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Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school track and field team completed their abbreviated season at their usual setting – The Wisconsin School for the Deaf. Four teams were on hand, including one of our natural rivals, the Homeschool Eagles, who always make the competition a little more intense. The weather was perfect this time, giving the athletes one last chance to post some good results.

Field events were first on the agenda. Jacarie Rucker threw his shot 29’10” to place 2nd overall. That was 2 inches farther than Brendan Sanchez’ personal record 29’8″. Carter Lentz did a 26’6″. Lake Holmes won the girls shot put by over two feet with her 22’6″ throw. Annika Lipski and Elisabeth Krmpotich also threw over 20 feet and placed 3rd and 4th. In discus, Will Farrell and Jacarie Rucker both had tosses over 72 feet to place 2nd and 4th. Brendan Sanchez’ 68′ throw placed him 6th in a very tight event. Our girls swept the top three spots. Lake Holmes led the way with a DASH record 81’11”. Elisabeth Krmpotich and Grace Zinkgraf were the only other girls to surpass 60 feet to complete the sweep. In high jump, John Klaves was declared the winner with his 5’2″ effort. Joshua Roets was close behind clearing 5′. Alivia Kempf made it to 4′ for the girls which was good for 2nd. Elisabeth Krmpotich and Emma Taylor had nice 3’10” jumps. In long jump, Briel Holmes placed 2nd with his personal record 17’11” leap. The DASH record will have to wait for next year. John Klaves jumped past the 17′ mark and Joshua Schaber hit 16’10”. It was a strong effort from the boys. Alexandria Sherman won a very close girls long jump with her 14’5″ leap. Kayla Bruton finished 3rd and Stephanie Chu’s 12’7″ put her 7th. John Boyce triple jumped 31’11”, good for 3rd. Julia Radewahn and Alexandria Sherman were the only girls over 28′, and Alivia Kempf gave us 3 of the top 4. With our strong effort in the field events we put ourselves in very good position in the team scores heading into the running events.

Liam Westhoff got our boys 4×800 team off to a great start. From there Brian Durbin, Caleb Schaber, and Vincent Maurer eased in to victory while still posting a nice 9:43 time. Jessy Homa, Faith Caspers, and Abby Chu kept the girls close enough for Emma Taylor to move us into the lead late giving us another win. In the 110 hurdles, Carter Lentz, John Boyce, and Joshua Below swept the top 3 spots. Carter’s 20.39 lowered his DASH record. Grace Zinkgraf lowered her own DASH record with a 20.20 in a very tight heat. Alexandria Sherman won the first heat with a 21.94. The boys 100 was very fast. Jared Aguilar posted a 12.68 which was only good for 5th. Briel Holmes and Will Farrell ran well and placed 6th and 8th. Katie Gorectke and Lake Holmes went 1-3 in the first girls heat, then Kayla Bruton came from behind late to win by less than a step with her 13.66. Abby Chu placed 2nd in the 1600 with her 6:27. Faith Caspers came in 5th, and Katrina Lipski made a late charge to finish 6th. The boys race stayed close through two laps, then Caleb Schaber put some space between himself and the others to win by 4 seconds with a 5:03. Brian Durbin and Joe Maurer then sprinted in with 5:08 and 5:09 times. Our 4×200 relay teams both won pretty easily. Stephanie Chu, Grace Zinkgraf, Katie Gorectke, and Julia Radewahn got the baton around in 2:04. Carter Lentz, John Boyce, Joshua Schaber, and Briel Holmes did a nice 1:47. In the 400, Kayla Bruton gave us another victory with a 1:05. Emma Taylor was 3rd with her nice 1:09 effort, and Jessy Homa placed 6th. John Klaves led the boys with his 57.96 good for 2nd. Joshua Roets placed 5th, and Jacarie Rucker’s lap put him in 7th. Our girls 4×100 team unfortunately took a handoff outside the exchange zone. Our boys team of Jared Aguilar, Will Farrell, Jacob Parker, and Joshua Schaber lowered the DASH record and gave us another win. In the 300 hurdles, Alivia Kempf looked very good while placing 2nd in 56.65. Carter Lentz pulled ahead of Joshua Below down the home stretch to win the final heat in a DASH record 48.09. Joshua Below placed 3rd in the heat and will be looking to get his DASH record back next year. In the 800, Abby Chu surged to the front in the second lap to post the winning 2:47 time. Faith Caspers was 4th and Jessy Homa 6th. Brian Durbin, Joe Maurer, and Vincent Maurer went 2-3-4 for the boys. In the 200, our girls were superb. Kayla Bruton, Stephanie Chu, and Julia Radewahn held everyone off down the homestretch and gave us a 1-2-3 finish. Jacob Parker and Briel Holmes both posted times in the 26’s, and Joshua Schaber was clocked at 27.47. Joshua LeSac took the lead early in the 3200. It only got bigger as the race went along. His winning time was a nice 11:59. Stephanie Chu got the girls 4×400 team off to a great start. Julia Radewahn struggled at the end of her lap before getting the baton to Alivia Kempf. Alivia put up a good split, and Emma Taylor closed the gap in the closing lap, but the girls 4:44 time gave us a close 2nd. Jared Aguilar gave the boys the early lead. Then an Eagle started closing in on Joshua Roets until Joshua pulled away down the home stretch. John Klaves was then able to give us a nice lead before handing off to Caleb Schaber. Caleb gave the competition no hopes of catching him as he got to the finish in 3:58 giving us one last victory.

We did end up on top in both the girls and boys team scores. That is always our goal every year. The team really competed at a high level in everything. It was a great way to end the season and put the disappointment of so many cancelled meets behind us.

