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Hello DASH families,

Track practices will start with a high school Saturday morning practice on March 7th, 9:15 AM at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. The middle school team will get started two weeks later on Tuesday, March 24th at 6:15 PM at Hart Park. We will then settle into our usual Tuesday and Thursday, 6:15 PM, full team practice schedule with a few Saturday morning practices at Milwaukee Hamilton High School mixed in.

I have the tentative high school meet schedule posted. We lost a couple meets, and despite working very hard all last month, I have not yet been able to replace them.  If anyone has any ideas for high school meets please let me know. The middle school schedule will be posted when it is finalized in a month or two. You can always check the DASH Team Calendar for the latest practice and meet schedules.

Please start spreading the word about the DASH team. Tell your friends about how much fun we have, and tell their parents how affordable it is. We will be asking $30-$40 per high school athlete depending on how the meet schedule ends up.  For returning middle school athletes that already have a jersey, we request only $25. It will be $35 for middle schoolers that need a jersey.  It is simply the best deal in homeschool sports!  Please feel free to pass my contact information on to anyone with interest. Signing up for the team is as easy as emailing, texting, or calling me.

It is now February, so you should start getting in some running when you can to help get us ready for another great DASH season. I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Until then, stay healthy and keep up with your studies.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The 2019 edition of the DASH track and field middle school team has been practicing and competing for the last 2 1/2 months, trying to shave a few seconds off their times, and trying to add a few inches to their jumps and throws, all with the goal of peaking for their big end-of-the-season meet at Quad Park – The Milwaukee Metro Invitational. Seventeen of the biggest, and best private school teams in the area would be on hand, providing us with by far our toughest competition of the season. We arrived to humid, cloudy conditions with the grounds wet from some overnight rain. Just as things were drying up, some unexpected rain drenched us mostly during the 100 meter races, and then the sun came out drying us off, but also leaving us a little sunburned. The meet lasted about seven hours, giving the athletes plenty of time to compete in numerous events, and giving the coach plenty of action to report on.

The 1600 runners are first on the track at this meet. Julianna Caspers and Bedalia Radtke raced in the first combined 5th/6th grade heat. Julianna went out fast and got herself positioned comfortably in 3rd place early, a place she held to the end to claim our first medal of the day. Bedalia followed Julianna and paced behind her the whole way to take 4th overall, while posting a big personal best 6:46 to win the 5th grade division by 34 seconds! We were off to a great start. Joy Rasch then ran to a season best 7:21 to take 5th among the 8th graders. Josiah Chu and Noah Caspers raced in a very tough heat with Josiah taking 6th in 6:54, and Noah claiming the 8th place ribbon. Then the rain started. Nathanael Chu and Abiah Radtke jockeyed back and forth while getting a little wet, pushing each other to personal bests. Nathanael did four laps in 5:51 and won the 2nd place 7th grade medal. Abiah closed in 5:53 to get the 3rd place 8th grade medal. Those were very good results.  The rain was really coming down now and getting the 100 runners a bit wet and cold. Mary Therese Sanchez and Abby Manley were not able to post their fastest times. Alexa Bruton ran in the 18’s, and Anja Schoeder started her big day with a 17.86. Hailey Grant posted a nice 17.65 in the next heat, and then in the final heat Cassie Klepp put on a surge in the middle of the race to pull way ahead. Cassie posted a 14.57 time to win by almost a full second!  Mary Claire Egan came in in just under 18 seconds, Elise Husz hit 16.35, and Skyler Schlegel jumped through the finish line with a 15.44 and took 9th. All of our 7th graders raced each other in the final heat, and it was Madelyn Zielinski edging Asalia White Williams at the line with a 15.18 for 5th. The 7th grade race was so close that Asalia’s 15.22 had her in a tie for 8th, and Natalie got 13th. Connor Grant did a 22.77, Caleb Hagemann a 19.89, and Joseph Janes was a hundredth of a second faster than Simon Smrecek, clocking in at 17.74. James Manley did 100 meters in 16.21, and Elijah Peters powered his way to a nice 14.98. Aizak Schoeder impressed the coach with his 2nd place medal and personal record 13.37.  Anthony Gotcher did a 19.03, Stephen Janes crossed in 16.25, and Bennett Husz splashed to a 15.57. Micah Chan got in a bonus 100 race and had a very nice 14.73. Micah McKendrick battled to a 14.55 to place 11th.  In the drier, warmer 800, Chloe Thompson went out fast as usual, and toughed out a great 3:08 time to get the 3rd place medal. Bedalia Radtke eased through her first lap as usual, and then moved up late to get the 4th place ribbon with a 3:09. Alexa Bruton posted a 4:03. Julianna Caspers was not at her best, but held on to place 4th. Mary LeSac did two laps in 3:36, and Mary Claire Egan did it in 3:47. Joy Rasch raced very well to put claim to the 3rd place 8th grade medal, and Jenna Walters came in 5th. Josiah Chu gave a thumbs up to a 3:21 8th place finish. Noah Caspers managed a 3:42. Nathanael Chu needed a personal record 2:38 to hit the medal stand, staying .21 seconds ahead of the 4th place runner. I liked that. Abiah Radtke and Micah Chan went 5-6 among the 8th graders. Anthony Gotcher placed 11th.  In the 200, Mary Therese Sanchez posted a 41.55. Abby Manley went way under her old personal record while doing a 38.66. Hailey Grant raced in with a nice 37.94. Anja Schoeder won her heat with a 36.53. The coach liked that effort. Charline Radtke followed with a really fast 34.95 for 14th. 3rd graders are not supposed to run that fast. Bedalia Radtke filled in with a 34.16 for 9th overall. Our young girls were amazing. Mary Claire Egan did a 39.46 coming off her 800. Elise Husz did half a lap in 36.57 and called it a day. Skyler Schlegel was 19th with a 34.43, and Angela Walters won her heat with a personal record 32.13. Our 7th grade trio all made the final heat again, and the race was very close with all our girls getting pushed to personal records. Natalie Radtke was clocked in 31.86 for 9th. Madelyn Zielinski was 4th with a 31.03, .05 seconds ahead of 5th. Asalia did a 30.66 for 3rd, just .02 seconds behind 2nd. That was an exciting heat.  Ephraim Radtke won his heat with a very fast 36.48. Connor Grant did a personal best 41.80. Caleb Hagemann and Johnathan Lipski had times in the 40’s. Simon Smrecek did a 39.32, and Joseph Janes was clocked in 37.30. James Manley hit the finish in 32.83, and in the same heat Elijah Peters came through in 31.64. In the final 7th grade heat, Aizak Schoeder came in comfortably in 2nd place. I didn’t realize how fast Aizak had run until I saw the official results – 26.87. That time smashes a 10-year old DASH record. Wow!  Stephen Janes made it through in 34.57. Abiah Radtke picked up the pace late to post a 32.99. Bennett Husz got a personal record 31.48, and Micah McKendrick hit 29.43. Andrew Egan and Andy Forget raced side-by-side, pushing each other to personal bests. Andrew got 12th in 29.32; Andy was 11th with a nice 28.78.  It was now mid-afternoon. Time to ask for one more lap from the 400 runners. Mary Therese Sanchez had the energy to do her lap in 1:42; Alexa Bruton in 1:38. Abby Manley pushed herself to an impressive 1:34. I liked Abby’s day. Anja Schoeder lowered her pr by over four seconds with a 1:32. She is starting to like running fast. Chloe Thompson struggled to a 1:29 for 10th. Charline Radtke was 4th overall with a 1:20. Amazing as usual. Mary Claire Egan did yet another lap, this time in 1:38. Mary LeSac posted a 1:29, and Angela Walters was 5th overall with a very good 1:15. Jenna Walters did a 1:39 for 10th. Ephraim Radtke crossed the finish in 1:31, and Josiah Chu made it around in 1:25. Caleb Hagemann and Johnathan Lipski were in the 1:50’s. James Manley had a 1:15 personal record, and Nathanael Chu has a new pr of 1:10. Aizak Schoeder then blew away the competition with a relentless 59.63 effort!  I thought he may have broken another 10-year old DASH record, but this time he missed by a tenth of a second. That record will be watched closely next year. We had five 8th grade boys going at it in the same heat. Anthony Gotcher posted a 1:30. Stephen Janes and Micah Chan came in together with 1:17’s. Abiah Radtke made it in 1:13, and Micah McKendrick was our leader with a 1:10. Then in the next heat, Andy Forget was pushed to a personal record 1:07. That was a full day of individual racing.

