead, but Joshua made a late charge finishing with a nice 21.10. Matthew held on for a personal best 20.99. Noble Holmes had a rough patch early, but then moved up late all the way to 4th place overall. He was in the medals and was the top freshman in the field. Jaimee Heckenkamp was our top 100 meter runner with a 16.54. Mary Katherine Sanchez did a 17.95, her best on an automated timing system. Ben Forget was second in his heat with a fast 13.26. Then Noble Holmes and Jared Aguilar went 1-2 in their heat. Noble ended up 7th overall with his 12.49. Jared clocked in at 12.67. In the 1600, Katrina Lipski lowered her personal record once again with a 7:21. Matthew Schaber looked strong while hitting 5:50. Then Alexander Taylor and Joshua LeSac followed with their own personal records – 5:15 and 5:18. The 1600 runners were good. Our 4×200 team of Grace Zinkgraf, Alivia Kempf, Emma Taylor, and Terez Wycklendt placed 7th with a 2:10. We had two boys teams and they stayed close. Jacob Parker, Joshua Below, Kevin Egan, and Briel Holmes did a very good 1:42 and took 5th overall. Jared Aguilar, Nathan Forget, Ben Forget, and Joshua Schaber took 7th in 1:43. This year we have had five 4×200 teams go under the DASH record from last year including these two. In the 400, Annika Lipski raced in with a personal best 1:35. Then in the last heat, Rebecca Doak and Stephanie Chu were pushed to some really good times. Rebecca won the 4th place medal with a 1:05, and Stephanie placed 8th in 1:08. Luke Smrecek raced in just under his previous best. Liam Westhoff ran an inspired 57.03. In the same heat one of those Schaber boys, it ended up being Caleb I believe, smashed the DASH record with a 54.79 to win the meet!  In the 4×100, our team of Jaimee Heckenkamp, Mary Katherine Sanchez, Annika Lipski, and Katrina Lipski were second in their heat and finished well under their seed time. Our second team of Grace Zinkgraf, Abby Chu, Rebecca Doak, and Terez Wycklendt got the baton around in 59.35 to place 5th. For the boys, Noble Holmes, Ben Forget, Alexander Taylor, and Joshua Schaber took 11th with a 50.82. The team of Jared Aguilar, Nathan Forget, Jacob Parker, and Briel Holmes had some nice handoffs and placed 5th with a 48.71, shaving a tenth of a second off the DASH record. In the 300 hurdles, Alivia Kempf did a routine 57.90. Annmarie Bridge did a routine 1:10. Matthew Hein did a personal record 54.35. Then Kevin Egan and Joshua Below hit the line side by side in a photo finish. It looked to me like Joshua was ahead, but the camera showed that Kevin had a better lean. How close was it? 49.00 for Kevin, 49.01 for Joshua. That’s close! On to the 800 where Katrina Lipski was seen running to yet another personal best – 3:16. Then in the last heat, Terez Wycklendt and Abby Chu took control from the start, and pushed each other to sub-2:40 times. Terez got the win with a 2:38.08 with Abby right behind in 2nd with a 2:39.66. That was fun to watch. Kyle Schlegel lowered his individual pr by almost 4 seconds with a 2:39. Jacob Parker did two laps in 2:27, and Alexander Taylor won the 6th place medal with a 2:22. Nice. In the 200, Jaimee Heckenkamp was in the 34’s. Annmarie Bridge found no hurdles in her way and finished in 38.51. Annika Lipski was clocked in 41.75. Noble Holmes had the top freshman time and placed 9th with a 25.60. He is so good. Joshua Schaber hit the line at 26.18, and Nathan Forget came in with a 27.21. In the 3200, Emma Taylor made it through eight laps in 16:15. We need to get her running better. Matthew Schaber met expectations with his nice 12.41 time. Joshua LeSac hit the medal stand with a 5th place finish. He finished in 11:41 despite the coach running him hard earlier in the 4×800 and 1600. We had two boys 4×400 teams that were set up to be very close. Kevin Egan, Joshua Below, and Alexander Taylor got a small lead on our team of Jared Aguilar, Ben Forget, and Joshua Schaber. Liam Westhoff would then be called upon to try to stay ahead of Caleb Schaber. Never an easy task. Liam ran with some fire and actually hit the finish line in 2nd place with a 3:59, just a second ahead of Caleb. Caleb’s team had to settle for 4th place, just out of the medals. I had Jared, Liam, and Caleb all with impressive 56 second splits.