Thanks for everyone for making the long drive out to Delavan. Thanks to our coaching staff of Ed Beck, Chuck Maurer, Greg Kempf, Garrett Missiaen, and Zipporah Caspers for being on hand. Thanks to the camera lady and Zipporah for catching the moment in photos. Thanks to the Wisconsin School for the Deaf for hosting another meet for us. And thanks to the athletes who stayed ready to compete while not getting many chances. We now have another successful season behind us, and we get to start thinking ahead to the cross country and track seasons next year. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers


Hello DASH families,

The DASH varsity high school team was in Union Grove last Friday to compete in the annual Pacer Relays hosted by Shoreland Lutheran. This is one of our ‘big’ meets, but it had a different feel this year coming after our first two meets that were cancelled due to snow. We would not be in peak form yet, but fortunately the other teams would not be either. To complicate things even more, the rain in the forecast held true along with wind chills in the 30’s. But with a little coaxing, the team was able to get all their scheduled events in, and leave with some respectable team scores.

Our boy 1600 relay team was first. Vince Maurer opened with a 5:33, and in the next heat Caleb Schaber, Drake Hacker, and Joe Maurer all finished in the top-10 with 5:12 and lower times. That was good for the 2nd place medals for the boys, and got us off to great start. Our 110m hurdle team was led by Hiram Gleason who clocked in at 21.01. Joshua Below and Carter Lentz joined him in getting us the 5th place points. Our girls 4×200 team proved that it is always smart to field as many relay teams as possible. Annika Lipski, Abbey Retkowski, Georgia Gleason, and Katrina Lipski had some good handoffs and finished with a 2:21. That held up for 6th place after three teams were DQ’d with bad handoffs. Good job, girls. Our boys 4×200 team of Jared Aguilar, Briel Holmes, Liam Westhoff, and Joshua Schaber posted a descent time of 1:48 despite dropping the baton. Our girls distance medley team of Katrina Lipski, Georgia Gleason, Jessy Homa, and Faith Caspers stayed steady through the 10-lap race and finished 6th. The boys team of Timothy Kowalinski, Joshua Roets, Joe Maurer, and Caleb Schaber battled to a 5th place finish in a close race where the 2nd through 8th place teams were less than a minute apart. Now the rain started coming down pretty heavy making the rest of the meet much more uncomfortable for the athletes. Our girls 4×100 team of Julia Radewahn, Lake Holmes, Grace Zinkgraf, and Kayla Bruton finished just out of the points. That race was surprisingly fast compared to past years. Our boys 4×100 team of Jared Aguilar, Will Farrell, Joshua Schaber, and Briel Holmes lowered the DASH record by just a little. If the weather was better, the boys would have lowered it by a lot. After standing around in the rain a little too long waiting for their start, our 300 hurdle team of Carter Lentz, Joshua Below, and Hiram Gleason proved to be our best ever. Carter led the way with a nice 49.56. The rain and cold continued and now it took a little coaxing to get the girls to come out from under the tent. Because the coach knows he can always count on Katrina Lipski, she got the call to be a last minute replacement in the Sprint Medley. She was joined by Grace Zinkgraf, Julia Radewahn, and Kayla Bruton. The girls got down to racing and kept it close enough for Kayla to put on a surge at the end move the team up into 3rd place. Those 3rd place Pacer Relay medals will look good on these girls. Brendan Sanchez was next to answer the coach’s call as a last minute replacement in the boys Sprint Medley. Brendan, Will Farrell, Joshua Schaber, and Briel Holmes finished in 1:59 and displayed their mettle with some good racing. The girls 4×800 team of Katrina Lipski, Georgia Gleason, Jessy Homa, and Faith Caspers gave us a nice 6th place finish. The boys team of Vincent Maurer, Liam Westhoff, Josh Wynne, and Joe Maurer matched the girls and picked up the 6th place points. The much looked forward to Throwers 4×100 relay was next. On the DASH team, our throwers run much more in practice than others so we always have high expectations for this race. The girls team of Annika Lipski, Lake Holmes, Abbey Retkowski, and Grace Zinkgraf did not disappoint, keeping all but one team behind them while earning themselves the 2nd place medals. The boys team of Ethan Retkowski, Will Farrell, Brendan Sanchez, and Carter Lentz got the baton around very quickly and will also be showing off some 2nd place Pacer Relay medals. Very nice! 4×400 time had finally arrived. Julia Radewahn, Jessy Homa, Faith Caspers, and Kayla Bruton each gave us one more lap in the rain and picked the team up another 3 points for their efforts. Jared Aguilar, Joshua Roets, Timothy Kowalinski, and Caleb Schaber capped the night off with a 4:03. Except we were able to scrap together a coach’s relay team. Mrs. Aguilar got things started running in boots and a skirt. Mr. Sanchez then looked fast racing down the backstretch. Coach Caspers and Coach Mr. Beck finished up the cold and wet day of racing.

I did not get to see the field events, but the results show we did pretty good. Lake Holmes led the girl shot putters with a 21′ effort. Abbey Retkowski and Annika Lipski had throws over 19′. Grace Zinkgraf and Abbey Retkowski had discus throws of 49′ and Annika Lipski did a 44′. For the boys, in shot put, Brendan Sanchez had a nice 28′ throw, Carter Lentz 26′, and Ethan Retkowski 23′. In discus, Will Farrell just missed the DASH record with his 79′ throw. Brendan Sanchez has a personal best 71′ effort, and Ethan Retkowski landed a 47′ throw. Joshua Roets had a good day in the high jump topping out at 5′. Our long jump and triple jumpers both surprisingly placed 4th overall. Briel Holmes had a 17’01.75″ leap, good for 10th overall. Hiram Gleason went past 14′ and Joshua Schaber jumped 13’9″. In triple jump, Liam Westhoff had a personal record 31’4″ effort. Hiram Gleason and Joshua Below had successful jumps which was better than most teams.