But we also worked together as a team while running relays. In the Medley, the girls team of Cassie Klepp, Skyler Schlegel, Natalie Radtke, and Joy Rasch had a nice 5th place showing doing the 4 laps in 5:41. For the boys, Ephraim Radtke, Joseph Janes, and Elijah Peters kept it close enough for Micah Chan to move us up though his two laps to also take 5th with a 5:17. In the 4×400, our 5th grade team of Hailey Grant, Charline Radtke, Chloe Thompson, and Bedalia Radtke won the 2nd place medals for their 5:30 effort. Our 6th grade girls settled for 4th in a very close race. Elise Husz, Mary LeSac, Julianna Caspers, and Angela Walters combined for a 5:26. In a not very close 7th grade boys race we also won the 2nd place medals. Nathanael Chu, James Manley, Abiah Radtke, and Aizak Schoeder posted the 4th best time in DASH history – 4:38. Nice. Our 8th grade team also got in on the medals .Stephen Janes, Andy Forget, Bennett Husz, and Andrew Egan claimed 2nd place with a 4:52. The 4×100 closed out the big day of racing. Our 5th grade girls team of Charline Radtke, Bedalia Radtke, Cassie Klepp, and Chloe Thompson posted a nice 1:06 time that held up for 2nd. I have medals to hand out to hem. The 6th grade race was especially fast. Mary LeSac, Angela Walters, Julianna Caspers, and Skyler Schlegel did a 1:05 and had to settle for 6th. The 7th grade race was amazingly close with the 3rd through 7th place teams finishing within 1.4 seconds of each other. Our team of Natalie Radtke, Asalia White-Williams, Joy Rasch, and Madelyn Zielinski were in the mix with a 1:01. That was one of the best times in DASH history, but it only left us in 5th at this tough meet. Our 8th grade boys team of Andrew Egan, Bennett Husz, Andy Forget, and Micah McKendrick ran to an inspiring 57.37 time that won us the 3rd place medals. I did not see that coming. I was running and jumping across the field in excitement while watching the finish.

We got in a few field events as well. Asalia White-Williams had a nice 18’9″ throw in shot put. Angela Walters his 15’7″, and Grace Caspers put her crutches aside and threw 14’8″. Elijah Peters was 4th with his 28’11” effort. James Manley got his shot past the 18′ mark. Stephen Janes hit 21′, and Anthony Gotcher 16′ for the 8th grade boys. In softball throw, Hailey Grant did a 38′, and Anja Schoeder 37′. Chloe Thompson had her throw measured at 119′. That won the meet by over 16′, and that breaks the DASH record by 21′!  Mary LeSac had a nice 61′ throw in 6th grade. Noah Caspers got his softball to 46′. Simon Smrecek hit 65′, Johnathan Lipski 71′, and Joseph Janes had a nice 96′ throw. In discus, Natalie Radtke’s throw was measured at 34’2″, and Joy Rasch and Jenna Walters were both in the 43’s.  Johnathan Lipski got his discus past 42′ Elijah Peters hit 67’11.5″ to win the 2nd place 7th grade medal. Very nice. Andy Forget placed 6th in 8th grade with his 80’8″ throw.  The 5th and 7th grade girl long jump results were ruined in the rain. Very disappointing.  In 6th grade, Mary Claire Egan took 9th with a 10’8″. Julianna Caspers and Elise Husz went past 9′, and Mary LeSac did a 8’8″. Josiah Chu was measured at 9’5″. Caleb Hagemann did a 7’6″, and Simon Smrecek got out 8’11”. Nathanael Chu was in the 9’s, Abiah Radtke hit 11′, Bennett Husz 11’11”, and Micah Chan placed 7th with a 13’00” effort.

It was a big meet report for a very big meet. The team did so well that I wanted to cover everything. Looking at the grade level team scores, our 5th grade girls took 1st place, and that was without tabulating in the long jump results where we usually do very well. Our 7th grade boys were 2nd. Overall, we certainly left feeling we were one of the best teams competing. We wouldn’t want to have seven hour meets every week, but finishing up and competing at a high level at a big meet like this seems like a good fit. Thanks to all the parents who got the athletes to the meet ready to compete, and then transformed themselves into some great DASH fans. Thanks to our volunteers in the long jump pit. We had Mr. Beck, Mr. Radtke, Mrs. Radtke, Faith Caspers, and Stephanie Chu helping out. Thanks again to Mr. Radtke for putting up his tent by the long jump pit as the rains came down to help keep things, including the clipboard with the results, dry. Thanks to Mr. Beck and Mr. Klepp for their help with the coaching. Thanks to the camera lady, with help from Faith Caspers, for taking some great photos in tough conditions. They didn’t miss much. Thanks to the Marquette High School track team staff for their help in running such a big meet so smoothly. Thanks to David Gilmore from the St. Joseph team for the work he puts in, and for his annual invitation. We now have another DASH track season in the books. That makes 14 seasons in all now. We have fielded strong teams every year, but I think this year will go down as one of our best. It was fun. Now, as track season comes to a close, we will slowly start changing gears and preparing for cross country season. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The middle school team was back at Arrowhead High School last Tuesday night to compete in another All-Comers Meet. The weather felt more like early April, but fortunately, the earlier projected rain never materialized. The athletes stayed busy, competing in over 200 events before they were done. I will only be able to touch on a few of the highlights below. Placement is always by grade level.