In field events, Lake Holmes places 7th in shot put with a 27’1″. Annika Lipski hit 20’8″, and Mary Katherine Sanchez hit 16′. Ben Forget was our top boy at 25′. Nathan Forget made it to 23′, and Luke Smrecek went past 17′. In discus, Lake Holmes won the 5th place medal with her 76’4″. Grace Zinkgraf reached 63′, and Annmarie Bridge 41′. Briel Holmes threw discus and placed 13th with an 82’11”. Luke Smrecek did a 37′. Alivia Kempf got over the 4’2″ high jump bar. Rebecca Doak also made it to 4′. Very nice. Briel Holmes did a personal record 5’2″. In long jump, Stephanie Chu went past 12′ as our only girl jumping. Noble Holmes and Joshua Schaber were in the 16’s, and Matthew Hein almost joined them with a big personal best 15’10” jump. He is getting very good fast. In triple jump, Emma Taylor hit a personal best 22’11”. Joshua Below went past 30′ for the first time, and Matthew Hein placed 9th with a 33’6″.

I skipped the girls 4×400 above. A little background on the race first. I never mentioned yet that one of our natural rivals was on hand, the Homeschool Eagles. I had some correspondence with their coach leading up to the meet on how I fill out my roster for this JV meet. This was their first time competing here, and of course, I gave them the best advice I could give. Then right after I showed up a little after 8am, the Eagles vans arrived and parked right next to mine. The usual warm greetings, with competitive undertones, were made. The Eagles coach’s father is in hospice care right now, so we talked family. She even showed me some pictures of her siblings on her phone. It was not time to compete yet. They naturally proceeded to set up their tent right next to ours after I told them that spot wasn’t taken. We were being nice. Their coach even assumed we would help out when one of their biggest stars was missing a spike. She told him to ask me if I had an extra, and of course I helped out while providing him with some friendly, but competitive, small talk along with the needed hardware. Of course I made sure he knew which homeschool track coach on hand was the more prepared. As the meet goes on the competitive small talk continues and I overhear that the Eagles have noticed that our girls 4×400 team is the top seed while theirs is second. And then they go on to tell me of their plans to switch around their relays to get their legendary star, (who is the coach’s daughter), to run anchor. It looked like we would not have to wait until next Tuesday for the big 4×400 grand finale varsity race after all. Of course, being the most organized, most prepared, and most everything else homeschool coach at the meet, I passed all this on to our girls to make sure they were ready and prepared for the big task ahead. From lane 1, Terez Wycklendt got the baton moving fast and was already ahead of the Eagles, running in lane 2, halfway through the first turn. Things were going to plan as Terez kept stretching out our lead. After just 1:05 into the race, Stephanie Chu took her turn with a lead of about 50 meters.  Stephanie held on to that lead with her much needed 1:08 split. The chase was on, and the Eagles plan was to have the individual 400 winner, and the legendary coach’s daughter up next to do the chasing the rest of the way. Fortunately, that super DASH coach had picked Abby Chu, a bit of a homeschool legend herself, to run the third leg. The Eagles individual 400 winner would actually make no headway against Abby’s blazing 1:07 split. Rebecca Doak would have that same 50 meter lead to start the last lap. The very noticeable extra excitement and energy around the track would have Rebecca running a relentless and enthused 1:06 split, and that was more than enough to keep the Eagles well behind us. Rebecca got the baton across the line in an amazing 4:26, which I must admit was a little faster than planned. That broke the DASH record by over 5 seconds!  That was the kind of race the DASH fans, and the coach, will be talking about for a long time.