In the team scores, the boys finished 7th out the 15 teams with 46.5 points. I call that a good day. The girls were 8th overall with 32 points. Considering we only had 11 girls this time out, that score holds up well. We have just three meets left on the schedule now. It seems like we should have more. With the hearty effort given this time out, I am confident the team will make the most of them.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around as long as you did and not having us scratch any events. Thanks to the coaching staff for helping keep things organized. Thanks to Shoreland Lutheran for hosting, and getting us through another great meet. Unfortunately, the camera was put away early and I will not be posting any photos this time. Thinking positive, we should have our full team on hand this coming Thursday. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

After two meet cancellations, eighteen DASH high school athletes competed outdoors for the first time this season at Kettle Moraine Lutheran high school yesterday. The weather was perfect helping the team post some very impressive results.

Jessi McIntyre got the running day started by gracefully getting through the 100 hurdles in 22.76. Carter Lentz, Hiram Gleason powered their way, a little less gracefully, through the 110 hurdles with 20 nice second times. Ben Forget had trouble finding his rhythm and made it through in 24. In the 100, Alexandria Sherman posted a 15.30 in her first DASH race. Georgia Gleason and Jessi McIntyre posted almost identical times in the 16’s, and Naomi Zhou finished in just over 19 seconds. Jacob Parker led the way for the boys with his fast 12.80. John Boyce came in just ahead of Parker Lentz and John Shane, all with times in the 13’s, and Josh Wynne finished in 14.25. Joshua LeSac ran four laps in just 5:29. He has really improved since last year. Our 4×200 relay team of Carter Lentz, John Boyce, Ben Forget, and Liam Westhoff did very well and finished in 1:48. Jessi McIntyre was brought back by popular demand, and after a little cleaning up, to run a 400 and did well with a 1:23. Faith Caspers posted a 1:18 in the next heat. Matthew Kowalinski led the boys with a fast 1:04. John Shane looked very good while posting a 1:06. He has really turned into a runner. Josh Wynne did a 1:10 lap, and Timothy Tousignant warmed up with a 1:16. Our 4×100 team of Jacob Parker, Hiram Gleason, Liam Westhoff, and Parker Lentz got the baton around in 51 seconds, good for 3rd overall. The boys have plenty of depth in sprinters this year. The coach especially wanted to see the 300 hurdlers and they did very well. Carter Lentz and John Boyce both posted times in the 51’s, and Hiram Gleason came in with a 52. Ben Forget showed us some potential, and with a little more practice his 1:02 will be coming down considerably. In the 800, Naomi Zhou ran in the outside lanes through the first lap which hurt her time. Liam Westhoff’s very good second lap helped him to a nice 2:32. Josh Wynne’s very good first lap helped him to a 2:40. Daniel Caspers ran a steady 2:57. We had four boys going head-to-head in the same 200 heat. Jacob Parker led the way with an impressive 27.10. He was followed by Carter Lentz, Parker Lentz, and Timothy Tousignant. Joshua LeSac completed our day of racing with a 12:18 time over 8 laps. Nice.

In field events our triple jumpers led the way. Alexandria Sherman posted a 29’6″ hop, skip, and jump which is the new DASH record. John Boyce triple jumped 32’6″, Liam Westhoff 31′, and Hiram Gleason went 28′. Faith Caspers long jumped for the first time in 2 years and did an 11’7″. Georgia Gleason also went over 11 feet, and Jessi McIntyre went over 8. For the boys, Hiram Gleason went past 14 feet, Jacob Parker and Parker Lentz both jumped past 13 feet, and Timothy Tousignant will be looking to improve his form. In shot put, Carter Lentz, Ben Forget, and John Shane showed the coach some potential, but were throwing after their running events which was unfortunate.

We needed a meet like this where the weather cooperated and the athletes could post some times. That will help me get these athletes into the proper events in the meets ahead. Several of the athletes did much better than I expected. You can’t ask for more than that. Now we get to start thinking about the Pacer Relays today, and the Waukesha South outdoor meet next week, and beyond. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Kettle Moraine Lutheran for hosting such a well run meet and not cancelling on us. And thanks to the camera crew of the camera lady, Daniel Caspers, and Faith Caspers for getting some nice photos. It is nice to be kept busy with track work. It beats shoveling snow.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

We got to see a portion of the 2018 version of our high school boys team for the first time last Friday night at Waukesha South high school. Eighteen of our boys suited up to compete against 13 other big schools in the area. This is one of our most talented teams on paper. The time had arrived to see them in action.

Field events were first on the schedule. John Boyce triple jumped for the first time and landed a 32’5″. That’s just 2 feet short of the DASH record. Joshua Below set a personal record with a 30′ effort. In the long jump, Briel Holmes and Joshua Schaber became the 5th and 6th DASH athletes to go past the 17′ mark and the first two to do so indoors. Joshua Roets cleared 4’6 in the high jump. John Klaves had cleared 5’4″ until the bar fell down as he was getting off the mat. He settled for 5’2″. Brendan Sanchez got off to a good start, throwing his shot 29’4″. Carter Lentz muscled it past 26′. This years team looks to be making field events one of our strengths.