In shot put, Grace Caspers and Angela Walters went 1-2 with Grace throwing past 20′. Elijah Peters added yet another victory with his 28’8″ effort. In discus, Natalie Radtke won her division and had the girls best throw at 49’7″. Jenna Walters was almost as good at 49’5″. Grace Caspers and Mary LeSac went 1-2 with Grace’s throw measuring 46’5″. Simon Smrecek had a nice 40′ throw for 2nd with Johnathan Lipski placing 4th. Anthony Wang had an impressive 83′ effort for a 7th grade win. Elijah Peters placed 4th with his 57’4″. Joshua Lipski and Andy Forget both had throws in the 70’s to place 2nd and 5th. In javelin, Cassie Klepp had a winning throw of 38’10”. Mary LeSac did a 38’11” for 2nd among the 6th graders. Julianna Caspers, Grace Caspers, and Mary Clair Egan went 3-4-5. Joy Rasch had a nice 42’2′ throw for 3rd in 8th grade. Xander Niles hit the 52’8″ mark, and Simon Smrecek 45’4″ to both place 6th. Our 8th graders went 3-4-5-6. Andy Forget led the way with a 66’2″ throw, followed by Joshua Lipski and Bennett Husz with 50′ throws, and Andrew Egan topping out at 49’9″. In long jump, 3rd grade Mary Therese Sanchez was declared the winner after her great 9’5″ leap. Alexa Bruton also did 9’5″ for third place among the 4th graders. Our 5th grade girls placed 1-3-4 out of 22 competing. Cassie Klepp won by two feet with her 12’5″ leap. Chloe Thompson hit 10’5″, a half inch farther than Bedalia Radtke. Mary LeSac hit the 11′ mark for the first time to win the 6th grade division. Mary Claire Egan and Julianna Caspers tied for 3rd, both going past 10′. Ben Jiang was the top 7th grader with his 13’8″. Anthony Wang was 2nd hitting 12’9″, and Drew Pflederer was 5th surpassing 11′. Micah Chan had a nice 13’4″ leap to place 5th among the 8th graders. And this time we also had plenty of high jumpers. Chloe Thompson and Cassie Klepp ended up as the top 5th graders after clearing 3’10”. Bedalia Radtke was 3rd at 3’6″. Julianna Caspers was 2nd with a 3’4″ before heading to hurdles. Natalie Radtke took 2nd with a 3’10”, and Callie Klepp made it over the 3’8″ bar. Simon Smrecek’s 3’4″ was good for 2nd. In 8th grade, Bennett Husz cleared 4’2″ to claim 2nd place, and Andy Forget hit 3’10” for 4th. The high jumpers were unexpectedly good.

The hurdles were out at the start of the running events, and all our athletes in the 10-hurdle lanes went top-3. In 5th grade, Cassie Klepp, Bedalia Radtke, and Chloe Thompson swept the medal stand. In 6th grade Skyler Schlegel and Mary Claire Egan went 2-3 with times in the 23’s. Anthony Wang easily won the 7th grade division with his 18.94. Andy Forget and Micah Chan were the top 8th graders competing. In the 1600, Noah Caspers had a personal record 7:12 to win the 3rd grade division. Ben Jiang, and Nathanael Chu both broke 6 minutes and went 2-3. Abiah Radtke was the top 8th grader with a 6:06. Joy Rasch won the girls 8th grade race with a 7:31. In the 100, Bedalia Radtke was 6th with a nice 16.71 time. Skyler Schlegel, Elise Husz, and Angela Walters also had times in the 16’s with Skyler winning the 6th grade 2nd place ribbon. In 7th grade, we brought the speed. Asalia White-Williams hit 14.96 to win. Madelyn Zielinski and Natalie Radtke posted 15 second times for 2nd and 3rd. Ben Jiang did a 14.42 to finish .07 seconds ahead of Antony Wang. Andrew Egan was our top 8th grader, placing 5th with our best time of 14.15. In the 400, Mary Therese Sanchez did her lap in a fast 1:38. Chloe Thompson was 3rd with a 1:26. Our 6th graders went 1-2-3 and it was Elise Husz that was our first runner in. Elise went out fast and never let up while posting a 1:18. Skyler Schlegel was clocked in 1:23 and Julianna Caspers jogged to a 1:26. Josiah Chu placed 3rd with his routine 1:25. Ben Jiang clocked in at 1:05 to win among the 7th graders. Nathanael Chu had a personal best 1:11, and Micah Chan was the top 8th grader with a 1:13. Joshua Lipski was 2nd with a 1:19. In the 800, Cassie Klepp came out on top of the 5th grade division with a 3:12. Grace Caspers’ personal record 3:29 put her in 2nd, and Mary LeSac took 3rd. Joy Rasch’s 3:31 held up for 2nd. Josiah Chu was 2nd with a 3:29. Nathanael Chu was the first 7th grade in with a 2:44. Micah Chan won a close battle with Nathanael and crossed the line at 2:42. In the 200, Charline Radtke easily won the 3rd grader class with a blazing 36.89. Elise Husz did a 36.97 for 2nd in 6th grade. Mary Claire Egan was 3rd. Asalia White-Williams won again with a personal best 31.68. She looked fast. Madelyn Zielinski was 2nd with a 33.08. Elijah Peters finished 200 meters in 33.47. Andrew Egan hit a personal best 29.92 to place 3rd. He was followed by Andy Forget and Bennett Husz.

We had seven 4×100 teams. Our 7th grade girls team of Grace Caspers, Cassie Klepp, Ella Hansen, and Asalia White-Williams won with a fast 1:03. Elise Husz, Chloe Thompson, Julianna Caspers, and Skyler Schlegel raced around in 1:07, which was a second better than the team of Jenna Walters, Joy Rasch, Callie Klepp, and Natalie Radtke. Alexa Bruton, Charline Radtke, Mary LeSac, and Bedalia Radtke clocked in at 1:09. Drew Pfleder, Xander Niles, Ezekiel Niles, and Zane Miles were good for 1:17, and the team of Bennett Husz, Andrew Egan, Micah Chan, and Andy Forget combined for a 1:00.26 time. We also fielded a mixed boys and girls team of Mary Claire Egan, Hailey Grant, Noah Caspers, and Madelyn Zielinski. They made it through in 1:11. A 4×400 heat finished the day of racing, and we were there fielding two of the five teams. Our 6th grade team of Mary Claire Egan, Grace Caspers, Julianna Caspers, and Elise Husz did a 5:56 to come out ahead of our 5th grade team of Alexa Bruton, Mary LeSac, Cassie Klepp, and Bedalia Radtke. Both teams came away with 1st place ribbons in their grade levels.