Thanks to Ed Beck, Garrett Missiaen, and Greg Kempf for their help with the coaching. Special thanks to the Wisconsin Lutheran team for hosting such an outstanding meet. I couldn’t think of anything they could have done better. Thanks to the camera crew of Julianna Caspers, Grace Caspers, and Chloe Thompson. The photos they took were good, but the camera did not make it past the 400. Fortunately, Emma Taylor came through with some more photos that I will be adding in. Tomorrow is when the high school team finishes up, and we will be happy to have the Eagles on hand again, of course. The coach has big plans for the meet tomorrow. Preparations have been made, things will be organized, we will be ready to run fast. Yet it will be hard to see it all end. It has been such a big year for us.  I hope to see you there, but leave the green attire for that other homeschool team that keeps showing up at our meets…that we are always nice to, of course.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

It was Saturday morning. The winds were calm. The sun was out. The temperature would reach 60 degrees. It was a perfect day. And the DASH middle school track and field team had this day on their schedule to compete at Martin Luther High School at the always competitive, and always looked forward to, Bulldog Dash. The action started at 8:30 AM, and over the next 4 1/2 hours, the team gave the coach plenty of exciting results to report on.

The 100 meter dash was the first event on the track. 5th grade Cassie Klepp did an impressive 14.13 for 2nd, missing 1st by just .03 seconds. Hailey Grant finished in a personal record 17.04, and Abby Manley broke 20 seconds. In 6th grade, Skyler Schlegel blazed to a 15.51 for a very nice 2nd place finish. Elise Husz won the 5th place ribbon with her 15.56. Mary Claire Egan got a 17.09 time. Natalie Radtke showed off her speed and placed 3rd among the 7th graders with a 14.70. Madelyn Zielinski placed 8th with a 15.44. Joy Rasch and Jenna Walters finished in the top-12 in the 8th grade division. Josiah Chu warmed up with a 6th place 17.08. Ephraim Radtke placed in the top half with his 17.22 and he is only in 2nd grade. Josiah Swearingen broke 20 seconds, and Connor Grant broke 21. Joseph Janes hit the tape in 16.94, with Simon Smrecek following with a 17.56. In the 7th grade division, Aizak Schoeder started his big day with a 3rd place 13.48. Elijah Peters placed 8th with a nice time of 14.18. Micah McKendrick did a 14.12, Andy Forget a 15.00, and Stephen Janes a 16.57 for the 8th graders. In the 1600, Julianna Caspers was our first runner in with a 6:59. That put her 2nd among the 6th graders. Bedalia Radtke’s 7:20 easily won the 5th grade division. Grace Caspers took 3rd, Joy Rasch 4th, and Jenna Walters 5th in their grade levels. Josiah Chu and Noah Caspers took 2nd and 3rd among the 5th graders with some very nice times, 7:09 and 7:14. Nathanael Chu’s time would have won any division. He sprinted the whole way and broke 6 minutes for the first time with a 5:55. Abiah Radtke placed 2nd with a fast 6:08, and Micah Chan followed with a personal best 6:24. Our 4×100 relay teams all posted times the coach liked. The 5th grade girls team of Anja Schoeder, Charline Radtke, Abby Manley, and Alexa Bruton placed 4th. The 6th grade team of Elise Husz, Mary Claire Egan, Mary LeSac, and Skyler Schlegel did their lap in 1:06 to also place 4th. The 7th grade team placed 2nd in a very close race. Natalie Radtke, Cassie Klepp, and Angela Walters had us in the lead, but the Montessori teams’ anchor was unbeatable. Madelyn Zielinski crossing the line with a 1:01.72. That was the third fastest 4×100 in DASH history, yet we settled for 2nd. The 8th grade boys were in a big seven team heat. Bennett Husz, Andy Forget, Stephen Janes, and Micah McKendrick, got the baton around in 59.38 to sneak into 3rd place. I liked that. In the 400, Alexa Bruton came in just ahead of Anja Schoeder. 