Our experienced 4×800 team was seeded 2nd and that is where they finished. Brian Durbin, Tim Kowalinski, Vincent Maurer, and Caleb Schaber raced the baton around the track 20 times in 9:52 for a new DASH indoor record. Joshua Below broke 11 seconds in the high hurdles. Freshman Ben Forget held up well in his first high school event. In the 60 yard DASH, Briel Holmes, Jared Aguilar, and Carter Lentz all got into the same heat. All three broke 8 seconds with Briel edging Jared by .1 second for a new DASH record 7.38. We have plenty of speed this year. In the mile, Joe Maurer stayed with the pack for the first half of the race. He then made a surge to the front and dropped everyone finishing in 5:13. Joe looks ready to have a big year. Our team speed was on display again as our 4×240 team of Jared Aguilar, John Boyce, Parker Lentz, and John Klaves lowered the team record by two seconds. Joshua Roets took the lead early in the final 400 heat, but then struggled coming in just ahead of a surging Tim Kowalinski. Joshua had hurt his hamstring and called it a day. It is good we don’t have a meet for a few weeks. The 4×160 relay was next, and yes, the boys came in just ahead of the DASH record we set last year. The new standard set by Carter Lentz, Jacob Parker, Joshua Below, and Joshua Schaber is 1:29.59. Nice. Ben Forget was back hurdling in the low hurdles. He came in just ahead of John Boyce. Our hurdlers need a lot more practice, but are very promising. In the 800, Vincent Maurer faded a little at the end, but posted a respectable 2:39. Brian Durbin got stuck in heavy traffic throughout, but managed a 2:25, and Caleb Schaber was able to break out of the pack and post a really good 2:19 early season time. In the 200, Joshua Schaber was able stay just ahead of freshman Jacob Parker. Joshua and Jacob both broke the DASH indoor record with Joshua going under 28 seconds. Briel Holmes struggled with the sharp turns, but still managed a 28.28. All three were in the top nine.  Joshua LeSac took the track next for his first 2-mile. Joshua looked very comfortable pounding out the 20 laps and exceeded all expectations with his 12:22 3rd place finish. We had three scratches for the 4×400, but our revised team of Carter Lentz, Jared Aguilar, Joshua Below, and Joe Maurer all gave great effort to finish the day of racing with a 4:17.

I have never had a team with this much speech or jumping ability. Our distance runners also look very good as usual. We have two of our varsity discus throwers back and some talent at shot. I am sure you can tell I am excited about the boys prospects in the meets ahead! I hope to you there.

Thanks for Ed Beck and Chuck Maurer for being on hand to help with the coaching. Thanks to our team of photographers, Daniel Caspers, Faith Caspers, and Julianna Caspers. In all but a few events we have great photos. Thanks to Waukesha South for letting us compete once again in their indoor facilities. And thanks to the numerous DASH fans who came out to see the boys and cheer them on. It was fun.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our high school girls team got the 2018 DASH track and field season started last Thursday night indoors at Waukesha South High School. Over 400 athletes participated among the eight teams, giving our 13 girls some good early season competition.

Our high jump team looks very promising. Faith Caspers cleared 4′. In her debut, Emma Taylor showed some great potential, peaking at 3’10”. Alivia Kempf showed good form, but stalled at 3’8″. The coach is excited about our throwing team this year. Freshman Annika Lipski topped the girls in shot put. She was joined by Elisabeth Krmpotich in surpassing 20 feet. Abbey Retkowski had a nice throw over 19′, and Katrina Lipski threw it past the 18 foot mark. In the long jump, Kayla Bruton warmed up with a 12’1″. Georgia Gleason had a promising 11’6″ leap, and Jessi McIntyre debuted with a 9’6″. Our experienced triple jump team has never been better this early in the season. Julia Radewahn hopped, skipped, and jumped past 27′. Alivia Kempf’s 26’1.5″ effort was a personal record, and Katie Gorectke opened the season with a 24’4″.

In the running events, Freshman Georgia Gleason showed us she could be very good in the hurdles. Kayla Bruton won the final 55 meter heat and dipped under 8 seconds with a blazing fast 7.96. Katie Gorectke was 7th overall with her 8.49, coming in just ahead of Meg Mazza. Annika Lipski looked fast in her heat, coming in ahead of a hobbling Jessi McIntyre. Jessi then called it a day. Our 4×240 team was very good. Meg Mazza kept us close early. Julia Radewahn had a great split before handing off to Emma Taylor. Emma Taylor was clocked in 36 seconds over the 1 1/2 laps to put us near the front. Katie Gorectke ran the anchor laps and finished just .17 seconds behind a Franklin team for 2nd. Kayla Bruton then broke the indoor DASH record in the 400 with a 1:11. Emma Taylor came back from the relay to post a very nice 1:15. Alivia Kempf posted a 1:23, and Georgia Gleason finished in 1:32. Our 4×160 relay team was next. Katrina Lipski got us off to a good start before handing off to Annika Lipski in heavy traffic. Faith Caspers and Elisabeth Krmpotich finished up with 26 second laps. The girls looked good. Alivia Kempf got in some hurdling practice and met the goal of 11 seconds. Katrina Lipski broke her personal record in the 800 with a 3:26. She is ready for a big season. Faith Caspers followed with a 3:11 in the next heat. Our 200 runners all ran very well. Kayla Bruton led the way with a DASH indoor record of 29.69. Nice! Emma Taylor impressed with her 32.17. Julia Radewahn posted a fast 33.12, and Meg Mazza finished with a nice 33.54. Julia Radewahn, Georgia Gleason, Faith Caspers, and Emma Taylor capped off the day of racing with the 4×400 relay. Our first meet was in the books.

Thanks to Ed Beck, Greg Kempf, and Garrett Missiaen for their help with the coaching. Thanks to Wisconsin Lutheran for bringing their automated timing equipment. This is the first year this meet was not hand timed. I thought everything went very well, but we did have one big snafu. Our camera crew of my daughters Julianna, Grace, and Zipporah had the camera settings all wrong, and even accidentally deleted all the photos of the field events. We will get that corrected and be ready to catch the girls in action in all the big meets ahead. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The DASH high school track and field team completed their season last Thursday at the Wisconsin School of the Deaf in Delavan. It’s conference week in high school track, and we are fortunate to get to race the Homeschool Eagles from the Beloit/Janesville area. Our team has grown in size the last few years, and this year the Eagles would prove to be a worthy rival. The rain held off, and it turned out to be a great day to compete one last time this year.