Thanks to our volunteers. Jodi LeSac helped out at long jump. Katrina Lipski was kept busy helping out at discus, and Mr. Chu helped out with the timing. Thanks to Mr. Beck and Mr. Klepp who were on hand to help with the coaching. Thanks to Mrs. Chan for helping out at our table. Now to get ready for our big Milwaukee Invitational meet this Saturday. It will be our most competitive meet of the year. We will need to be at our best to earn some top-8 awards. Of course, I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Our middle school team was at Cedarburg High School last Friday competing in a meet hosted by St Francis Borgia. This meet was added to our schedule late so we would not have our full team, and the weather forecast had us expecting cold and maybe some rain. But after we arrived, the sun came out leaving us with some very good running conditions to compete in.

The hurdles were adjusted and ready at 4 PM, but the absence of a starting gun led to some questionable early 100 meter times. Bedalia Radtke glided through all 10 hurdles in 22.58 to place 6th. Andy Forget did a nice 19.30 to place 3rd overall, and Abiah Radtke finished in 22.87 for 5th. The hurdles were pushed aside and the 100 meter heats were lined up with the athletes running into a headwind. Bedalia Radtke was back, gliding to an easy win among the 5th graders. Julianna Caspers looked fast and took 3rd. Skyler Schlegel and Elise Husz raced side by side, and stayed close, both getting times in the 16’s. Mary Claire Egan arrived just in time for her heat and finished in the 17’s. In the last 7th grade heat, Asalia White-Williams and Madelyn Zielinski showed off their speed. Both of our stars were clocked in the 14’s and both placed in the top-3 among the 14 7th graders competing. Nice. Josiah Chu raced to a 5th place finish in the 5th grade division. Ephraim Radtke finished in the 19’s. Aizak Schoeder ran in a fast 7th grade heat and won it easily with his impressive 13.46 time. Elijah Peters placed 5th with a 14.99. Andrew Egan was our first 8th grader in with a 14.71. He was followed closely by Micah McKendrick. Anthony Gotcher started his day with a 19.30. The girls 1600 had one heat with all age levels together. That pushed Julianna Caspers to do her four laps in just 6:37 which would have won a 6th and under division. Grace Caspers got a season best 7:26 time, and Jenna Walters was clocked at 8:41. The 6th and under boys 1600 heat was also very fast, and it had Josiah Chu lowering his personal best by 17 seconds with his 6:51. Noah Caspers stayed strong to the end and did a nice 7:15. The 7th and 8th grade 1600 was next, and again the competition was very good. Nathanael Chu battled among the leaders before settling for 3rd place with a personal record 5:52. Abiah Radtke put on a late surge to take 5th while dipping under 6 minutes for the first time. 5:53 is Abiah’s new personal best. Micah Chan struggled during his third lap, but finished strong to dip under his pr with a 6:20. We saw some great racing in all the 1600 heats. We had a girls 4×200 team in the 6th and under division. Elise Husz and Hailey Grant ran the first lap and had us among the leaders. Then Charline Radtke moved us closer to the lead team before Bedalia Radtke ran an amazing 200 leg that had us winning by a full three seconds. Wow! Charline Radtke and Hailey Grant were then back for the first 400 heat, with Charline placing 2nd with a 1:22, and Hailey claiming 4th. Angela Walters was in a class by herself in her 6th grade heat, finishing with a winning time of 1:16. Mary LeSac and Mary Claire Egan followed with nice 4th and 5th place efforts. Natalie Radkte raced her lap in 1:18 for 4th place among the 7th graders. 2nd grade Ephraim Radtke placed 7th out of 13 in the 5th grade 400 with a nice time of 1:28. Aizak Schoeder won his 400 heat handily with a 1:02, but the winner of the next heat was clocked a fraction of a second faster. If only they could have raced each other. We had four 8th graders go head to head. Andy Forget was our first in with a 1:12. Andrew Egan followed with personal record 1:13, Bennett Husz with a 1:18, and Anthony Gotcher with a 1:31. Our 6th and under girls 4×100 team got us another win. Elise Husz and Angela Walters got us out to a nice lead that Julianna Caspers and Skyler Schlegel had no problem keeping. We won by over a full second with a 1:04. In the 800, Julianna Caspers won the first heat and the 6th grade division with a 3:06. Bedalia Radtke was the only girl close to Julianna, as she easily won the 5th grade division with a 3:07. Mary LeSac finished two laps in personal record 3:26 time, and Grace Caspers followed with her own personal best 3:33. Jenna Walters posted a 4:05 in the next heat. Josiah Chu and Noah Caspers placed 2-3 in the 6th and under 800 with times in the 3:20’s. In the 7th/8th grade heat, we went 1-2-3. Micah Chan got out fast and paced the boys through two laps in a fast 2:40. Nathanael Chu followed with a 2:44, and Abiah Radtke was clocked at 2:50. Anthony Gotcher posted a 3:26. Our 800 runners were outstanding! We moved on to the far side of the track to get the 200 meter heats set up. Charline Radtke put on a late charge to finish in 36:30. That put Charline at the top of the 5th grade list. Hailey Grant did a nice 39.37 for 5th. Mary Claire Egan then won the next heat with a 37.05 that had her smiling at the end. Skyler Schlegel finished in the 33’s for the first time. Elise Husz also set a personal record with her nice 34.65 time. Mary LeSac was back running too soon after the 800 and did a 39.14. Asalia White-Williams ran her half lap in just 31.81 which was good for 2nd overall. Madelyn Zielinski did a 33.65 for 4th. Ephraim Radtke and Connor Grant were both in in a little over 40 seconds. Aizak Schoeder had the fastest time of the day for any grade level with his 28.27. Nice. Andrew Egan finished his big day, coming back after hurting his hip, with a 3rd place 30.45. Micah McKendrick was right behind with a 30.55, and Bennett Husz finished in 32.74. The girls sprint medley was next, and we barely got our girls to the starting line in time. As soon as we got our girls lined up in lane 6, the gun went off and we saw that they had lined up the race at the wrong starting line. Being in lane 6 actually gave us a slight advantage that we did not need. The girls built up a big lead early, and it only got bigger before the two laps were done. Natalie Radtke, Madelyn Zielinski, Asalia White-Williams, and Angela Walters combined for a 9 second win with a 2:18. Very impressive from the girls. We had two boys teams going head to head. Micah McKendrick, Bennett Husz, and Micah Chan ran the first lap, before Andy Forget ran a full lap by himself to post a 2:16. Our other team of Elijah Peters, Abiah Radtke, Nathanael Chu, and Aizak Schoeder finished in just 2:08 to break a long-standing DASH record, like 2006 long, by over 5 seconds! How did that record ever stand so long? It was a fitting way to end our big day of racing.