3rd grade Charline Radtke placed 4th overall among the 5th graders with a very fast 1:19. Wow! In 6th grade, Mary LeSac did a 1:38. Angela Walters powered through her lap in just 1:15. That got her the 1st place ribbon. Natalie Radtke ran well and placed 6th with a 1:16 for the 7th graders. Ephraim Radtke did a lap in 1:28. Johnathan Lipski broke his personal record by over 10 seconds with a 1:49. In 7th grade, Drew Pflederer did a 1:19, and James Manley a 1:16. Aizak Schoeder did a routine, for him, 1:05 and that held up for a big victory in the 7th grade division. The 8th graders all set personal bests. Andy Forget won the 4th place ribbon with a 1:09. Bennett Husz was 8th with a 1:14. Joshua Lipski hit the finish in 1:16, and Anthony Gotcher in 1:29. In the 200, Cassie Klepp was the fastest 5th grader by over a second and a half with her 31.59. That’s fast! Charline Radtke made 36.33 look easy and won the 5th place ribbon. Hailey Grant gave us 3 in the top 8 with her nice 37.56 time. Abby Manley took 14th with a 41.07. In 6th grade, Skyler Schlegel sped to a 34.43 7th place finish. Elise Husz also broke 35 seconds and took 9th. Mary Claire Egan finished in 37.82. Madelyn Zielinski and Natalie Radtke both ran in the 32’s and place 4th and 6th among the 7th graders. Connor Grant did a 42.43. Joseph Janes and Simon Smrecek hit the 37’s and Johnathan Lipski finished in 46. Aizak Schoeder, after 1st and 3rd place finishes earlier, added a 2nd place ribbon to his collection with a fast 28.19 time. Elijah Peters had a good 31.22 9th place finish. James Manley was clocked in 31.85. Micah McKendrick’s 29.56 held up for 4th among the 8th graders. Bennett Husz placed 11th with his 31.60, and Stephen Janes hist the line in 34.47. In the 800, Bedalia Radtke and Julianna Caspers both finished in 3:04 and placed 2nd in their 5th and 6th grade divisions. Angela Walters hung on for 3rd place. Alexa Bruton got 6th with a 3:52. Joy Rasch did a nice 3:15 for 5th place, followed by Jenna Walters. Josiah Chu looked fast while doing his two laps in 3:14 for 2nd place. Ephraim Radtke and Noah Caspers competed well and finished in 3:23. Nathanael Chu raced out to an early lead and was never threatened. Nathanael pushed himself to a personal best 2:39 time. In the 8th grade race, Micah Chan was the early leader and finished with a 2:40. That was just enough to stay ahead of Abiah Radtke’s 2:45. Joshua Lipski lowered his personal best by over 20 seconds with his 3:02. That effort caught my eye. Anthony Gotcher ran hard the whole way and was rewarded with a nice time of 3:20 for 8th place. Our 5th and 6th grade 4×400 teams raced each other in the same heat and it was close. Hailey Grant, Cassie Klepp, and Charline Radtke had the 5th graders ahead of the 6th grade team of Grace Caspers, Mary LeSac, and Julianna Caspers, but then Angela Walters finished up a fast 1:13 lap and the 6th graders were 2nd in the heat and 2nd in the 6th grade division with their 5:39. Bedalia Radtke closed out a third place heat finish, and helped her team win the 1st place 5th grade ribbons with a 5:42 time. The 7th grade boys 4×400 was also close. Nathanael Chu got us an early lead, but the good Brookfield Christian team proved strong. Drew Pflederer and James Manley kept us close and got the baton to Aizak Schoeder. Then Aizak took off on a 1:02 tear, passing Brookfield’s anchor on the second turn to give us another victory in 4:55. Two of 8th graders had just run the 800 and it showed, but Micah Chan, Abiah Radtke, Andy Forget, and Micah McKendrick’s time of 4:53 was lower than our 7th graders, and put them 3rd among the 8th graders.