In long jump, Kayla Bruton’s 14’6″ leap was good for first. Rebecca Doak and Abby Chu both made it past 12 feet. John Klaves had a personal best 17’6.75″ jump to win by 2 inches. Joe Maurer was marked at 15’4″, and Joshua Schaber 14’8″. We had some boys try triple jump for the first time this year. John Klaves set a DASH record 34’5″ to place 2nd, and Joshua Below was over 29 feet. We need to keep the boys doing triple jump next year. Julia Radewahn triple jumped 28’11” to win by almost two feet. Very nice. Ella Johnson was a late addition to the event and did a respectable 23 feet. In high jump, Faith Caspers and Alivia Kempf both made it over the 4′ bar, and Becky Tabler topped out at 3’10”. Joshua Roets looked good for a first time high jumper. 4’10” was his best. John Klaves could not resist getting in the high jump as well. I signed him up and he jumped exhibition. John’s natural athleticism got him over 5’4″. Grace Zinkgraf took second in discus with a 62’9″. Emma Taylor had a personal best 58’11”, and Zipporah Caspers went past 53′. Ben Bridge broke his DASH record with an 80’2″ throw. Will Farrell broke the old record as well with his nice 79’7″ effort. Brendan Sanchez had a personal record 69’4″. Good job guys. Zoe Smith had her best shot put throw of the year at 22’9″. Rebecca Doak, after an impressive audition before the meet, was given a chance and threw her shot 22′. Emma Taylor was just short of 20′. Our boy shot putters threw it over 10 feet farther than the competition. Elijah Edlund extended his DASH record to 34’5″. Samuel Zinkgraf had a personal best 33’6″, and Brendan Sanchez had his own personal best throw of 29’7″. That was an impressive showing from the boys.

We had two pretty good 4×800 teams. Kayla Walters, Emma Taylor, Becky Tabler, and Zipporah Caspers ran well and had the lead after six laps. The girls broke 12 minutes, but the Eagles had many of their stars in this relay and came out on top. The boys team of Vincent Maurer, Tim Kowalinski, Zach Pape, and Brian Durbin posted a very good 9:35, but came up two seconds short of the Eagles. Those would be the only relays they would win. Grace Zinkgraf placed 3rd in the 100 hurdles, and Ella Johnson 5th. In the 110 hurdles, Joshua Below, Elijah Edlund, and Patrick Mazza went 2-3-4. Kayla Bruton did 100 meters in 13.68 to win easily. Zoe Smith and Rebecca Doak came in together to place 3rd and 4th. Samuel Zinkgraf and Jared Aguilar had times in the 12’s, Will Farrell hit 13.10, and Brendan Sanchez was in the low 14’s. The 1600 was next. Olivia Chapman controlled the race from start to finish, and finished in just under 6 minutes. Abby Chu pulled away from the Eagles good distance runners. Her personal best 6:03 was good for 2nd. Kayla Walters enjoyed her 5th place effort. Justin Chu set a fast early pace, and came in just under his personal best with a 4:52. Caleb Schaber had another great effort, racing in with a 5:02 to place 2nd. Joe Maurer was 4th with a fast 5:08. Our girls 4×200 team of Grace Zinkgraf, Emma Taylor, Ella Johnson, and Julia Radewahn ended up far in front with a 2:06. The boys team of Jared Aguilar, Ben Hughes, Will Farrell, and Joshua Schaber did a nice 1:48 unchallenged. In the 400, Rebecca Doak came in a very close 3rd place with a personal best 1:08. Becky Tabler gave us another 1:09 to place 4th. John Klaves came in 2nd, just a step behind 1st with a great time of 56.62. Tim Kowalinski did a nice 59.27 for 3rd. Joshua Roets and Ben Bridge both ran while not at 100%, yet finished with nice 1:01 and 1:03 times. In the 4×100, our girls team of Grace Zinkgraf, Julia Radewahn, Abby Chu, and Zoe Smith won by over 5 seconds. Our boys team of Jared Aguilar, Ben Hughes, Will Farrell, and Joshua Schaber did a routine 52.48 for the win. In the 300 hurdles, Alivia Kempf’s 55.42 was good for 2nd, and Ella Johnson looked good while winning her early heat to place 4th. Our boys raced each other, and that was enough to push Joshua Below to break the long standing DASH record. The new record now stands at 48.18. Elijah Edlund and Patrick Mazza gave us a 1-2-3 finish. In the 800, Olivia Chapman, Abby Chu, Zipporah Caspers, and one Eagle girl paced together through the first lap. Olivia had the lead coming to the home stretch, but the Eagle girl got her by less than a step at the finish. The girls posted some nice times. Olivia did a 2:40, and Abby Chu posted a 2:45. Zipporah, in her last high school race, got a personal record 2:50. Very nice. Our boys came in way ahead of the competition. Justin Chu, Caleb Schaber, and Brian Durbin stayed close the whole way. Justin’s 2:15 put him two seconds ahead of Caleb and Brian. Those boys looked great. In the 200, Kayla Bruton was in a class by herself, winning by over a second with her 28.58. Julia Radewahn broke 30 seconds and just missed 2nd place. Zoe Smith’s 30.90 gave us 3 in the top 4. Samuel Zinkgraf, Ben Hughes, Joshua Schaber, and Elijah Edlund were all in the 26-27 second range and ended up 3rd through 6th. In the 3200, Kayla Walters got her time down to 14:14 in her favorite event. Becky Tabler and Ella Johnson also set personal records with times in the 15’s. Joe Maurer won a race to the finish while posting a nice 11:39. Vince Maurer has his time down to 12:26, and Zachariah Pape hit expectations with his 13:30. Well done. We were down to the 4×400. It would be our last opportunity to see long-time DASH stars Justin Chu and Samuel Zinkgraf race. Justin Chu got our ‘A’ team started. He got the baton around in about 56 seconds, but the Eagles were still staying with us. Brian Durbin got our ‘B’ team started. They stayed close. Caleb Schaber took the baton from Justin and put us in the lead after two laps. Jared Aguilar did a fast 57 split and got his team even with the Eagles. John Klaves took over for Caleb and was able to break the race in our ‘A’ teams favor. Joshua Below went stride for stride with Eagles third runner. Our ‘B’ team was making the Eagles a little nervous. The Eagles had a very good anchor, but he had no success in trying to catch Samuel Zinkgraf. Our ‘A’ team won by 5 seconds with their 3:50. Tim Kowalinski ran anchor for our ‘B’ team which also ended up breaking 4 minutes. Wow! Meanwhile the girls were also racing at the same time as the boys. Rebecca Doak started for the girls, but we fell behind some when the Eagles ran their fastest girl first. Emma Taylor had a nice split, but the Eagles team was proving to be very good, and Emma was not able to cut into their lead. Olivia Chapman then got her turn and she worked hard to get us to within just a few steps of the lead. We had one more lap to get ahead, and fortunately we had Kayla Bruton to carry the baton. Kayla got the lead after the first turn, but the Eagle anchor stayed close through the second turn. Then Kayla showed off her speed one more time down the home stretch. Kayla pulled away and got us the win. It took a DASH record 4:31 to win by four seconds. That really made the day special.