Of course we squeezed in field events when we weren’t racing. In long jump, Bedalia Radtke placed 4th in the 6th and under girls division with a personal best 11’00”. Mary Claire Egan jumped past 10’6″, and Elise Husz was also over 10′. Charline Radtke and Skyler Schlegel landed past 9′. In the 7th and 8th grade division, Madelyn Zielinski did a 12’2″ and settled for 2nd place by just a half inch. If Mr. Beck wasn’t running the long jump pit, I would have wanted a re-measure. Natalie Radtke jumped 10′, and Julianna Caspers made it to 9’9″ for the first time. For the boys, Josiah Chu and Ephraim Radtke measured over 8′. Bennett Husz did a personal record 12’6.5″, coming out just ahead of Abiah Radtke’s 12’6″. Micah Chan’s jump came to 11’10”, and Nathanael Chu’s 10’2″. In shot put, Noah Caspers threw for the first time and took 9th with a 15’2″. Elijah Peters got his shot past 30′ to place 3rd among the 7th and 8th graders. Andrew Egan landed a 24’3″, and Anthony Gotcher a 18’7″. Angela Walters and Grace Caspers went 1-2 for the 6th and under girls. Angela did a nice 20’9″ while Grace made it to 19’7″. Jenna Walters placed 2nd overall in the 7th/8th grade division with a 21’6″. Asalia White-Williams throw measured 18’3″. Andy Forget placed 2nd in discus with a personal record 72’8″ effort. Elijah Peters has a new personal record 67’11” which placed him 6th. Grace Caspers got another 2nd place in the discus with her 45’10”. Mary LeSac came through for 3rd place overall with her nice 41’4″ throw. Jenna Walters let launch a big 50’2″ throw which had her atop the leaderboard in the 7th/8th grade division. Our discus throwers were particularly good!

Thanks to all those that made it up to Cedarburg for this fun meet. I hope the better than expected weather made it worthwhile. Special thanks to Coach Beck for his coaching assistance, and his volunteering to help with the long jump pit. Thanks also to Mr. Radtke, Mrs. Radtke and Ben Forget for their help with the long jumpers. I know that can be a lot of work. Thanks to the camera lady for a great set of photos. She was helped by Grace Caspers when she needed a break.  We have one more week to go, with two more meets on the schedule. Plenty of action is still to be had. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The 2019 DASH middle school track and field team got their season started at Arrowhead High School last Monday in the first of their All-Comers Meets. The weather was nice for the field events, but then turned much cooler with a steady wind in your face as the athletes hit the finish line. The athletes could do as many individual events as they wished to try, but this time relays were cut out to save time. Below is a rundown of some of the highlights of the day. All places are for the athletes grade level, 2nd-8th.

Field events went first. In the long jump, Micah Chan placed 2nd after launching himself 13’8″. That was a big pr. Drew Pflederer looked good while landing an 11’10”. Abiah Radtke also went past 11′. Leah Parker placed 4th with a 6′ jump and Alexa Bruton landed 8’4″ for 5th. In the big 5th grade division, Cassie Klepp won by over a foot with her 12’3″. Bedalia Radtke got the 3rd place ribbon while making it past 10′. Mary Claire Egan jumped a very nice 10’8″, and Julianna Caspers made it to 9’8″. Madelyn Zielinski’s jump of 10’5″ was measured a half inch father than Callie Klepp’s, and Joy Rasch won the 8th grade division with a 9’6″. Our discus throwers did very well. Jonathan Lipski won the 6th grade division, and Elijah Peters was tops in 7th grade. We put 5 in the top 10 for 8th grade. Joshua Lipski threw an impressive 84’6″ for the win. Abiah Radtke, Micah Chan, and Andy Forget all passed the 50′ mark. For the girls, Chloe Thompson hit 55’5″ to easily win the 5th grade division. 6th grade Grace Caspers won by over 9 feet with a 49’10”, and Jenna Walters went past 40′ for 3rd. In the shot put, Elijah Peters got the 8 pounder out 28’1′ for another victory. Joshua Lipski hit 28′ for 5th, Andy Forget 25′ for 6th, and Anthony Gotcher 17′ for 8th. The girls also showed off their strength. Grace Caspers and Angela Walters placed 1-2 with nice 21′ throws. Asalia White-Williams and Jenna Walters placed 4th. I may have to get some javelins so we can get more experience throwing them. Despite no practice, Chloe Thompson and Simon Smrecek stepped up and won their age divisions.

The hurdles were on the track as the running events started with the DASH athletes all choosing the lanes where 10 hurdles were set up. I liked that. Our 5th grade girls went 1-2-3. Cassie Klepp led the way with a blazing 21.06 time. Chloe Thompson and Bedalia Radtke finished right behind. Mary Claire Egan took 2nd in 6th grade with a fast 22.80. Simon Smrecek was the first 6th grader in, and Andy Forget won the 8th grade division with an impressive 18.66. Andrew Egan, Abiah Radtke, and Micah Chan gave us 4 of the top 5. Then Abiah, Micah, and Andy were back for the 1600. Abiah won the second heat and placed 4th overall with a 6:10. Micah Chan looked great while posting a 6:27 in his first try at the event. Andy Forget showed potential before settling for a 6:50. Noah Caspers set a personal record 7:26 to place 2nd among the 3rd graders. We had ten girls all race in the 3rd heat. I was surprised we had so many. Chloe Thompson went out fast and toughed out the last couple laps to be our first girl in with a 7:12. Julianna Caspers moved up late to finish a second behind her and won the 6th grade race. Then Bedalia Radtke charged in with Callie Klepp. Both girls were timed at 7:22 and took 4th. Angela Walters, Mary LeSac, and Joy Rasch were out next girls in, followed by Grace Caspers, Jenna Walters, and Alexa Bruton. There was a lot of DASH action in that 1600 heat. In the 100, 3rd grade Charline Radtke showed off her speed with a big 17.61 win. 4th grade Abby Manley broke 20 seconds, and Hailey Grant broke 19. 7th graders Natalie Radtke did a 15.97 to place 3rd, just ahead of Asalia White-Williams and Madelyn Zielinski. Cassie Klepp had the fastest time of the day for our girls – 15.83. That won her a 1st place ribbon. Andrew Egan did 100 meters in 15.00, Elijah Peters placed 4th with a nice 15.03, and James Manley and Drew Pflederer got identical 16.21 times. No 7th grader was better than Aizak Schoeder’s 14.05. In the 400, Leah Parker got the win with an unexpectedly fast 1:38. Chloe Thompson was 5th with a 1:26, Natalie Radtke broke 1:20 and placed 3rd, and Jenna Walters won the 8th grade division. We had 4 of the top 8 in the 8th grade boys division. Micah Chan was clocked in 1:15. Abiah Radtke, Andy Forget, and Joshua Lipski came in right after Micah. And we had 3 of the top 6 boys in the 7th grade division. Elijah Peters did a 1:20, James Manley did a nice 1:16, and Aizak Schoeder impressed again with his 1:05 for another win. In the 800, 8th graders Joy Rasch and Jenna Walters went 1-2, 6th graders Angela Walters, Mary Lesac, and Grace Caspers went 2-3-4, and 5th grader Bedalia Radtke took 2nd with a 3:29. 8th grader Abiah Radtke edged Micah Chan to place 3rd, with Joshua Lipski close behind in 5th. In the 200, Charline Radtke did a 37.63 to win the top 3rd grade ribbon. That is really fast. Asalia White-Williams and Natalie Radtke were the top 7th graders, both clocking in with 33’s. Ephraim Radtke easily won the 1st place 2nd grade ribbon with his 37.76, and Abiah Radtke, Micah Chan, and Andy Forget went 2-3-4, all with times in the 32’s.