In discus, Grace Caspers threw 48’5″ for 2nd place. She missed first by just inches. Julianna Caspers placed 6th with a 30’5″. Jenna Walters and Joy Rasch went 3-4 among the 8th graders. Johnathan Lipski won the 6th grade division by over 10 feet with his 51’3″ effort. I wish I would have seen that. Elijah Peters hit 63’3″ which got him 3rd in 7th grade. In 8th, Joshua Lipski got his discus to 76’5″ for 2nd, and Andy Forget hit 68’2″ for 5th. A good day for the discus throwers. In softball throw, Mary LeSac went past 50′, and Anja Schoeder hit 49’3″, followed by Hailey Grant’s 47’7″, and Abby Manley’s 38’7″. For the boys, Ephraim Radtke showed off his arm with a 60′ throw. Connor Radtke placed 10th. In 6th grade, Joseph Janes went over 100′ and placed 6th. Nice. In shot put, Grace Caspers and Angela Walters threw 18′. For the boys, Elijah Peters’ 27’4″ got top billing in the results to go with a 1st place ribbon. James Manley took 14th. Joshua Lipski threw 24’9″, Stephen Janes 21’7″, and Anthony Gotcher 17’7″. In long jump, Cassie Klepp and Bedalia Radtke took 4th and 5th with jumps of over 10 feet. Alexa Bruton was 10th. Mary Claire Egan and Skyler Schlegel went top-10 among the 6th graders, and Elise Husz was 11th, all with leaps of over 9′. In 7th grade, Madelyn Zielinski placed 4th with a nice 11’8″. Natalie Radtke also went past 11′. For the boys, Josiah Chu took home the 3rd place ribbon with his 10’4″ effort. Simon Smrecek hit 9’1″. In 7th grade, Nathanael Chu was marked at 11’2″, and Drew Pflederer hit the 10’10” mark. In 8th grade, our boys went 8-9-10. Micah Chan led the way with a 12’2″. Bennett Husz hit 12’0″, and Abiah Radtke made it to 11’2″.

That was a lot of events, a lot of results, a lot of typing, and a lot of fun. The effort was good, and the impressive results followed. Thanks go out to our very hard working long jump crew of Coach Ed Back, Mrs. Beck, Mr. Radtke, Mrs. LeSac, Terez Wycklendt, Faith Caspers, along with track stars Charline Radtke and Ephraim Radtke. Maybe we will see your name on the volunteer list next year. Thanks to the coaching staff of Ed Beck and Clint Klepp. Thanks to the St. Matthias track team for hosting another great Bulldog Dash. Thanks to the camera lady for taking a very nice set of photos. She was helped by me at times. We missed very few running events. Now we are already off to our next meet this afternoon. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The 2019 edition of the uber-exciting Pacer Relays was much warmer this year. Eleven other teams, with baton in hand, had arrived in Union Grove to do battle. The only thing putting a slight damper on our enthusiasm for the day’s events was the lack of our girls team. It would be a boys only edition of the Relays this year. The tent was up, hopefully to not blow away in the strong northwest wind. The throwing implements were weighed. The athletes and coaches had arrived. The DASH fans were in their places. The camera crew was ready. The clock stuck 4:00. Pacer Relay action was upon us.