The whole season was amazing. We had such a good team last year, yet this year’s team was still able to set, by my count, 26 DASH records. How can you not be proud of this team! But teams change from year to year, and it is going to be hard to see our seniors, including long-time DASH stars like Justin, Samuel, and Zipporah leave us. They have not only been award-winning athletes, but they have been our leaders. The DASH team will never be the same without them, but the younger athletes that they have mentored leave the team with a bright future. We wish our seniors the best as our thoughts move on to the future.

Thanks to our coaching staff of Ed Beck, Chuck Maurer, Greg Kempf, and Garrett Missiaen for all being on hand to help. Thanks to all the parents who got the athletes all the way to Delavan ready to compete. Thanks to the folks at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf for hosting another great meet. And thanks to the camera lady, Hataya Johnson, and Faith Caspers for getting us another set of great photos. Cross country anyone? I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our high school team was back in action last Saturday at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. It would be our first time at the JV Jamboree. It was a perfect day for our JV athletes to shine, and have some of our varsity athletes try some new events and fill out our relay teams. Racing against the many Division 1 teams on hand would keep the races very competitive and push us to some fast late-season times.

The 4×800 got the day of racing started as usual. Emma Taylor ran the first 800 for us and kept us near the leaders as four teams broke away from the others. Jessy Homa and Becky Tabler ran well and kept us within striking distance, and then Olivia Chapman got hold of the baton, sized up the situation, and methodically moved us up to 3rd. We had our first set of top-3 relay medals. Caleb Schaber started for the boys and again we were one of four teams running near the front. Brian Durbin and Tim Kowalinski kept the baton moving fast, and then Justin Chu was able to move us up to 3rd place in the last lap. Our 9:18 time got us another set of medals. In the 100 hurdles, Ella Johnson had a personal best 21.14. Grace Zinkgraf was also in the 21’s. In the 110 hurdles, Joshua Below came in just ahead of Elijah Edlund with a 21.68 time, and Patrick Mazza made it through in 24.20. Zoe Smith and Rebecca Doak raced side by side in a 100 heat with Zoe coming in a step ahead. John Klaves broke 13 seconds for the first time, and Jared Aguilar lowered his personal best time to 12.68. Very nice. In the 1600, Abby Chu moved up into 4th just before the bell lap and then sped by another at the finish line to claim the 3rd place medal with a 6:08 time. She is getting close to breaking 6 minutes now. Kayla Walters ran well and had a season best 6:30. Vincent Maurer sped away from everyone in the first heat of the boys mile and posted a personal best 5:21. I really like that time. Zachary Pape did a 6:07, and Zachary Werner lowered his personal record by 30 seconds. In the 4×200, Meg Mazza, Zoe Smith, and Emma Taylor put us on a DASH record setting pace, but we were still several steps behind the leaders. Kayla Bruton then showed off her speed and helped us be a part of a 3 team photo finish for 2nd. We ended up in 3rd, but with the same 1:57.62 time as 2nd. That’s a new DASH record, and one I have been waiting for. We had two boys teams battle it out in the 4×200 and they both ran well and stayed close. Ben Hughes, John Klaves, Zachariah Pape, and Samuel Zinkgraf came in a second ahead of Jared Aguilar, Brian Durbin, Patrick Mazza, and Joshua Schaber. In the 400, Katrina Lipski got a personal record 1:25. Julia Radewahn got in a fast heat and did a 1:11, and Becky Tabler won her heat, placing 4th overall with an impressive 1:09. Tim Kowalinski won his heat, and just missed breaking a minute. The scoreboard and my watch had him under it. Justin Chu and Caleb Schaber went head-to-head in the last heat. It took a DASH 400 meter record 56.06 from Justin to hold off the freshman. Both Justin and Caleb finished in the top-5. Meg Mazza, Zoe Smith, Rebecca Doak, and Kayla Bruton were set up to break the DASH record and they did handily with their 55.91. Well done. Grace Zinkgraf, Abby Chu, Katie Gorectke, and Olivia Chapman were set up to stay close to the record setters, but a dropped baton pushed them back to a 1:01. Our 4×100 boys team of Jared Aguilar, Joshua Schaber, Ben Hughes, and Samuel Zinkgraf was also set up to lower the DASH record, but the baton proved too hard to handle and the boys settled for a 51.74. It was now time to run around watching our 300 hurdlers. Ella Johnson got through the eight hurdles in a personal record 58.40. Alivia Kempf’s 55.39 earned her the 6th place medal. Yes, she got one! For the boys, Patrick Mazza made it through in 57.90, Elijah Edlund was clocked in 53.75, and Joshua Below won his heat and broke 50 seconds for the first time. 49.73 is Joshua’s new standard. In the 800, Naomi Zhou got off to a nice start and finished with a personal record. Katrina Lipski was very happy with her 3:26 time, and Jessy Homa moved up with a surge at the finish that really got the DASH fans excited. Vincent Maurer looked a little tired after his fast 1600, but did end up with a season best 2:33.  