We logged lots of individual times which overall were pretty good despite the cold weather. Many of the athletes were running in their sweats. This years team looks to be another good one. That will make 14 in a row. Now we have two weeks to practice and then we will be back again for the next All Comers Meet. I hope to see you there.

Thanks to Clint Klepp for his help with the coaching. Thanks to Mrs. Chan and Mrs. Radtke for their help at the table. Special thanks to Annika Lipski who helped out with the discus, and then got in plenty of 100 meter intervals running back and forth delivering heat cards to the timing area. Well done. It was cold for the camera crew, and then it got dark. Thanks go out to Zipporah Caspers, and also Natalie Radtke, Julianna Caspers, and Noah Caspers who all took a turn with the camera. The photos I posted are pretty good. Unfortunately darkness made the photos from the 400, 800, and 200 heats not turn out. Now on to the rest of this busy week.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

Track practices will start with a high school Saturday morning practice on March 2nd, 9:15 AM at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. The middle school team will get started two weeks later on Tuesday, March 19th at 6:15 PM at Hart Park, joining the high school team. We will then settle into our usual Tuesday and Thursday, 6:15 PM, full team practice schedule with a few Saturday practices at Milwaukee Hamilton High School mixed in. Since daylight savings time starts on March 10th, I am going to have 6:15 PM evening practices on March 5th and 7th for my high school distance runners. We will meet at my house to run the hills around my neighborhood.

I have the tentative high school meet schedule posted. We did lose a meet, so I am in the process of finding a meet to replace it. The middle school schedule will be posted when it is finalized in a month or two. You can always check the DASH Team Calendar for the latest practice and meet schedules.

Please start spreading the word about the DASH team. Tell your friends about how much fun we have, and tell their parents how affordable it is – just a $35 donation is all we ask. For returning middle school athletes that already have a jersey, we request only $25. It is simply the best deal in homeschool sports!  Please feel free to pass my contact information on to anyone with interest.

Come February, we should start getting in some running when we can to get us ready for another great DASH season. I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Until then, study hard and stay healthy.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

The conditions were very warm and sunny last Saturday for the DASH middle school track and field team as they completed another season at the Milwaukee Invitational. Fourteen very good teams were on hand. It would be our stiffest competition of the season. Our team has had a lot of success the last few meets. At this meet they would have to step their level up yet another notch to get their name announced as a top-3 medal winner. Some of our highlights are recorded below.

Field events were first on the agenda. Cassie Klepp’s 10’11” leap earned her a 4th place ribbon. Mary Claire Egan and Bedalia Radtke landed past the 9′ mark. Madelyn Zielinski earned the 3rd place medal in the 6th grade division, coming a 1/4 inch ahead of Natalie Radtke. Callie Klepp gave us a third girl in the top-10 with her 10′ mark. Terez Wycklendt tied for 9th landing at 11’6″. For the boys, Micah McKendrick and Abiah Radtke came in just under 12′. Noble Holmes’ 15’10.5″ effort had him settle for the 2nd place 8th grade medal just 1/2 inch out of 1st. Matthew Hein had a personal record 14’2″ leap. Mary LeSac was our top girl softball thrower. Her 54′ throw was a few inches farther than Asalia White-Williams effort. Simon Smrecek and Caleb Hagemann both threw past the 62′ mark for the boys. In shot put, Nadia Seidl got her 4kg shot measured at 19’6″. Annmarie Bridge and Jenna Walters went past 16′. Joshua Lipski and Andy Forget ended up less than 6″ apart with Joshua getting a 22’5″ mark. Bryant Farrell made a personal record 31’11” throw to earn the 7th place ribbon. Nathan Forget got his throw past 29′. In discus, Joy Rasch topped our girls with her 40’4″ throw. Grace Caspers, Annmarie Bridge, Mary Krmpotich, and Jenna Walters all had throws in the upper 30’s range. Joshua Lipski had a personal record 65’8″ throw, good for 7th place. Jonathan Lipski got his own personal record of 37’7″. Noble Holmes did a 98’2″ this time which was good for 4th among the 8th graders. Alexander Taylor got his discus out 81′ and Bryant Farrell went past 79′. It was a solid effort for the team in field events.