Kaden Hacker was the first to be thrust into the limelight as he was scheduled to run in the first heat of the 1600. It would be his first high school race, and he was questioning if he could hit his seed time coming off of a recent injury. But then the race started, and Kaden got back into his familiar role of DASH star quickly. Kaden would go on to complete his four laps two seconds faster than his seed. His 5:28 was a great start to the Relays. In the final 1600 heat, Drake Hacker pushed himself to a much-needed 6th place finish and a 5:08 time. Behind Drake ran Alexander Taylor and Joshua LeSac. Alex went out fast, maybe too fast, and was the early pace-setter, Joshua picked it up in the last two laps and came to the homestretch going stride-for-stride with Alex. When it was done, Alex and Joshua had pushed each other to personal record 5:22 times. When the times were added up, our 1600 runners had placed 4th overall. We had our first 5 points. Then the hurdles were out and set at 39″. Ben Forget breezed through his 10 hurdles in just 21.66. That cut 2 1/2 seconds off his personal best. Then Joshua Below got through the 110 meter obstacle course in a nice 21.28. And then Noble Holmes lowered his own personal record yet again as he hit the finish in 19.13. Of course, Noble Homes personal record is a DASH record. That would be our first on the day. We had our ‘A’ team signed up for the 4×200, but at this big meet they were only seeded with the 6th best time. The race proved to be even faster than advertised. Our DASH record 1:42.55 time set last week would have placed us 8th at this meet. But Jared Aguilar and Joshua Schaber fought through the strong head wind on the 1st and 3rd legs, and Jacob Parker breezed through the second leg to get the baton to Briel Holmes. On the anchor leg, Briel blew by or stayed ahead of all but three teams. We ended up lowering the DASH record by exactly two full seconds! The excitement of the Relays was pushing us to times we could have only dreamed about earlier in the season. The distance medley was next. We had penciled in four boys who would be running for the first time, but that changed as Vincent Maurer went down with a hamstring injury. Joshua LeSac stepped up to take his place. Ben Hughes gave us an early 2:17 split for his 800 leg. He was followed by Liam Westhoff who gave us a fast 400 meter lap. We were doing well, but this was one of those races where our competition was exceeding expectations. Joshua LeSac held up as good as could be expected for this 1200 leg, and then the always good Caleb Schaber pounded out the last four laps. Our time was a 12:13, second best in DASH history, but that only held up for 5th place in this edition of the Relays. The 4×100 team was next, and our seed time put us in the first heat. Jacob Parker, Nathan Forget, Joshua Schaber, and Briel Holmes exchanged the baton smoothly, and Briel was able to outkick the Martin Luther anchor. We had won the heat with a DASH record 48.81. That put us ahead of several teams in the next heat, and helped us add a couple more points to our team total. Joshua Below was on hand to post a season best 49.13 in the 300 hurdles. That gave us another team point in a meet where every point is hard earned and important. The Sprint Medley was next. The first heat had three teams with no seed times which would prove unfortunate as all the best teams were not in our final heat. Jacob Parker, Joshua Schaber, and Briel Holmes got us in what looked like medal contention through one lap. Jared Aguilar then took over baton duties for the final lap, and gave us a very good 400 split, but some Zielinski kid on the Martin Luther team got ahead of him in the homestretch putting us 4th in the heat. Despite lowering the DASH record by over four, yes four, seconds, the boys ended up in 6th after two teams from the first heat came in just ahead of us. I think it would have been to our advantage to have all the good teams in our heat. High school meets always have the 4×800 first, but at the Relays the distance runners get to take a crack at it late in the meet when they are running a little tired. Liam Westhoff, Alexander Taylor, and Joshua LeSac took on the challenge and held up well. Then Caleb Schaber had enough left to make amends for the Sprint Medley and get past the Martin Luther anchor in the last lap. We crossed the finish in 9:46. That was good for 6th. It was time for the much awaited Throwers 4×100 relay where we have had much success in the past. Ben Forget burst out of the blocks and got us an early lead. Nathan Forget took his turn racing down the back stretch. The competition would only see his back. Alexander Taylor kept the baton moving fast through the last turn and Noble Holmes would be the first to start his anchor stretch. His main competition would be that big Zielinski kid from Martin Luther we saw in the Sprint Medley. It always seemed to be Martin Luther with us in the end this day. The race stayed very close over the last 100 meters, but Noble Holmes proved to be up to the task. It would take a Throwers Relay DASH record 50.99 to come away as victors, and that is what we witnessed. Well done. I wasn’t sure what to expect from our 4×400 team next. The distance races had been especially tough this year, and our boys were not overly positive coming into their last race. But then Jared Aguilar and Liam Westhoff had us at 1:55 through two laps. I was liking what I saw. Ben Hughes made it through another lap on his recently injured ankle, and it was a good one. We were 4th of 5th now and Caleb Schaber had the baton in his hands. We had a chance. Mid way through the final lap you could tell some of the teams were not looking quite as strong. Caleb was moving up. It was getting dark and the lights were not on, so it was hard to see the racing on the last turn, but then as the teams hit the homestretch, Caleb was found running in 3rd and he was not going to be caught. Caleb had done a blazing 55 second lap. The team was clocked at 3:49. The 3rd place medals were ours. Oh yeah!