Zoe Smith, Katie Gorectke, and Julia Radewahn all raced in the same 200 heat. The girls stayed very close, and all finished in the mid to high 30 second range with Zoe’s time just fast enough to win the 6th place medal.  For the boys, Tim Kowalinski did a nice 27.15, and Joshua Schaber followed with a 27.00. Ben Hughes battled his way to personal record 26.49 in a close heat. Ben keeps getting better each time out.  The sun was beating down on the girls in the 3200, keeping the opening pace slow. Kayla Walters thought it too slow and made her move to the front by the second lap. No one was able to catch up. Kayla had given us our first victory of the day.  We did not have to wait long for another victory as Drake Hacker ran away from the pack in the boys 3200.  Drake’s 11:18 put him 28 seconds ahead of 2nd place.  I tried to make our two girls 4×400 teams as evenly matched as I could, yet we still ended up as the top two seeds. Rebecca Doak came in ahead of Julia Radewahn through the first lap, but a good Franklin team was in the lead.  Rebecca got the baton to Katie Gorectke with a perfect handoff keeping Abby Chu pacing several steps behind Katie through the second lap.  Alivia Kempf took over for Katie.  Ella Johnson would take her turn trying to close the gap with Alivia and the still first place Franklin team.  Alivia came around just a step ahead of Ella, and the Racine Case team had moved up to close behind Ella.  We now had a tight four-team race. Olivia Chapman would take over for Ella, but she would start out a little behind Kayla Bruton. Not an enviable place to be. Kayla took off fast with her eyes on the Franklin team ahead. By the second turn she had taken over the lead and was not slowing down.  Olivia was edging closer to the Franklin team as she headed for the home stretch. The Case team had fallen back. Kayla kept up her torrid pace to the finish. Her 1:02 split was just too good as was the team’s 4:36 time.  Olivia crossed in 4:41, a second behind Franklin for 3rd place. They hit their 4:41 seed time exactly. Great job, girls! The boys 4×400 teams were also pretty evenly matched. Caleb Schaber came in just ahead of Brian Durbin in the first lap. Elijah Edlund did the second lap after Caleb, but Joshua Below kept the race close. Vincent Maurer took the baton from Elijah, but he had the hard task of holding off John Klaves.  John did eventually overtake Vince which gave Samuel Zinkgraf a head start on Justin Chu.  Samuel and Justin both split 57 seconds just as they have done all year. That was a nice way to end another great day of racing.

We had some notable results in field events as well. Faith Caspers cleared 4’2″ again in the high jump. Alivia Kempf made it to 3’10”, and Ella Johnson 3’8″.  Abby Chu had a 12′ leap in the long jump. Rebecca Doak went a half inch farther, and Kayla Bruton’s 14’8″ jump was good for 5th.  Joshua Below’s jump was measured at 14’5″. Joshua Schaber went past 16 feet, and John Klaves went past 17. We had three girls in the triple jump. Alivia Kempf tried it for the first time and did a nice 26′.  Katie Gorectke got her form back and made it to 26’10”.  All the practice Julia Radewahn did in the last week paid off. She is the new DASH record holder at 29’1″. Picture the coach smiling now.  In shot put, Emma Taylor went past 20 feet for the first time, and Katrina Lipski had a 17’4″ throw. Samuel Zinkgraf had a nice 31′ throw, and Elijah Edlund extended his DASH record by two inches. The record now stands at 33’9″.  Zipporah Caspers had a 48′ discus throw. Emma Taylor had a personal best 55′ throw, and Grace Zinkgraf threw it past the 61 foot mark.  Zachary Werner now has a personal best of 48′. Patrick Mazza did a 58′, and Ben Bridge gave us one more DASH record with a great throw of 78’9″. That was one of eight on the day.

We are now down to one meet.  The roster will be much different next time. We will get our varsity athletes into their best events in an attempt to score points.  It has been a great season thus far, but we need to get ready to be at our best one more time. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Ed Beck for his help with the coaching.  The athletes are always telling me how much Mr. Beck helps them out. Thanks also to Greg Kempf, Chuck Maurer, and Garrett Missiaen. Thanks to the great DASH fans. I wish I would have had more time to join you in the stands.  Thanks to the Wisconsin Lutheran hosts for inviting us to such a well run meet. And thanks to the camera crew of Hataya Johnson and Faith Caspers. The boys 4×400 was unfortunately missed, but otherwise the photos turned out very nice.  Now to get ready for Thursday.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our high school track team competed outdoors yesterday at Waukesha South high school. It was the annual Old-Fashioned track meet where the athletes get to sign up for the events of their own choosing. It is a great meet for getting plenty of times, trying a new event, and having a great time doing so. It was a beautiful, sunny day for the 29 athletes on hand to post a pocket full of nice results.