It was already very warm as the 1600 runners took to the track at 9:30. Our 5th grade girl tandem gave us a strong 3-4-5 finish with Julia Kowalinski leading the way with a fast 6:54. Julia was followed by Bedalia Radtke and Julianna Caspers. Joy Rasch placed 4th among the 7th graders. Noah Caspers earned the 7th place ribbon in the boys 5th grade race. Abiah Radtke also placed 7th with his personal record 6:28. Alexander Taylor and Ethan Blischke both finished with 5:32 times in a very close 8th grade race. Alex ended up in 4th and Ethan in 6th. Matthew Schaber clocked in at 6:50. Our 100 meter sprinters were next. Cassie Klepp finished 4th overall with her 15.40 time. Mary LeSac and Becky Bojar both had times in the 17’s. In the 6th grade division we placed all five of our girls in the top-12. Asalie White-Williams 15.45 edged Lillie Chavarria by .03 seconds to place 4th. Callie Klepp’s 15.71 edged Madelyn Zielinski by .03 seconds to place 8th, and Savanna Bruton set a personal record 16.03 to place 12th. Mary Krmpotich had a nice 16.21 time for 14th in the 7th grade division. Terez Wycklendt finished 2nd among the 8th graders by .01 seconds in a photo finish. Terez may have celebrated too soon at the end. Emily Zielinski had a 15.08 time good for 16th, and Nadia Seidl had a nice 16.76 time. Simon Smrecek led the 5th grade boys with his 17.29. Dominic Hein was clocked in 18.64. Drew Pflederer also had a 17.29 in the 6th grade division. Ben Bojar showed off his speed, breaking away from a close pack at the end to be the overall 7th grade winner with a fast 13.81 time. Andy Forget finished in 15.95. Noble Holmes came in just ahead of Nathan Forget in the 8th grade race both finishing just over 14 seconds. Bryant Farrell had a personal record 15.68. Next was the sprint medley with legs of 200, 200, 400, and 800 meters. Our girls team of Cassie Klepp, Callie Klepp, Natalie Radtke, and Terez Wycklendt crossed the finish in 5:19 to earn the 2nd place medals. Our boys team of Simon Smrecek, Micah McKendrick, Noble Holmes, and Abiah Radtke clocked in at 5:07 to place 5th. The sprint medley was followed by the 4×400 relay. Our 5th grade girls team of Bedalia Radtke, Julianna Caspers, Mary LeSac, and Julia Kowalinski had a fast 5:37 time to place 2nd. Our 8th grade boys team of Ethan Blischke, Nathan Forget, Matthew Hein, and Alexander Taylor completed their four laps in just 4:29. That gave us the 3rd place medals, but the Holy Apostles team ahead of us should have been disqualified after cutting off and elbowing Alex just before the finish. The 4:29 time is the 2nd fastest in DASH history. Nice! Our distance runners were back once again for the 800. Our 5th grade girls picked up three more top-8 ribbons. Julianna Caspers came in just ahead of Bedalia Radtke to place 4th and 5th with Julia Kowalinski placing 7th. Joy Rasch placed 6th in the 7th grade race. David Krmpotich cracked the top-8 with his 3:26 effort. Noah Caspers just missed with his 3:33. Drew Pflederer posted a 3:13 time in the 6th grade race. Micah Chan broke 3 minutes to place 6th among the 7th graders. Joshua Lipski’s effort placed him 10th. Our 8th grade boys all cracked the top-10. Alexander Taylor earned the 3rd place medal with his 2:33. Ethan Blischke placed 5th in 2:37, and Matthew Schaber followed in 10th. On to the 200 meter races which have proved to be extra exciting at this meet in the past. Cassie Klepp got things started on a high note as she raced in to a 3rd place finish with a nice 31.19 time. Becky Bojar had a personal record 37.24 time. Our 6th grade girl sprinters proved impressive again. Madelyn Zielinski earned the 3rd place medal with her 32.32 effort. Callie Klepp and Savanna Bruton claimed the 7th and 8th place ribbons with times in the 34’s, and Natalie Radtke finished in 35.38. Mary Krmpotich had a personal record 35.43 in the 7th grade race. Terez Wycklendt posted a 29.34 time to claim the 2nd place medal. Emily Zielinski finished 9th with her 31.17 time. Nadia Seidl and Annmarie Bridge both had personal record times. Micah McKendrick and Ben Bojar finished 4th and 5th among the 7th grade boys with Micah breaking 30 seconds. Andrew Egan and Andy Forget both had personal records times. Nathan Forget and Noble Holmes had the fastest time of the day for us. Nathan came in just ahead of Noble with a 28.03. Matthew Hein had a personal record 30.62. Leoangel Soto also clocked in with his fastest time on record. The 400 meter races were next and the warm conditions would keep the personal records to a minimum. Mary LeSac managed a 1:37 and Mary Claire Egan a 1:44. Savanna Bruton did not let the heat get to her as she continued her breakout day with a fast 1:24. David Krmpotich did very well finishing in 1:33. Micah McKendrick got himself the 6th place ribbon with his 1:11, and Matthew Hein was clocked in a nice 1:15. We had made it to the 4×100 relay. Our 5th grade girls team of Cassie Klepp, Ellie Plamann, Mary LeSac, and Mary Claire Egan did a 1:11 to place 7th. Our 6th grade team of Savanna Bruton, Natalie Radtke, Callie Klepp, and Madelyn Zielinski showed off their speed once again. They earned the 2nd place medals after clocking in at 1:05. A bad handoff left our 8th grade team of Mary Krmpotich, Emily Zielinski, Joy Rasch, and Terez Wycklendt in 12th place. The 7th grade boys finished the day of racing with a 3rd place effort. Micah McKendrick, Andrew Egan, Andy Forget, and Ben Bojar did a lap in 1:00 flat to add to the teams medal haul.

This team definitely ended up being one of our best. With the weather being so bad this spring, we were fortunate to get in as many meets as we did giving the athletes a chance to display their talents. We usually have our best times of the year at this meet, but the heat was a bit excessive this time. The distance runners were slowed a little, but the sprinters still posted some very good times. It was a very nice end to another great season.

I haven’t written enough meet reports this year, so I have plenty of overdue thank you’s to write about. Thanks to all those who have volunteered in the high jump pits the last few meets. That includes the Radtke family, Jodi LeSac, Judy Chan, Daniel, Zipporah, and Faith Caspers, Jim Bojar, and especially Mr. Beck who has helped out every time. Thanks to the coaching staff of Zipporah Caspers, Clint Klepp, and Mr. Beck for helping me get the athletes ready to compete. Thanks to all the parents who drove the athletes to the races and cheered them on. Thanks to the meet hosts for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to race. It was just too hot for our camera and the camera lady. The lack of pictures will be a negative to this season. Now to exhale a little and prepare for the end-of-the-year party and then cross country in the fall. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

Hello DASH families,

With the threat of rain hovering, the DASH middle school track team was at Brookfield Academy yesterday to compete against three other accomplished teams from the area. Because of the rain in the forecast, the relays were dropped, but the athletes got in all of their individual events. The meet finished up in a record fast 2 hours, but that proved to be plenty of time for the athletes to show off their racing skills.

Our hurdlers got the day started. Julianna Caspers took a crack at the 10 hurdles. It took her 27 seconds to get through them, but that was the best among the 5th grade girls. Asalia White-Williams inched ahead of teammate Lillie Chavarria just before the finish as the girls both finished with nice times in the 21’s. Savannah Bruton came in close behind in 23.02. Andy Forget got off to a great start and won a convincing victory in the 7th grade division. Noble Holmes and Matthew Hein followed and went 1-2 among the 8th graders. Our hurdlers were superb.