We set up our tent every year next to the long jump pit which helped us get a good look at how the long jump competition unraveled. Noble Holmes put in a good 16’9.75″ jump early. That held up for 7th overall. Briel Holmes followed with a massive 18’10.25″ leap that had more than just the DASH fans making some noise and taking notice. As the competition went on, no one was able to come close to Briel’s best effort. A Prairie School jumper ended up 2nd with an 18’1″, but he was the only jumper from his school. Brookfield Academy had its top two jumpers at 17’5.5″ and 17’1.75″, with their third at 16’8″. That meant Joshua Schaber needed only a jump of close to 16′ to have us come out ahead, but Joshua was struggling with his steps with his first leap measuring less than 15′. It was a struggle, but Joshua made it to 15’7.5″. I put in all the fractions this time because every fraction mattered. If you add things up, Briel, Noble, and Joshua hit 51’3.50″. Add up the numbers for Brookfield Academy and you will not believe it. It comes out to 51’3.25″. In long jump that is the smallest margin possible. We took home the 1st place Pacer Relay long jump medals by a quarter of an inch! A story I will be telling for a long time. Wow! Meanwhile, our discus throwers were battling the wind. Ben Forget struggled some and settled for 42’2″. Alexander Taylor did a little better at 53’3″, and Noble Holmes made it to 89’8″ in the tough conditions. I was especially impressed with that mark. We took 7th which I was happy with. Our shot putters got in their throws which set them up for their Throwers Relay victory. Joshua Below hit 26’5″, an inch farther than Ben Forget. Nathan Forget hit 21’10”. Our triple jumpers got us 4 points with their 5th place finish. Liam Westhoff led the way with a 35’4″ leap. 35′ has become routine for Liam now. Joshua Below hit 30″ for a personal record, and Alexander Taylor put in a solid 28’6″ effort. Good job, boys.

All these accomplishments, and all this excitement to report and we only brought our boys team. The points were counted and we were announced as the 5th place team with 57 points. We have been in the 40’s the last three years, so we definitely had a great day. One more result I have not mentioned yet was our 5th place result in the Coach’s Relay. Mr. Beck got us off to a good start. I ran the second leg, and Zipporah Caspers ran the third. Garrett Missiaen ran a really fast anchor leg and helped us look good. Mr. Beck and I will be working on our handoff for next year at Mr. Beck’s insistence. He is a tougher coach than I thought.

Thanks go out to the coaching staff of Coach Beck, Coach Maurer, Coach Garrett, and Coach Zipporah. Thanks again to Zipporah and Garrett for helping with the exchange zones. Thanks to Mr. Maurer for getting us our DASH attire. Thanks to Mary LeSac for bringing her home-sown DASH banner. It looks really good. Thanks to the DASH fans for keeping everyone enthused. Thanks to the athletes for keeping us up and cheering. Thanks to the folks at Shoreland Lutheran for hosting another exceptional meet. Thanks again to Shoreland Lutheran on behalf of the Throwers Relay team for their candy prize. The hot dogs were sold out. Thanks to the camera lady, who had assistance from Julianna Caspers, and Zipporah Caspers in catching the action in photos. Grace Caspers and the coach also helped get a few pre-meet and post-meet photos. This team is down to its last three meets now, with the next one coming up this Thursday. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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