In field events we had only three athletes in the long jump, but they all did well. Joshua Below landed a personal best 16’11” and Joshua Schaber hit the 15’11” mark. For the girls, Kayla Bruton broke her own DASH record with an amazing 15’4″ leap. I wish I had seen it. Ben Bridge and Elisabeth Krmpotich both threw their discus over 70 feet. Good job. Brendan Sanchez went just over 60 feet, and Emma Taylor’s throw measured exactly 50 feet. Brendan Sanchez had a nice 28’5″ shot put throw, and Ben Bridge almost matched him with his 27’2″. Elisabeth Krmpotich and Emma Taylor also threw shot, but were well off their personal bests on this busy day. We had four girls in the high jump. Becky Tabler and Ella Johnson made it to 3’8″, and Faith Caspers and Alivia Kempf made it to 3’10”. We have now had five girls try high jump this year. I like that.

Ella Johnson got the big running day started in the 100 hurdles, getting a personal best 21.09. Joshua Below did a 21.40 110m hurdles, and Patrick Mazza lowered his best time to 23.75. Julia Radewahn really looked fast in her 100m heat and got a 14.06 time. Kayla Bruton did a nice 14.17, and Meg Mazza, Katie Gorectke, and Rebecca Doak all ended up with higher 14 second times. Katrina Lipski just missed breaking 16 seconds, and Naomi Zhou matched her time from the week before. Joshua Schaber had the fastest 100m time for the boys – 12.50. Jared Aguilar came in at 13.02, and Will Farrell, Joshua Below, and Tim Kowalinski were mid 13’s. Ben Bridge ran for the first time this year and looked good while posting a 14.03 time. Brendan Sanchez lowered his personal best time to 14.32. We had four girls in the 1600. Zipporah Caspers finished a couple seconds ahead of Katie Gorectke. Katie was impressive in her first attempt at the 1600 posting a 6:46. Becky Tabler broke 7 minutes, and Ella Johnson paced herself to a 7:22 time in her first 1600. For the boys, Caleb Schaber took over the lead in the last lap and won in 5:01. Joe Maurer gave us a 1-2 finish with his impressive 5:03. Vincent Maurer’s 5:28 was very nice, and it was great to see Zachariah Pape dip under 6 minutes with a 5:59. Our girls 4×200 team of Meg Mazza, Emma Taylor, Alivia Kempf, and Julia Radewahn posted a 2:04 to win. Our boys team of Jared Aguilar, Tim Kowalinski, Ben Hughes, and Joshua Schaber all had split 26 seconds and just missed the DASH record. We had lots of 400m runners. Kayla Bruton showed off her speed, blowing by everyone to post a 1:06. Rebecca Doak came on strong at the end to get a 1:10. Becky Tabler and Emma Tabler did their lap in 1:12, and Jessy Homa and Elisabeth Krmpotich posted 1:19’s. Katrina Lipski and Naomi Zhou impressed us with both running to personal bests. Caleb Schaber, coming off his 1600 win, did a 400 encore lap in just 57.31. Ben Hughes dipped under 60 seconds for the first time in the same heat. Joshua Below did a nice 1:02, and Vince Maurer looked fast coming in at 1:03. Ben Bridge, with little training, worked hard for his 1:05, and Zachariah Pape had a personal best 1:08. Our girls 4×100 team raced around in just 57.23 to set a DASH record. Kudos to Julia Radewahn, Meg Mazza, Rebecca Doak, and Kayla Bruton for that effort. For the boys, the team of Jared Aguilar, Will Farrell, Brendan Sanchez, and Joshua Schaber came in ahead of Tim Kowalinski, Joshua Below, Ben Bridge, and Vince Maurer. Aliva Kempf lowered her own DASH 300 hurdle record with a 55.43. She looks more impressive each time out. Patrick Mazza has his 300 hurdle time down to 56.07. Emma Taylor ran her first individual 800m run, and was our top finisher with a 2:55. Zipporah Caspers broke 3 minutes, and Alivia Kempf just missed by a second. Jessy Homa had a good finish to post a 3:13, and Ella Johnson did a 3:18 in her first try at the 800. Katrina Lipski did a descent 3:33, and Naomi Zhou lowered her personal record. Joe Maurer, Vince Maurer, and Zach Pape looked a little tired in their 800m attempts, all being off their personal bests. Kayla Bruton posted a routine for her 28.65. Rebecca Doak came in just over 31 seconds, and Katrina Lipski and Naomi both had their best 200’s. Jared Aguilar came in just ahead of Ben Hughes with the boys pushing each other to some very nice mid-26 second times. Joshua Schaber did a mid-27, and Vince Maurer was back running yet again and did a 29.34. It was now Drake Hacker time. Drake had saved himself for the 3200 and he made the most of it with an impressive 10:57 time and an easy victory. Joshua Schaber joined Drake in running 8 laps and just missed breaking 14 minutes. We had the only girls 4×400 team. The girls, Emma Taylor, Ella Johnson, Alivia Kempf, and Becky Tabler, ran well, but did drop the baton midway. We had four boys, Joe Maurer, Jared Aguilar, Ben Hughes, and Caleb Schaber, back for one more event. The boys did the 1600 in 4:07 to finish up a nice day of racing.

It is always fun to see athletes making the most of the meet format. We see relay teams that we have never seen before, and plenty of first-time events that often the athletes shine in and take a liking to. I will be making out a roster for our final two meets, so it is not something to get used to, but it is a meet format to look forward to running again next year. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Ed Beck and Chuck Maurer for their help with the coaching. Thanks to Julianna Caspers, Grace Caspers, and Faith Caspers for getting the photos. Every year we get a sunny day for this meet which makes good finish line photos an impossibility. I moved the girls around hoping some would turn out, but without much success. Enjoy the few I kept. And thanks to the athletes for working hard and letting me collect a pocket full of times. Now we have a long 9-day gap between meets. It is time to get in some good late season practices, stay healthy, and finish strong.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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