In the 100 meter races, there were some timing issues with a couple heats, but the camera lady did catch all the action. Angela Walters won her 5th grade heat and will be our unofficial winner. Mary Claire Egan, Ellie Plamann, Anja Schoeder, and Hailey Grant also all ran well. Madelyn took 3rd a few steps ahead of Savanna Bruton. Mary Krmpotich was recorded for an official 2nd place finish among the 7th graders. Jenna Walters was 2 seconds back in 5th. Terez Wycklendt was the 6th fastest overall even if you include the boys. Her time of 13.68 time gave her a big win in the 8th grade girls division. Emily Zielinski put on a surge at the end to tie for 2nd with a 14.32. Nadia Seidl, Sara Durbin, and Libby Retkowski all raced close with times close to 17. For the boys, Simon Smrecek led our 5th grade boys, finishing ahead of Dominic Hein and Jonathan Lipski. Andrew Egan and Abiah Radtke went 2-3 among the 7th graders with times in the 14’s. Andy Forget finished close behind, followed by Leoangel Soto who looked good in his first DASH race. 8th grader Noble Holmes edged Nathan Forget to place 2nd with both boys posting times in the low 13’s. Bryant Farrell and Patrick Waddell raced in just over 15 seconds, and Luke Smrecek followed in the 18’s. I count nine top-5 finishes for the DASH team in the 100.

Our distance runners were next competing over 800 meters. Our top-notch 5th grade team went 1-2-3-4-5. That is called a perfect score in cross country. Julianna Caspers led the girls with a 3:04. Julia Kowalinski and Bedalia Radtke paced close behind with 3:09 and 3:11 times. Hellena Hacker and Grace Caspers capped off our 5th grade sweep. Joy Rasch did her two laps in 3:16 to place 4th among the 7th graders. Nathanael took the lead from the start and it only increased as he raced in with a personal best 2:46. Wow! Josiah Chu was the first 5th and under boy in with a very good 3:07 time. David Krmpotich impressed with his 3:24, and Noah Caspers was running a little sick and got through in 3:49. Abiah Radtke took 2nd among the 7th graders, with Joshua Lipski placing 6th. Alexander Taylor was challenged at the start of the 2nd lap, but his finish was too strong and he won going away with a very nice 2:31. Kaden Hacker had a very strong second lap to post a nice 2:41. Matthew Schaber gave us 3 in the top 6. Our sprinters and hurdlers were good, but our distance runners proved to be their equal.

In the 200, Angela Walters and Mary LeSac went stride for stride and finished 4th and 5th with times in the 36’s. Mary Claire Egan, Anja Schoeder, Hailey Grant, and Ellie Plamann all were very close with all breaking 40 seconds. Our 6th grade girls were unmatched taking the top-4 spots. Asalia White-Williams had the lead halfway through the turn from lane 1 and coasted to an easy victory ahead of Lillie Chavarria who finished 4th overall. In a later heat Natalie Radtke edged Madelyn Zielinski, both finishing very close to Asalia with both girls finishing in the low 33’s. Our 6th grade speed is exceptional. 7th grader Jenna Walters broke 40 seconds. 8th grader Emily Zielinski breezed to a big victory from lane 1 with a time of 30.28. Nadia Seidl looked fast and placed 7th. Annmarie Bridge was running a little injured and showed us a 38.18 before calling it a day. Libby Retkowski clearly enjoyed her 9th place finish. She runs better than she thinks. Simon Smrecek led the 5th grade boys again finishing ahead of Dominic Hein and Jonathan Lipski. 6th grader Aizak Schoeder was the only non-8th grader to break 30 seconds, coming through with a big win at 29.53. In the next heat 7th grader Micah McKendrick gave us another big victory with a personal record 30.12. Andrew Egan was next in with an inspired 32.19 effort good for 2nd. Andy Forget and Micah Chan were next giving us 4 in the top 5. We also ran Leoangel Soto and he gave us 5 of the top 7. This is fun to write about. Believe it or not, we had 5 of the top 7 8th grade boys as well. Noble Holmes and Nathan Forget had some memorable times of 27.94 and 28.25 to place 2nd and 3rd. Matthew Hein was 5th in 31.34, and he was followed by Patrick Waddell and Bryant Farrell. The other teams could not help but notice our speed.

In the 400, Mary LeSac edged Hailey Grant among the 5th graders. Natalie Radtke did a 1:22 to be the second 6th grader to the finish. Savanna Bruton finished in 1:31. I wonder if she can do that over 2 laps. Jenna Walters won a very tactical 7th grade group with her 1:30. Mary Krmpotich was able to place 3rd overall. Nice. Terez Wycklendt was in a class by herself again, this time winning by 5 seconds with a 1:12. I liked the way Sara Durbin looked with her 1:29, and Nadia Seidl had a good finish to her 1:33. Josiah Chu ran a fast 1:22 good for 2nd, and David Krmpotich looked good again and placed 4th. Aizak Schoeder had the fastest time of anyone with his 1:09. He is a star that we need to get to more meets. Micah McKendrick came in behind Aizak, but ahead of all the other 7th graders to give us another victory. Micah Chan’s effort got him a nice 3rd place finish. Leoangel Soto stayed strong to the finish and placed 5th, and Joshua Lipski was 6th with his 1:33. Patrick Waddell was our top 8th grade boy with his 1:24. Luke Smrecek ran hard to place 7th. I count 12 top-5 finishes in the 400. That’s a good day.

The meet was capped off with the mile run, boys and girls all running together. Julia Kowalinski paced Bedalia Radtke through the 4 laps with the girls finishing 1-2 in the 5th grade division with nice times of 7:11 and 7:14. Joy Rasch was 2nd among the 7th graders. Abiah Radtke was 20 seconds faster this time out and moved up into 2nd at the finish. Matthew Schaber finished in just over 7 minutes. Kaden Hacker moved up at the end to place 2nd overall, and with a very fast last lap broke 6 minutes with a 5:54. Alexander Taylor got out fast and stayed fast, giving us one last victory with his 5:45. The clock showed 6 PM sharp, making it the fastest meet in DASH history. I think you have to run fast to finish so fast, and we did.

We did not get to see our relay teams, but getting to see everyone run their individual events seems extra special with so many meet cancellations happening. Thanks to our volunteer timers, Kathy Bridge, Hillery Farrell, Mary Beck, Emma Taylor, and Stephanie Chu. Our history of volunteering helped us to get Brookfield Academy to invite us to their ‘small’ meet. We get to do their ‘big’ meet next week. Thank you, Brookfield Academy. Thanks to Mr. Beck for helping get all the athletes ready to run fast. Thanks to the camera lady and my son Daniel who got some great photos. The middle school team should be back in action Saturday and the weather forecast actually looks good. I hope to see you there.

Take care,
Jim Caspers

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